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    Seiru Stone and hardness increases

    Just read in the journal section it will raise hardness. I never thought they'd have that much of an effect! How much will they typically raise hardness levels? I'm using rainwater so it's fairly soft to begin with. I was looking at keeping RCS and was hoping they'd be ok. It's around 2kg of...
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    C02 Reg not working?

    It's been sitting in the shed for a year, just a basic regulator, no dials. I've removed it just to check the FE is full and it lets out a nice healthy blast. What could be wrong with it?
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    "UP" C02 regs

    Noticed these for sale on Tankscape at a really good price. http://www.tankscape.co.uk/co2-and-glassware/regulators Anyone have experience with them?
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    FAO Middlesex/NWLondon/Herts people

    Does anyone know where I can pick up a co2 diffusor? I've just dug out my co2 system and discovered it's not there. Would like to get it up and running asap as I've already added some plants to my new scape. Don't really want to wait for delivery and I've no idea of any shop that sells co2...
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    30cm Cube

    I went to purchase the smaller tank but the 30cm cube was £5 off and only £24 with the filter so thought why not? I had planned on just having a little emersed setup but I really can't wait any longer for a full scape so here goes! Threw in some tescos cat litter and some seiru stones I already...
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    PAH OptiWhite cubes reduced

    Well they are at my store, might be worth checking out. Went down for the smaller tank and ended up with the 30cm cube, only £24 with filter.
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    I have to move my aquarium...

    ...Tomorrow. I'm dreading it. Fish, plants, soil and all. Wish me luck :eh:
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    Notropus Lutipinnis

    Anyone know how readily available in the UK these are? Same genus as rainbow shiners but I've only ever seen those for sale once.
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    Horrible tap water issue

    I've mentioned it before but my water has a horrible oily scum straight out of the tap. In my current aquarium it's not really an issue as I'm using the walstad method and water changes are minimal. I can also use rain water as we have two water butts. Now, I'm moving house next saturday (a...
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    ADA's first LED unit!

    I think I'm in love! http://youtu.be/dPOa0Sm8YPc p.s whole video is worth a watch too.
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    Grow your own.

    I have daphnia and mosquito larvae every day. I don't do anything. Haven't paid for live food in over a month although I like to feed bloodworm and mysis shrimp occasionally as the fish love them. But for the past month I've just been feeding from what the pond produces 8)
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    Shallow tanks

    Is there anywhere that does off the shelf shallow tanks? I'd like an idea off prices but I'm not ready to buy yet so don't want to hassle builders for quotes. Looking at something like 3.5ft x 1.5 deep x 30cm tall.
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    Pint and a Pot

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    How to fight the addiction?

    I spend all day looking through planted tank forums, looking on TGM and Aqua Essentials, thinking about new designs, what plants I want next, what scape I'd like to try next, what my dream scape would be, whether I should rescape, buy this, buy that.....But I don't have any money and it's...
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    Water's Edge

    A 29G no tech Riparium. The inspiration comes from BigTom and Hydrophyte, owner of RipariumSupply, so a big thanks to them for starters! I wanted to try something new, I wanted it to be cheap and at least fairly self sustaining. I don't mind the occasional feed or adding of ferts but I'd like...
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    Betta with fin rot

    So last week I treated my Betta for fin rot, all seemed to be improving, the milky white/red colour has completely gone and his dorsal fin looks much better. But, now there's milky white parts on his tail. Is this a sign of it coming back? Should I dose again, it's been 7 days? Worried in Middlesex
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    Question on pond plants

    Not even sure if this is the best section to ask, but I figured the most knowledge on pond plants could be found here. Basically, I've been researching a small planted container pond for my mum's garden. I was looking at a lot of marginal plants and wondered if any of the varieties that are...
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    How often do you clean your filter?

    I do mine once every 3 weeks, is this enough?
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    My Movember

    I hope it's ok to post this mods, I'm raising money for men's health by growing some fine facial hair. http://uk.movember.com/mospace/1733800/ Donate here if you like! :o This is a week's growth and no I am not wearing pink lipstick :lol:
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    Otos and Tiger Barbs

    Would this be a safe mix?
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    Here I am again!

