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  1. J


    Adult male Furcifer Pardalis Panther Chameleon
  2. J

    Day Gecko Pics...

    Thought I'd share a few snaps of some day geckos from my collection 8) Phelsuma ornata adult male Phelsuma cepediana adult male
  3. J

    Nannostomus mortenthaleri

    I treated myself to 10 of these lil beauties - Nannostomus mortenthaleri aka Coral Red Pencilfish. Does anybody have experience with this species? What size do they mature? Any breeding info?
  4. J

    Cardinal Shrimp

    Where to buy, how much they cost, any info appreciated. :)
  5. J

    Moss 'Fungus'?

    Seem to have white fluff on my Flame Moss, any ideas on what it is and how to get rid? :? It has appeared since I trimmed the moss a couple of days ago
  6. J

    Comp_Nov09: Riccia Rockery - NEW PHOTO

    Name: Jason Griffiths Tank Dimensions (Height/Width/Depth): 14x14x14cm Aquascape Name: Riccia Rockery Hardscape/Materials used: Dragon Stone, Oli Knott Nature Soil, Unipac Zambezi Sand Plants: Riccia Fluitans, Eleocharis Acicularis, Lilaeopsis Novea-Zealandia, Staurogyne sp., Pogostemon...
  7. J

    Comp_Nov09: Pico Paradise

    Name:Jason Griffiths Tank Dimensions (Height/Width/Depth): 14x14x14cm Aquascape Name: Pico Paradise Hardscape/Materials used: Bogwood, Dragon Stone, Oli Knott Nature Soil, Unipac Zambezi Sand Plants: Eleocharis Acicularis, Lilaeopsis Novea-Zealandia, Crytocoryne Moehlmannii Fertilisation...
  8. J

    Jase's 28l Long/Shallow - "Attrition"

    This will be my second 'scape and my first Journal :eh: The tank is 8” wide, 9” tall and 24” long, float glass tank I had lying in the garage, which used to house a friend's Desert Hairy Scorpions :twisted: I have an idea in my head of how I want it to look but without influencing...
  9. J

    Daily vs Weekly Dosing

    At the moment I dose using dry ferts. I use Nutri Calc to work out the amounts I mix up. It is set up so that it calculates a week's dose for one application I therefore only dose Macros on a Saturday, after >50% water change and add Traces on the Sunday. This is due to my forgetting to dose...
  10. J

    Tetratec EX1200

    Set my new filter up these evening, and I must say what a great piece of kit! Solid, well made, very quiet (but not silent like some reviews said :wink: ), child's play to set up. The primer button is much more convincing than the weedy stick thin plunger on my rickety old Fluval. One very...
  11. J

    Tropica Substrate

    Yes for sure, but I have a minimum of 50mm at the front. If you look at the sides you can see the substrate 'creeping' up between the gravel. Not attractive... Good stuff though, if you can contain it Edit: Split off from this topic: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=6144 Cheers, Steve.