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  1. banthaman.jm

    GSA and other types!

    Hi I have this algae starting to appear in my tank: GSA? Brown spots of algae [IMG]http://[URL=http://s1379.photobucket.com/user/banthamanjm/media/20150323_081845_zpsd9i2xcf6.jpg.html] edges of MC and Eleocharis mini Iam going to try turning the light down from 10hrs to 6hrs. i'm EI...
  2. banthaman.jm

    Co2art EI easy way ferts

    Hi all, after reading about EI dosing I decided to go with Co2art EI easy way. The ferts are dosed in the following way: tank 91.25L Macro(per 10L) - 20mg/L Nitrate and 3mg/L Phosphate - Monday, Wednesday & Friday Micro(per 10L) - 0.5mg/L Iron and trace elements of Mn, Zn, B, Cu, Mo - Tuesday...
  3. banthaman.jm

    Golden Ram

    Hi All, My golden ram [/URL][/IMG] has started to attack me and the tooth brush every time i go to trim my plants or give the BW a clean, is this normal behaviour? I'm thinking he just doesn't like me as he's fine with the other fish... They have layed eggs and now they are pushing all the...
  4. banthaman.jm

    Newby to the site

    So here goes... I am trying to see what people think of my tank and if people think i have enough light for growing Eleocharis parvula mini as a carpet. 18 inch cube tank. 2x 30 watt Beamswork green evo, 10 x 3w LEDs, 6500k, 1350 lumens each, 100 PAR @ 10 inches or 0.66 watt per litre. Lights...