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    Ultra Low Tech Shrimp Tank

    Hi Everyone, I want to get back into aquascaping again however, I have a small problem, in September I am back at university and I will not be able to take my aquarium with me to my house. I would return back to my normal house every 3-4 weeks. So i was wondering is it possible to create a low...
  2. K

    Wood ID

    Hi Everyone, I just saw this aquascape and I just wanted to know if this wood in the aquarium are birch wood. http://showcase.aquatic-gardeners.org/2011/show103.html Also where would be the place to source aquarium friendly birch wood. Thanks
  3. K

    Rapid CRS Deaths

    Hi Everyone, Over the past week i have had 1 or more shrimp die each day. The tank is 20 litres and i do a 6 litre water change a week. The tank is fully cycled and has been running for 4 months. I dose 1ml ADA Brightly K, 1ml of Tropica NKP and 1ml of Easy Carbo a week. The TDS is 162, GH is...
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    How to Set up a Med Tech Tank?

    Hi everyone, I am just getting back into aquascaping and I was wondering would it be possible to set up a med tech planted tank? If so what will I need? Thanks Krish
  5. K

    Mid-Tech Planted Tank?

    Can this made possible? if so can someone help me out with the stuff i would need, ect. My tank should hoepfully be 120cm x 55cm x 40cm - 264 litres. Many thanks
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    Custom Made Aquariums

    hello, Im looking for a custom made aquariums for somewhere? anyone got any websites they know of? I have already checked the green machine and aqua essentials. many thanks, krish
  7. K


    Hi, I was wondering if anyone got there results yesterday? I got 6 A's and 4 B's soo i was over the moon :D
  8. K

    Manzanita Wood Scapes

    Hello everyone, I need some inspiration for my new tank, can anyone share some pictures of any manzanita wood scapes? Many thanks
  9. K

    Okay to Change?

    Hi Everyone, Just a quick question my old light tubes are starting to get dim now (9 Months old) would changing them cause a aglae spike becuase of the brighter light? If so how would be the best way to prepair for it? Thanks for your help, Krish
  10. K

    Spray Bar or Normal Outlet

    Hi Guys and Girls, I have a problem with flow reaching all the areas of the tank (proberly explains the algae problems) would a spray bar be able to spread the flow better around the tank? The tanks has lots of brachy wood in the tank. Thanks for the help, Krish
  11. K

    Time to replant?

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted your opinon and weather if its nessary to replant my rotala rotundifolia? Is it getting too thick? Could this affect growth. If anyone can help that would be great :D Krish P.S. can anyone identify the algae?
  12. K

    Blyxa Melt?

    Is it normal for it to melt during the first few days? Will it recover?
  13. K

    Is this impossible to get rid of?

    Hi Guys and Girls, I am having a vcery anoying problem with this algea, it mainly attacks my moss and sometimes my rotala. Heres some pics Tank Specs, Lights - 2.8wpg on for 8 hours, Substrate - ADA Amazonia, Flow - 700 external + 900 flow pumb = 16,000 lph Ferts ADA Brightly K and ADA Step 1...
  14. K

    Good Nano For Shrimp

    Hi Guys, Im looking for a good desktop nano which has a heater and filter included which is 30litres or below. Also it has to be suitable for Crystal Red Shrimp? Any suggestions? Many Thanks Krish
  15. K

    Good Shrimp for Planted Tanks.

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if there is any more diiferent kinds of shrimp i can put in the tank along with my cherry and amano shrimp? I was thinking red nose shrimp? Would they eat thread algea and BBA? Are they okay with plants? Any more suggestion would be very helpfull :D Krish
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    Apistogramma and Shrimp

    I was wondering if Apistogramma viejita and Apistogramma agassizi would be okay with amanos and cherries?
  17. K

    I give up on Glass

    I have tried all glass (cheap ebay ones), not enough water agitation, glass outlet and plastic inlet, still no surface agitation. So my last attempt is going to fully plastic. Has anyone noticed this and do they have a vidieo of what good surface agitation looks like?
  18. K

    What to soak my wood in?

