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  1. John S

    Leaves curling

    Hi Matthew, It is best if you list the information on your set up advised in the link below. It will help people understand your issue a bit more👍 https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/please-read-the-guidelines-for-plant-help.60671/
  2. John S


    That's a poor response from Aqua One. I've had 3 of their tanks in the last 10 years but I won't be getting another. It's a shame I'm no longer in contact with the work mate who also had this problem as I could have got the pictures from him he had on his phone. It may have added a bit of...
  3. John S


    I'm not sure they pursued it with Aqua One. The tank was over two years old.
  4. John S


    Not what I wanted to hear. You are the second person I know who has suffered the same failure in the same area. I have one of these and was thinking of getting rid of it. I think now that decision has been made.
  5. John S


    What a nightmare. Which model of Aqua One tank was this?
  6. John S

    Just unlucky or is Eheim just what they used to be?

    My 2078 had 3 leaks over the years. All from the primer gasket. It was annoying as I didn't even use the primer lever after the first leak.
  7. John S

    Hydor in-line heater on filter inlet?

    I always ran mine on the inlet when I used it and CO2 on the outlet. No issues for me.
  8. John S

    Twinstar..what is it?

    I've had 2 and neither gor past 6 months. The failures were as you are seeing.
  9. John S

    Resolved! Images not displaying

    Hi. You have to select 'upload a file', it's next to the 'submit reply' button.
  10. John S


    That's very sad news. RIP Roy.
  11. John S

    Eheim 1200xlt leaking

    Could be leaking from the priming area. Take the head off and then take the cover off the head to check (4 screws on the underside).
  12. John S


    Mine lasted only a day Ady.
  13. John S


    I'm interested in the results Ady. I used the same method and initially performance was as good as new but it didn't long and completely died shortly after.
  14. John S

    MTS...Just how bad do you have it ?

    Not sure if he is married but quite sure he doesn't have a day job. He wouldn't have time.:)
  15. John S

    Twinstar..what is it?

    Well I won't repeat that experiment then seeing as we both have had failures with that method.:) Will try bleach next time. What ratio to water do you use?
  16. John S

    Twinstar..what is it?

    I'm using a Chihiros brain and its on it's second reactor since December. The first one worked well for about two months before I first cleaned it in white vinegar. What alerted me was the appearance of green algae and then I noticed a reduced output from the reactor. The clean appeared to...
  17. John S

    Custom 550L Planted aquarium build

    Looks great. What is the lighting spec?
  18. John S

    Tank prices

    You might want to search 'APS Optiwhite Aquarium' on this site. @Tim Harrison didn't have a good experience.
  19. John S

    Substrate for Crypts

    IME if you are only growing crypts you can pretty much use what you want. You could add fertiliser tabs near the crypts if using just plain inert gravel and they should do fine.
  20. John S

    Twinstar..what is it?

    I read that they don't work if your TDS is over 400. I'm not sure if 'don't work' means they don't come on at all or just function improperly.
  21. John S

    Twinstar..what is it?

    The reason maybe Andrew is that I ordered a v3 but it came in a v4 box for some reason so maybe the parts were just left when it was packed. The Bluetooth label is masked out on the box it came in.
  22. John S

    Twinstar..what is it?

    I got those gaskets with my v3. There is no mention of them in the instructions though.
  23. John S

    Any advice appreciated

    You want your filter outputs flowing in the same direction and creating a circular movement within the tank.
  24. John S

    Electrical cable managment/Equipment control

    There are lots of these things starting to appear now...
  25. John S

    Low Tech - Surface Scum

    Skimmer arrived today. Deliberately didn't remove any scum before fitting. After 10-15 minutes the surface is clear. No additional noise and the extra water flow is a bonus as the provided pump seems a bit weak. That said I've been used to pumps giving 10x turnover on high tech. Anyway I'm...
  26. John S

    Low Tech - Surface Scum

    Have you used one Tim and is it quiet?
  27. John S

    A few pics of my tanks

    They look great. Nice work.
  28. John S

    Low Tech - Surface Scum

    Thanks for the replies. Will give the Eheim a try. I feed quite lean on fish food but I will try something different.
  29. John S