    I've been trying to crack this problem without relying on asking, but my stubbornness must finally give in. I have some brown/algae diatoms which aren't majorly out of control but are starting to negatively effect the appearance of my tank and plants. 23L. 11watt lamp. 200LPH internal facing...
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    Little emersed jar NOW 29G EMERSED

    Garden dirt filled with water and a little trace fert mix under an 11watt 6500k lamp. Some h.polysperma, ludwigia, java moss and others I don't recognise as I had thrown them out as cuttings and left them in my terrarium, only to find they grew emersed without even being planted. I have a 30cm...
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    New ADA surface skimmer

    At around 7.45mins in this clip. What does everyone think? Isn't it just a mini protein skimmer? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjsZCac3 ... r_embedded
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    Takashi Amano talks about failure

    Good to know he took ages to get it right :lol:
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    How awesome are torpedo barbs?

    I thought they looked dull as hell online but saw a huge display tank today at Hillingdon MA. I desperately want some now!
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    The science behind ADA additives

    Penac, Tourmalne etc. What's the science behind it? Are there any tests to see how exactly they improve plant growth? They all seem rather expensive to do a job that would ideally be covered by a good substrate, no?
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    How much do I have?

    Hey all, Took a trip to Maidenhead Aquatics in Iver today and ended up coming home with a new tank. Ooops. It's a super fish Aqua 30. 24 litres with an 11w compact light. I'd like to go for a low tech shrimp set up but I'm not sure what sort of light level this gives me? it's 40cm tall.
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    Low humidity emersed plants?

    I'm guessing Bacopa Sp. will be ok but I don't know anything else that would suit low humidity. Any ideas? It's to fill any area roughly 10 x 10cm.
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    How do you break up Seiru stone?

    Seriously? What do you need a sledgehammer or something?
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    "Practice Valley"

    So here it is, my first scape. It's a 6 gallon tank, one 11w CFL daylight bulb, 2bps FE pressurised, 2 x 300lph internals, Eco complete substrate. It's just for me to practice growing plants really, these pics are just after replanting, it was a bit of a jungle before but I've removed a few...
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    Blagdon affinity feature pool?

    I saw these in the back of this month's PFK, looks like there will be a feature next month. What does everyone think of them? I think the design is wonderful, but I can't really see it being very practical. It's only around 100 gallons and only 2feet deep. Will it hold up over winter after...
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    What can you grow with two T8s?

    I'm moving in with the OH's parents (I know, nightmare) and will be deciding on just one tank to have set up due to space. My current tanks are just to practice growing plants really so they'll be going. I'm looking at something like a 60x 30 x 36 rimless from TGM or Aqua essentials with a twin...
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    Litoria caerulea and Begonia Bowerae

    Just a few snaps taken tonight of some of my White's tree frogs and a nice bright Begonia from one of the dart frog vivariums. They're only taken with a point n shoot so nothing fancy!
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    Removing media for no livestock tank?

    I have two 300lph internals running on my 23l tank but it looks like I'll be moving soon, so won't be adding any lifestock yet. I was thinking about removing all media to improve the circulation rate, does this sound like a good idea? Should I leave some to help with removing debri etc? Or maybe...
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    Fluval Profile Range, opinions?

    I love the look, but does anyone know what they're like to run as planted tanks? Really interested in opinions if anyone has any. http://www.seapets.co.uk/products/aquar ... plete.html
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    Woah green algae!

    Came home today to find an absolute tonne of the stuff in the bottom of the tank. It's halfway through cycling, could this be the cause? It's completely swamped the tank. 6 gallon. Two Arcadia 11W clip on lights. co2 via nano pressurised. Eco complete and 50% planted. Dosing 2.5% Profito a day...
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    Where do you collect rocks etc?

    Looking for some good places in the south east, but interested to hear where other people collect their bits n bobs.
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    Does my equipment list look ok?

    I got so frustrated with my first attempt I tore it down to make yet another terrarium. I'm back to having another go at this and didn't want to buy everything without making sure it would all work out. I'm determined to get this right! I'm looking at a 60 x 30 x 30 open top tank. A twin T8...
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    Criticism and opinions on my first tank?

    image It's not finished yet, just started with a few simple plants too see how well they do. The exo lighthood is also temporary until my new bulb arrives. It's only a 2ft T5, the tank is 2.5ft. Does this sound ok for a low light, no c02 set up? I wanted to start simple. How does it look so...