    Sorry if this seems silly but can i soak the wood in plain tap water. The reason why i was wondering about this would be that the chlorine soaked into the wood might affect the fish?
  19. K

    Right amount of water changed?

    Hi everyone, My tank is 60 litres. I am currently changing 10 litres a week. I was wondering if it is a good amount to change or is it too much of a water change?
  20. K

    Dario dario - Scarlet Badis and Chocolate Gourami

    Hi Everyone, Can someone tells if you can keep these 2 fish together please, and if they would be safe with shrimp?
  21. K

    Acclimating Shrimp

    I have tryed to keep shrimp so many times, s=and failed so my guess now is that i am not acclimating them right, so my question is that is there a good method of acclimating shrimp?
  22. K

    How much flow to aim at?

    Just a quick question. I have a 60 litre. My filter is 700 lph and my powerhead is 900lph. In this tank there is going to be a large stump of wood would this affect the flow and if so should a add more flow?
  23. K

    Which Pipe?

    Just a quick question which filter pipe would be the best to put my UP inline diffuser?
  24. K

    Blue- Green Slime Algae in Betta Tanks

    I have this problem with the algae in both my betta tank and my betta breeding tanks. The tanks are 3 litre (the betta tank) and i change the 1/6 water everyday. The plants in the tank are java moss and amazon fogbit. THe light is a 24w (spread out over the 4 tanks) The breeding tank is the...
  25. K

    What do you put in a bubble counter

    Hi everyone, just a quick question what water/solution do you put in the bubble counters? Thanks, Krish
  26. K

    Krish's 60cm Rescape - 31 Week Old - Countdown to AGA

    Well after a long year in having a planted tank learning many tips and having many failures i think it is time that i rescape my tank and use the tip i learnt on the way. Equipment: 60l Float Glass Aquarium 60 x 30 x 35cm Hagen T5HO unit with 2x 24w light tube. Tetratec EX700 Hydor Koralia Nano...
  27. K

    Crystal Red Shrimp and Aquasoil

    I have hard water at home and i am uable to keep them for that reason. So i was wondering if any has used aquasoil to make there hard water soft for the crystal red shrimp.
  28. K

    Cardinal Tetras and Aquasoil

    I have hard water in my house and i was wondering if anyone has used aquasoil to make the water soft for cardinals tetras.
  29. K

    My New Bettas (Side Hobby)

    As well as the planted tank side of the hobby I am also a keen betta keeper and breeder. I stoped for a few months due to being too busy. 4 Days ago I got a my pair a copper colour Halfmoon Bettas and I wanted to share the pictures and to inform people about bettas and how they can be a...
  30. K

    Can I use both?

    I was wondering if a could use a inline co2 diffuser and a inline heater toghter? Thanks.
  31. K

    Air Pump at night?

    I was wondering if it was worth to run a air pump at night because I run my co2 all day and night to help the fish?
  32. K

    How to prepair a planted tank for a while on holiday?

    What should I do I am going for 2 weeks.
  33. K

    Add them at once

    My tabk is very low stocked about 10 so so in a 60l tank the tank is well mature. Would it be okay if i added a shoal of cardinal (15) this weekend?
  34. K

    Inline Difuser size?

    My external filter pipe is a 12mm should a use the 8mm/12mm or the 12mm/16mm?
  35. K

    Work Experiance

    Well it's that time of year ending my school year (9) and going into the next year (10). Anyway I got the letter for work experiance and I hopping that I can work at a Fish Shop. Odd question has any work in one and could you tell me what things what you have to do please :D Thanks Krish
  36. K

    How to Acclimate shrimp?

    How long should i do it for and any tips will help please.
  37. K

    New Shrimp Strains (LondonDragon Look)

    There are 2 new strains which came from the cherry shrimp i think here are the pictures. Rili Shrimp It looks like a cherry shrimp and a snowball shrimp. Blue Rili Shrimp Both of them look really nice and very colourful. But they are new strains so you won't be able to get some for a year...
  38. K

    How much ligh to aim for in a nano.