    Low Tech - Surface Scum

    Sorry for another surface scum thread. Most of the posts I read about this seem to indicate this being more of a high tech tank problem. I did see this a bit when I ran a high tech tank but not much, since setting up a low tech tank this is rife. Tank details: Aquanano 80 (130L) - with stock...
  30. John S

    Aquaone nano 60 filter water level

    Hi Diane, As you got this second hand does it have the correct Aquaone pump with it? It should have the same sump as the Aquanano 80 which I have, in reference to Hoggies post, there is no flow control if you have the same pump as me.
  31. John S


    Glad to see you back Ady. The new scape looks fantastic as always.:thumbup:
  32. John S

    Low tech tank (Newbie)

    Looks great Ray[emoji106]
  33. John S

    Low Tech Substrate Options

    Thanks Edvert, it did cross my mind that it would be too light. Do you mean you cap your soil with sand or use sand only? Will check out Darrel's " Duckweed Index.
  34. John S

    Low Tech Substrate Options

    Hi Folks, I'm setting up a low tec tank. I was originally going to use soil and gravel as per Tim's tutorial. I'm now thinking about using one of the aquasoils (Tropica or Dennerle etc). My question is, is the aqusoil enough on its own to sustain the tank (with added ferts) or should I use a...
  35. John S

    Eheim Pro 3e 2078 problem

    I think it's an electronics issue too. I've already done what eheim suggest and it makes no difference. If it was s mechanical problem I'd expect the flow to be erratic / low in manual mode and it isn't. I do have another 2078 pump head that I will fit over the weekend with parts from the...
  36. John S

    Aquarium plant food uk

    Many of us here probably started with this: https://www.ukaps.org/index.php?page=dosing-with-dry-salts The mixture here is for a 20 gallon tank but you can just up or downscale the ratios depending on your tank size.
  37. John S

    Eheim Pro 3e 2078 problem

    Would be interested to know if you fix it. Mines been like it for months so I run it in manual mode.
  38. John S

    Aquarium and Natural History Books

    I have these Tim. These are from the late 50's to mid 60's. They were my Dads but I've never looked at them. I must make time to do so to see what opinion was back then.
  39. John S

    10 scapes at Aquarium Gardens - what’s your favourite?

    It's tough to pick a favourite out of so many great tanks but I will go with no3:thumbup:
  40. John S

    The hands of a future aquascaper

    Congratulations to you and your family. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  41. John S

    need advice

    Like Ian said. I've kept them for years in very hard water. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  42. John S

    USB interface for Eheim Pro3e 2078

    My 2078 doesn't have the USB connection. It was quite an early unit though. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  43. John S

    Facebook Planted Tank Groups

    If Clive did Facebook…. That would probably be the best Facebook group in the world:lol:
  44. John S

    co2 straight into filter inlet

    Thank @ian_m and @ceg4048 for your repsonses.
  45. John S

    co2 straight into filter inlet

    Without going too off topic, does the above mod have any effect on filter turnover?
  46. John S

    A huge thanks to UKAPS :)

    I think he's taking the dry start method to extremes:)
  47. John S

    EI Calculator - Is it correct?

    No problem, we've all been there:) Clive has beaten me too it but I was just about to point you in the direction of this as you are not the first person to question the details: https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/ei-newbie-totally-confused-lol.16457/
  48. John S

    EI Calculator - Is it correct?

    I've just run the calculator for KNO3, 800ml bottle, 40ml dose and 126 Liters with a result of 30.82g to add to the solution. I then run it with 126 US gallons and get 116.65g which is what you have in your original table?
  49. John S

    EI Calculator - Is it correct?

    When you put your aquarium size in are you sure you selected 126 Litres and not US Gallons?
  50. John S

    Virgin Media Outage

    That is the case. My 200Mbps connection started slowing in June, it's now at 3Mbps and has been for weeks. I'm told it's a utilisation issue in the area, but they are still signing more people up, and it will be rectified in December.:(
  51. John S

    Small Java Fern?

    Maybe Microsorum Pteropus Mini 'Petit' Java Fern?
  52. John S

    Angels vs shrimps

    I would imagine 0 red cherry shrimps. I've had Angels eat Cardinal Tetra.
  53. John S

    Hmm a little concerned about my new (second hand) Eheim 2317 filter.

