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  1. Viv

    Mayaca fluviatilis

    I'm trying to clear something up about this plant. When I received it, it's tips were whitish and have stayed that way for a couple of weeks. I'm dosing iron 3x a week and it's growing okay. Some info' online confirms the tips should be whitish, another source said it should all be green. As...
  2. Viv

    Specific plants and liquid carbon

    I'm thinking about trying these plants: Najas Guadalupensis, Hygrophila Corymbosa compacta, red Cabomba, red Ludwigia repens and Mayaca Fluviatilis, and wondered whether anyone's got any experience with them and liquid carbon? So far the only plant I couldn't grow with LC was Pellia but it's...
  3. Viv

    Moss wall

    Can anyone give me a stop by step guide to putting a moss wall together, including what materials would be needed. I've had a couple of goes in the past but they were disastrous! I've got a tonne of Christmas moss growing in a mass in one of my tanks looking unsightly. Hubs says to throw it out...
  4. Viv

    Flowering wendtii

    I've had wendtii brown for years - virtually since I got into tropical tanks. They've always grown well whatever tank they've been in ie high or low tech. I've got some in one of my shrimp tanks and I've just noticed its got what I assume is a flower stalk! Is this common? Its a first for me...
  5. Viv

    Need a plant identified please

    I've got a feeling it may not be a true aquatic plant but as I've never seen it before I have no idea. Can anyone shed some light? Viv
  6. Viv

    Phyllanthus fluitans (red root floater)

    I bought some of these online recently and they were green when they turned up. I've given them four days in my Vision 450 under T5 lights and still no sign of colour improvement. Can anyone tell me if this means they are just very young plants and need to mature a bit, or is there a chance I've...
  7. Viv

    Damage or deficiency?

    Just done my weekly water change on my 180l planted tank and noticed two leaves, on two separate echinodorus species each have a mark on one of their leaves. The plants look fine apart from these marks, so I'm not sure if its damage or the first signs of a deficiency. I dose trace and potassium...
  8. Viv

    Is this some form of hemianthus?

    I've a plant in my garden that looks very much like HC to my inexpert eyes, so I pulled some up and am having a go at emersed growing with it. Theres only a bit but hopefully theres enough for your more expert eyes to tell me if it is HC or not. It certainly grows the same way in the garden ie...