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    Taiwan bee water parameters.

    Hi guys,I have my tank set up almost 5 weeks now and was wanting to introduce some Taiwan bee F1.Water parameters are PH 6.5 GH 7 KH 0 TDS 150,Temperature is 24 degreesC.What do these values look like?Cheers Mark

    Adding Biozyme to a Shrimp Tank.

    Hi guys,i know there are a few people using Genchem Biozyme in their shrimp tanks.I was wondering if anyone could advise on how much to dose,dosing frequency and do you just sprinkle it on the surface of the water?Cheers Mark

    Shrimp substrate question.

    Hi guys,i was wondering if JBL Manando would be a suitable substrate for a shrimp tank?Or should i try and get hold of specialised shrimp substrate?Any advice most welcome,cheers Mark.

    Water changes on a 20L Shrimp Tank.

    Hello guys,would like some advice as to how much water to change a week?I previously was changing about 4 liters a week,which was probably too much and have started to change just 2 liters a week.Is that better?The two 20 liter tanks i have are shrimp only(one housing 9 shrimp the other...

    Water Changes on my Shrimp Tank

    Hi guys,i would welcome some advice on water change and filter cleaning on my 20l shrimp tank.I am currently changing about 4 liters a week and cleaning the filter weekly. Ph is just over 7 and gh is 5 i think i should try and lower these slightly.TDS is 180.In the tank are 6 Rilli and 4...

    Cyrpts and Anubias in the shrimp tank

    Whilst looking at our new sponsers Sharnbrook Shrimp nice website i noticed that they advise you not to keep shrimp in tanks with Anubias or crypt's.Should i remove them from my shrimp tank?Cheers mark

    Shrimp introduction to tank

    Tomorow i am picking up some red fire cherry shrimp that have been waiting for what seems like ages!And i wanted to introduce them correctly.I was going to use the drip method for at least 4 hours,introduce them to tank with the lights off and only turn them on after they had been in there for a...

    Saddled shrimp

    Anyone got any idea how long a shrimp remains saddled for before moving to the berried stage in which i have read they remain around 30 days(i think thats what i read)Cheers mark

    Genchem Astaxanthin

    Have just ordered some Genchem Astaxanthin for use in my nano tank that contains red cherry and red fire cherry shrimps and would like to hear from members who have used this product and results obtained.Cheers mark

    Shrimp deaths and TDS

    Looking at the posts on inverts a great number are posted due to loss of livestock.Aclimatisation probably number 1 cause for most newcomers to shrimp like myself.After we hear a lot about too high dosing of LC,Co2 levels and temperature.I was wondering the importance of the TDS factor.I can see...

    Red cherry failure

    I have tried a few times to introduce red cherry shrimp to my tank after a couple of days i find them dead with very white bodies.My 450l tank also contains about 30 amano shrimp and numerous smallish fish.Someone told me it was down to bullying by the amanos.Could it be they are not used to the...