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  1. Viv

    Hair algae - I'm now at a loss!

    I'm not sure what the protocol is for linking to other forums but this is my first port of call when dealing with algae: The Tropical Tank • View topic - Algae Types & Cures It's not definitive but I've found it a useful place to start :) It doesn't mention light as a cause for hair algae so...
  2. Viv

    Long term Algae problem Resolved :)

    Are you 100% certain you don't get any sun at any time? My living room has NNE facing windows but for about half an hour in the mornings a band of sunlight reaches the front left corner of one of my tanks even though its set back from the window by about the same as yours is. As well as...
  3. Viv

    Black thread algae

    The link says that black thread algae and black beard algae are one and the same? :? Viv
  4. Viv

    Can you identify this?

    IF GSA is green spot algae then I'm sure it isn't that. This stuff is defintely brown. Its only a very fine covering that builds up on the anubias over a few weeks, then I wipe it off. The tank is a Vision 450 with standard Juwel High lites (so 2 x 54w) and its got two eheim classic 2217's with...
  5. Viv

    Can you identify this?

    Hmm, sorry if it was misleading, I was going by what I'd read online. What would cause it in a mature tank then? I ask with reason because I have a bit in my 450 which has been running for about a year. Its nothing drastic but if I could eliminate it I would. Viv
  6. Viv

    Can you identify this?

    As far as I know it should sort itself out as the tanks conditions stabilise. Just keep up with your water changes in the meantime :) Viv
  7. Viv

    Can you identify this?

    Looks like brown diatoms to me. How new is your set up as its common in the first few weeks. If your tank is more mature check your phosphate levels as high levels can encourage it. Viv
  8. Viv

    Green thread algae

    You'll have to let us know how you get on with it. Mine seemed to be decreasing but I've had a problem with the CO2 bottle I bought (even though it was new :x ) and have only just got another. Even so it hasn't got any worse and hasn't spread. I have had a bit of BBA appear amongst some other...
  9. Viv

    Green thread algae

    I haven't tried spot treating yet as I wanted to concentrate on getting my CO2 set up. We've had problems getting the bar right. Everything I read has said that for inline I need at least 2 bars so we tried and tried but can't get mine above 1 without losing gas. The inline does seem to be...
  10. Viv

    Various algae due to low CO2 - various questions

    The AE aqua carbon is cheaper than FLourish Excel but I don't know how it compares to Easy Carbo. I was dosing a 180l with 5mls a day with no harm to the vallis. So why not try 3.5 - 4 mls and see how you get on? Viv
  11. Viv

    BBA in a basic, low maintenance tank - please help

    I got horrendous BBA in my 450 when I dabbled with DIY CO2. I got rid of just about all of it by stopping the yeast and dosing double amounts of liquid carbon for a week or two. Viv
  12. Viv

    Easylife Blue Exit

    Just thought I'd add my own experience of BGA. I've got a 125l tank for barbs. Its got a few low light plants in but I don't class it as 'planted' and I wasn't adding any nutrients. Recently this tank got quite bad BGA in it and after looking on here and seeing this was associated with low...
  13. Viv

    Green thread algae

    :shock: Oh! I didn't know that!! Thanks for the thumbs up, I'll definately read up first! Viv
  14. Viv

    Green thread algae

    Don't worry ceg4048 I won't be getting rid of my moss any time soon :) The worst affected is some fissendens I bought very recently. It isn't dense at all as theres only a few pieces strung out on a piece of wood. However, I'm in the process of adjusting my CO2 as I've only just set up a...
  15. Viv

    Green thread algae

    :( This is not encouraging. I've also got some thread algae come in on some moss and I'm looking for ways to get rid of it. I hope I don't end up having to get rid of the moss! Viv