    Can you set it up and run it overnight?
  54. John S

    Is this the case of low mg?

    Are you saying your two filters pointing in opposite directions?
  55. John S

    Hmm a little concerned about my new (second hand) Eheim 2317 filter.

    If you are happy with the reply then stick with it. I would just call John Allen aquariums (eheim uk distributor) and question the impeller. All my eheims have had a six blade version so just check the 3 blade one is correct.
  56. John S

    Hmm a little concerned about my new (second hand) Eheim 2317 filter.

    It's a tough call. If it were me I'd return it on the basis that it doesn't sound like the seller looks after his kit. We don't know why the fuse blew and how low long has it run with a lashed up fuse and it should never have had a 13A one fitted in the first place? It could be something with...
  57. John S

    Hmm a little concerned about my new (second hand) Eheim 2317 filter.

    Even if it says no returns you should contact the seller to say you are not happy. If you can’t resolve it then raise it with eBay, they are good at sorting this kind of thing out. Also, if you payed with PayPal you should be covered.
  58. John S

    Hmm a little concerned about my new (second hand) Eheim 2317 filter.

    Where did you get that from? That's terrible, a good job you wanted to shorten the lead of you might of unknowingly been running it like that.
  59. John S

    Co2Art working pressure too high?!

    Have you taken the solenoid apart? Sometimes you just need to stretch the spring a little to fix this.
  60. John S

    Co2Art working pressure too high?!

    The Co2 art website says they are preset at 43 psi. If they are running at 80 this is wrong. I can't think of an atomiser that needs 5 bar to work. Most are under 2.5 bar.
  61. John S

    Co2Art working pressure too high?!

    If this is a pre set reg it should be about 40psi. I don't think the Co2 art pre set regs are adjustable in any way which indicates yours is faulty. That said I've only used their adjustable regs. See if you can message Karol at Co2 art.
  62. John S

    CGA320 thread / BS 341 No. 8 Adaptor

    Hi Tim, I have a dual stage Co2 Art reg I no longer use as I've cut down on the tanks I run. Would you be interested in it?
  63. John S

    TMC AquaRay Mini LED 400 Tile Not Working

    Just to finish this up, the PSU change did not fix this and the tile has now died completely. Thanks for trying to help guys:thumbup:
  64. John S

    TMC AquaRay Mini LED 400 Tile Not Working

    Hi Michel, yes I will try another PSU. I'm not the original owner of the tile so that route is closed.
  65. John S

    TMC AquaRay Mini LED 400 Tile Not Working

    Hi Mort, I'd forgotten I could try without the controller:thumbup:. Just connected it up and there is definitely a tile or PSU issue as it just constantly flashes when connected directly to the PSU, looks like it's one for the scrap heap.:(
  66. John S

    TMC AquaRay Mini LED 400 Tile Not Working

    So I have an AquaRay Mini LED 400 tile with a two channel controller which I have had for bout 3 years. On Saturday I noticed one the LED's was not working. Yesterday the tile ramped up (minus one LED) but keeps switching off every 30 seconds and going through the ramp up process again in a...
  67. John S

    An Attempt at Simplicity...

    How is this going Ryan?
  68. John S

    JBL M001 Regulator Working Pressure

    Use a small flat blade screwdriver to prise it off.
  69. John S

    JBL M001 Regulator Working Pressure

    Remove the black cap from the center of the regulator. That will expose the adjuster. Use an allen key to adjust.
  70. John S

    An Attempt at Simplicity...

    Thanks Ryan that's helpful. Will try to see one in the flesh this weekend.
  71. John S

    An Attempt at Simplicity...

    Nice work Ryan. I've been looking at these F90 tanks to replace mine, are you impressed with it?
  72. John S

    Just set up a Fluval 306 - EXTREMELY noisy

    Contact these: http://www.johnallanaquariums.com/ I've always had great service from them.
  73. John S

    Eco comlete substrate

    It's expensive for what it is. You could use soil and cap it with gravel that would be far cheaper.
  74. John S

    Just set up a Fluval 306 - EXTREMELY noisy

    One more thing, which you probably have checked, is the filter level in the cabinet?
  75. John S

