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    Getting there!

    Sorry about the poor image....dont have an expensive camera. After some disasters my tank is starting to take shape, I still have a lot to learn, but I'm always reading the pages on the forum and trying to take it all in :D
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    Eheim Pro 3 Cleaning

    How often is best to clean these filters....and is it best just to rince the media?
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    Two instead of one

    Tank 240l I have the Eheim Pro 3 2080 I want to change this and get two smaller filters to fit inside my cabinet...any recomendations please...obviously need to get as close to 10x as possible!! :D
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    blocked Up Aqua

    My Up Aqua has somehow got blocked....all looks ok but the pipe keeps blowing off from the none return valve....I have tried another valve with the same result.... Any idea how to unblock???
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    eheim pro 2080 - red button

    Hi all, has anyone had any trouble with the big red release button on the eheim pro, mine simply wont budge :thumbdown:
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    BGA - Increase nitrates - how much??

    Tank 4ft 240l lighting 8 hours 2x39w Co2 FIRE EXTIN... I am getting the BGA on my Amazonia substrate, I have read that I should increase flow and nitrates. I've added a 3ft spraybar and a Up Atomizer also another Hydor Koralia and have this pointed at the front of the glass Potassium Nitrate...
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    Home made Spray bar

    Here's the thing I want to buy or make a 3ft spraybar to go across the back of my 4ft tank. I have the Eheim pro3 filter system (16/22 hose) with 2 spray bars joined with a bit of hose... I'm sure I have seen a 3ft length of spraybar somewhere (but cant find it now!) or does anyone know where...
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    Invert Deaths

    I am kind of puzzled as to what it is I am doing wrong....I have bought 3 nerite snails at a time on three occasions now...they seem to be ok and then after a week or so they die, my latest 3 lasted a little longer this time but it looks like I'm down to my last one. Could it be too much co2...
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    Fish ID please

    Bought my second lot of Otto's from the internet, first lot arrived and are looking great and eating away. The second lot arrived looking nothing like the first batch....any idea what these are?
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    Shrimp Bedfellows

    Can we start a list of safe fish that can be kept with shrimp in the community tank. The List other members have so far: Just to point out this list is based on other members experiences not mine! :!: Chocolate Gouramis Ottos Pygmy Corydoras Boraras mataculas Boraras brigittae (chilli...
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    Spio III CO2 Diffuser

    I bought a Spio III CO2 Diffuser and it has a hole at the base of the circular tubing...is it meant to have? I thought it was broken so I email the people that sold me it and they said "The hole is designed to release the gas pressure in the circular tube." Is this right?
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    Y Splitter for CO2 Systems

    Has anyone used or are using the Y Splitter for CO2 Systems from Aqua Essentials Can they be used with FE and are they any good? http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/ans-y-splitter-for-co2-systems-p-1254.html
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    Temperature for the Tiger

    Getting some Tiger Shrimp delivered and was wondering what water temp suits them....Tank is 26C at the moment
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    Where to buy

    Trying to find some Nerite snails and Tiger Shrimp online without any joy :( Placed an order with UK shrimp...but they cancelled and sent a refund and the snail shop is closed while they have a baby. Any suggestions?
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    Clean Up Crew

    Interested to know what clean up crew you would suggest or what you have in your presurized Co2 planted tanks. Snalis Shrimps Fish??
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    Narrow timers

    Has anyone found any decent timers that can fit next to each other on one of those extension bars?
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    Fluval for Eheim Spray

    As the eheim spray is not long enough to cover the length of my four foot tank will it work if I ordered another pipe and joined them together or would I lose too much pressure in the extended bar. I do already have a fluval spray bar which would be long enough, could I use this in place of the...
  18. M


    Anyone know of any UK plugged multiple timer bars/strips
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    Eheim air lock

    Any ideas how to get the air out? The left pipe which has a large air bubble which I can not get out comes from the furthest pipe in the tank The closest inlet in ok abd the spray bar is ok
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    Fresh Start

    Here we go with hopefully some lesson learnt 240L 4 foot tank Ferts: Potassium Nitrate & Potassium Phosphate (SAME BOTTLE) Potassium Nitrate 39g to 500ml for the solution Potassium Phosphate 30g to 500ml for the solution dosage = 50ml 3 times per week Trace 18g to 500ml for the solution...
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    eheim pro 2080

    sorry for sounding a fool....where does the tray go (part 16) in instruction booklet go?
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    Planting Tutorials

    Where are all the decent planting tutorials? With how best to plant your new plants....and what goes best with what and where
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    FX5 or 2080 pro?

    About ready to set up the new 240l tank and I buying new filter....but which one? Fluval FX5 or Eheim pro 3 2080
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    Length and Time off day

    Although I know how long to leave my lights on, I am wondering how many people have different ways of timing theirs lights and Co2. Do you turn your lights on at night as you would your house to enjoy your tank or is it best to turn them on in the daytime to match the sun?
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    How much?

