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  1. ziggy_909

    Mites in an aquarium

    anyone ever had mites above the water line in their aquarium, if so how do i get rid of them... better still how do i stop them coming back.... only info i have found is to wipe them of....not very informative
  2. ziggy_909

    Aqua Qube 25

    Hi i have a Nano tank and i don't know the internal filter flow rate... it is one of those cheap 25 liter tanks, i like the tank but hate the internal filter....it is called on the litreature an AQUA-QUBE 25 (it is the tank that pfk mag gave away once with a subscription). i am looking to...
  3. ziggy_909

    are these doses right..!!!

    hi i am rechecking my EI dosing schedule and have come up with these measurments based on the Nutricalc tool.. i think i need these ppm's Nitrate (NO3) 20ppm per week. Potassium (K) 30ppm per week. Phosphate (PO4) 3ppm per week Magnesium (Mg) 10ppm per week Iron (Fe) 0.5ppm per week (from...
  4. ziggy_909

    Fluval Fx5 & Co2 Diffuser

    hi i'm thinking of getting a Fluval Fx5 at present i have 2 eheim 2026 filters .... one has a co2 line feed into the canister, which works well for me as a co2 diffuser.. my query is can this be done to the fx5 filter as it is designed to expel trapped gases every 24 hours....does anyone have...
  5. ziggy_909

    Connecting 2 Eheim Filters together..!!!

    Does anybody have any experience of connecting 2 eheim 2028 filters together..? i have a plastic/perspex rim around the top of my tank to support the glass slides, so each corner only has space for 1 spaybar or outtake bar i have just got another pro 2 2028 to up the flow to approx 2000 lpr...
  6. ziggy_909

    id moss

    can someone identify this moss.... thanks...
  7. ziggy_909

    need ideas for a carpeting plant......

    hi im looking for ideas for a carpeting plant... i have 3 small problems regarding carpet plants... can you tell what they are.... :lol: i did plant glosso but as i planted i could them laughing at me.... at least they dont eat my lillys anymore ... their moto used to be "if it's red it's...
  8. ziggy_909

    EI and high No3 Levels..

    Hi Ten days into my EI Dosing Schedule and i decided to measure the levels of No3 in my tank, i know that test kits are not the reliable, but i gave it a go anyway only to find that the levels were pretty high in my tank. my london tap water has plenty of No3 about 10-20 my tank is sitting at...
  9. ziggy_909

    co2 refills london

    Any one have a good supplier in london.... without having to sent the bottle away for a week.... i currently get a 2kg refill for £26.00 i have heard the the london beer gas company do a 6.35kg for about £20.00 plus £20.00 deposit (first time bottle only)... and they do free delivery.. any...
  10. ziggy_909

    Bucket-less water changes..!!!

    need some advice for building a buck-less water change system..... have a few questions what about temperature of return water and also what about water treatment... what type of water change system do you use for larger 250 liter tanks....