    Just set up a Fluval 306 - EXTREMELY noisy

    It certainly sounds better but to me it still sounds noisy. That said, I've just taken video of a 2324 and a 2078 and the video audio sounds far noisier than what it does when listening 'live'. I'd still do the bucket rest if I were you.
  76. John S

    Just set up a Fluval 306 - EXTREMELY noisy

    Have you checked that the black bushes are fitted correctly?
  77. John S

    Screwcap won't fit on atomizer after tubing

    You put the nut onto the atomiser as far as it will go, then push the tube on and then reverse the nut.
  78. John S

    Just set up a Fluval 306 - EXTREMELY noisy

    Is the flow OK from it?
  79. John S

    Just set up a Fluval 306 - EXTREMELY noisy

    No. You should be able to run any media you want. Does any air come out when you rock or tilt it?
  80. John S

    Just set up a Fluval 306 - EXTREMELY noisy

    Try rocking it backwards and forwards while its running. That should expel any air.
  81. John S

    About time 90x45x45 scape

    I was thinking of jacking all this in but this tank makes me want to have another bash - the wife will be delighted as she thought my tank was going:) I've told her it's your fault Tim:lol:
  82. John S

    My home aquariums - In-situ

    They all look fantastic.:clap: Thanks for posting the pictures.
  83. John S

    Jbl m601 suitable diffuser replacement?

    Co2 Supermarket do a solenoid that will fit directly to your regulator. Contact them and then and ask about this, its much cheaper than the JBL version:
  84. John S

    Eheim 2178 Professional 3e - Output and filter issue

    In the second picture it looks like there is a dent in the floss media that looks like it was made by the impellor part of the pump head. This basket should be covered by a green grill, do you have this fitted and have just taken it out for the picture?
  85. John S

    Eheim 2178 Professional 3e - Settings Issue

    OK. I think that means that the pump can't output the selected flow. You may have seen this but the manual says to check the following: Filter polluted. Lever not set to fully “ON”. Hose lines polluted. Hoses buckled or too long. Too many additional devices in the hose system (e.g.: CO2, UV...
  86. John S

    Eheim 2178 Professional 3e - Settings Issue

    Just for clarification is it the arrow symbol that is amber and then 4 green LED's?
  87. John S

    Eheim 2178 Professional 3e - Settings Issue

    Is it newly installed or has it been running for a while?
  88. John S

    Eheim 2178 Professional 3e - Settings Issue

    Hi John, Did it definitely reset properly? It should physically stop and reset after all 3 buttons are held down.
  89. John S

    New tank, various problems

    How are you measuring your Co2 levels Jim? What's your lighting duration and how far are the lights from your tank (the light looks very bright in your journal but it may just be the pictures)?
  90. John S

    DD Freshwater CO2 Set - Pipe Size

    Hi John, It's standard 4mm I/D / 6mm O/D.
  91. John S

    CO2 Regulator

    My advice would be if you can afford a dual stage regulator than get one. It should remove any concerns about end of tank dump. But to say that all single stage regs will cause end of tank dump is in my opinion incorrect.
  92. John S

    CO2 Regulator

    This just isn't true. I'm not saying it doesn't / can't happen, I had a cheap regulator that was prone to it so I used to change the bottle once the pressure started to drop off. Fortunately I didn't lose any fish as I don't run my Co2 on the limit. The regulators I've had since don't do it. If...
  93. John S

    Warning! Fake Dual Stage Regulators!

    I think the original post has been edited. Yesterday it had a link to a site that was selling 'fake' ones. The post also mentioned an un-named sponsor here selling 'fake' dual stage ones. If the latter is the case, and they are selling what is not on the tin then surely that is a concern?
  94. John S

    Wetlands Aquatic Compost

    I followed the wise words of Tim. I set up a low tech for my sister in law and a hybrid one for myself (both ~30L). I stuck to non demanding plants and can honestly say that these, so far, are two of the most successful tanks that I've done. They've been running for about 10 weeks. Here is the...
  95. John S

    How to clean rhinnox diffuser?

  96. John S

    A huge thanks to UKAPS :)

    Looks great Paulo and thoroughly deserved.
  97. John S

    Windswept Eternity

    Who's this Tim Harrison guy;)
  98. John S

    Nelson's first 'planted' tank

    Looks great Neil. What make is the Co2 diffuser you are using?