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    CO2 / Aquasoil

    Hi I have this weekend completed my rescape using Aqua Soil and Power Sand Special for the first time. After rescaping, replanting & refilling with remineralised filtered water. Before turning my CO2 back on, I reinstalled the drop checker. To my surprise the DC was lime green within an hour...
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    Second tank cycling

    Hi I have a project to replace my substrate in my main tank with ADA aqua soil malaya and power sand special. As the aqua soil emits large amounts of ammonia in the first couple of weeks, I am setting up a spare 24*18*15 tank with a Fluval 2 plus internal filter, to accommadate my fish while...
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    Re Scape

    After Christmas I am considering a complete strip down and new substrate / wood /rocks. My dilemmer is that most substrates appear to release ammonia in the first few months and therefore I have an issue with my fish stock. I have heard that eco-complete is the safest option but how safe? and...
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    JBL CO2/PH computer

    Looks like I am getting one of these for Christmas to add to my JBL CO2 system. Has anyone any experience with these? I am also a reefer and use a Calcium reactor with a PH controller. Therefore I have similar experience with marines but the CO2/PH computer looks to be much more comprehensive.