    How much ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia for a 240L 4ft tank Will a 9l and 3l bag be enough? And is the Green Mahine the only place that sells it? anywhere cheaper?
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    where/what to buy?

    Replacing my Juwel tank and setting up a new 4ft tank....it has a large hood with room for lights. I read James C useful post on the cheap bulbs but what ballast or starter units should I buy and where from I have always used the juwel light units so am a little puzzled Please advise :crazy:
  27. M

    Blyxa japonica melt

    I a having trouble getting Blyxa japonica to grow in my tank...can you have too much flow for this plant? I seems to just melt away to nothing. CO2 is good lime green on drop checker, flow is very good, all plants sway well in the water. Regular ferts and trace
  28. M

    Introducing snails

    I am getting some snails delivered and am wondering what is the safest way to add them to my planted co2 tank....I recently added three nerite snails which all died :oops:
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    Getting it right?

    After a year of losing plants I am making a major effort to get things right....here is what I'm doing now For my 180l 40 UK Gallon tank. F/E Co2...2 x 35wat Juwel Hilite bulbs 8 hours per day...Co2 on 2 hours before light on and off 1 hour before lights out. Filtration and flow. Fluval 305...
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    co2 circulations?

    Forget the lack of plants as I am trying to get the flow correct before adding more plants Full Tank Tank Right Hydor Koralia used to send the Co2 on its way araound the tank....The Juwell filter is to be removed and I have bought a Eheim Compact 2000 to place in that corner Tank Left...
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    Juncus repens

    How to trim the Juncus repens...Top or bottom? The Juncus plant has all of a sudden started to take off, whats the best way to trim :?:
  32. M


    Has anyone got or used the AQUAMEDIC SOLENOID VALVE seen it on ebay. Never had or used a solenoid before so any pointers would be good....will these fit on a DD Regulator and do they have a UK plug? If this is no good could you let me know a decent make Cheers :wink:
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    White leaves P. Helferi

    I noticed my Pogostemon Helferi has started to dvelope white areas on some of the leaves. I am ferting everyday and co2 is from extinguisher about 3 to 4bps Whats wrong?
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    id please

    I bought limnophila aromatica because I was going to add to what I already had the plant lower left is what I had what is the larger plant? Is it limnophila aromatica?
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    Hair algae (corrected Black Brush Algae)

    Juwel 180L 2 x 35w Juwel Hi-Lite bulbs with reflectors... Co2 2kg Fire extinguisher Hydor diffuser. Could the black hair algae I am getting be due tho the intorduction of my new Fluval Filter and new reflectors? Algae is on Crypts and Anubis and some of the small gravel. My lights were on 10...
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    Advice on required bps

    Could someone advise me on the required bps in my well planted 180L Juwel Tank. At the moment its on 2bps but I am getting black hair algae on the leaf edges of some my my plants. Should I up the CO2...if so what to? Thanks for any help you can give!
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    ADA soils

    Keep reading conflicting threads about ADA Amazonia. I have ordered a couple of bags and was intending to swap the coral substrate in my tank with this. What I was going to do was keep the original water is large buckets keeping the fish in one bucket with a heater in it while I replaced the...
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    will protozin kill my assassin snails

    One of my new rams has got stressed and has a few white spots....can I use Protozin if I have Assassin Snails in the tank?
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    Assasin Snail and the Yoyo

    I have one Yoyo loach that I think maybe anorexic, as he is not helping me with my snail problem. I am thinking of getting some assassin snail but I am worried the yoyo might start eating again and eat the assassins. Will the Yoyo eat them? Will the snails do a better job? If the snails are...
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    Hemianthus callitrichoides

    I am going to buy another few pots of Hemianthus callitrichoides because I didn't know how difficult getting this plant started was going to be. After an hour of planting the first lot into the tank I found more than half of it floating at the top of the tank :oops: The fish had taken a fancy...
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    L Plates

    A look at my first few steps into the planted tank for my Rams... My Tank....This is the tank as it is now!! Juwel 180 180 Litres Lights 2 x 35w High-lite bulbs on 11 hours per day (Not sure if high - lite is the same as t-5) CO2.....2bps Ferts 40 UK Gallon tank I do the following...
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    Maidenhead Aquatics

    Has anyone been to any of the Maidenhead Aquatics outlets....just found out there is one a few miles from my home and wondered if they had any decent stock. It says they get plants from Tropica in Denmark and from singapore.
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    Which Regulator

    Hi All Can someone point me in the right direction. I am going to rent a 10 litre CO2 bootle from my local Air Products and need to know which regulator I need? Are all regulators standard thread size? I was looking to buy something like the one below Co2 Regulator (d+d) Twin regulator for...
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    Advice needed

    I have a 180L (40 UK Gallons) Juwel Vision Tank 2 x 35w Lights I day buld and 1 Nature I am getting a rented CO2 canister delivered shortly I have also purchased 3 lots of ferts. 1 Potassium Nitrate - 500g £8.00 1 Monopotassium Phosphate - 250g £5.00 1 Trace Elements - 250g...