    Holw much do you think I should aim for in a 30litre tank? To grow HC in?
  39. K

    Ebay lilys?

    Has any one used these http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Aquarium-Inflow-O ... 2a0685e03f I have some but the dont make any ripels on the surface and would an inline diffuser work on it?
  40. K

    Lily pipes but no ripples

    Do i have to lift them up or have a brought the wrong ones.
  41. K

    Fishing Dieing

    Hi, I brought about 15 cardinal tetras about a week ago. My tanks has been mature for 5 years. The were alright on the first day and then the next day began to die one by one everyday. Before the die they seem to swim wirdy. There were no sighn of disease before they died. PH 7 Ammonia 0...
  42. K

    Filter for Dennerle Nano Cube 30l

    Can any recomend me a external filter for a 30l tank? At a lower price?
  43. K

    Making Aquasoil last.

    I am thinking of using aquasoil when i rescape my tank and I wanted it to last for a 2 years because i wont have time because of exams :(
  44. K

    Blue Zoo Radio

    Hi everyone I just wanted to share with you a great fishkeeping podcast. It's very interesting and sometimes quite funny :) . So if you don't mind have a lisen and say what you think. Blue Zoo Radio is an American fishkeeping show. To show dedicated to each and every aquarist making a...
  45. K

    Maidenhead TV Advert :)

    Wow i was just watching Tv because i was bord (half term) and them a maidenhead aquatics advert poped out, it looked good and told people evrything they needed to know.
  46. K

    Community Nature Aquarium?

    Hello everyone, I was just wondering how many of you have tryed using different kinds of fish instead of the standard one kind of fish.
  47. K

    Shrimp and Koralias

    I have a nano one and i was wondering if the shrimp will get stucked into it? Is it safe for shrimp?
  48. K


    Would my tank be overstocked if I have, 15x Cardinal Tetras 8x Threadfin Rainbows 8x Hatchetfish 2x Rams 6x Ottos 6x Stiphodon Inverts 5x Amano Shrimp 10x Cherry Shrimp
  49. K

    How many Ottos

    How many ottos will i need for a 60l tank?
  50. K

    Crypts and Blyxa

    Has anyone tryed these plants in the same tank? If some can you show me a picture please.
  51. K

    How to take a good Full Tank Shot?

    I need tips. If you see the pictures in my journal they are not very good.
  52. K

    How much light for a 10l tank.

    Would 9w be enough?
  53. K

    Can you keep cherries and amanos in hardwater

    Every time i buy they all seem to die in a day. But know i am thinking its my pipes where the water comes from. Can lead harm shrimp.
  54. K

    Why are ADA Products so expensive?

    Does anyone know why, I look at the USA ADA website everything looks cheaper.
  55. K

    HC not doing well...

    Its grown abit but now its stoped. I have 1.4 wpg, Ei dosing, c02 1bps and have eco complete. Shall i trim it? I am stuck... :(
  56. K

    Effective Way of getting C02 to the Foreground

    I have too use an internal filter (cant aford an external) Could a use Koralia and place the diffuser under it?
  57. K

    Brown Algae and Green Spot

    I EI dose and sometimes abit of TPN+. My filter is a hagen U3. I have about 1.4 wpg. 1 bps 24/7. Lighting is 8 hours.
  58. K

    Writing an Tutorial

    Hi evryone I was just think about writing a Tutorial about "Breeding Tropical Fish and Inverts". I have been breeding many kinds of fish ever since I stated fishkeeping. I have also learnt many tips along the way! Could any of admins/mods give me the all clear, Thanks
  59. K

    Weeping Moss

    I have had weeping moss about a month ago and there has been know new growth at all? Can you grow it with about 1.4 WPG? Is it a Hard moss to grow? And does anyone know away to make weeping moss weep? I have C02 and i am using the EI method.
  60. K

    Krish's 60cm Fern Mountain

    Well I am going to start my first "real" planted tank. After about a year of planning and learning how to grow plamts correctly. Thanks all you lot who have helped me. :D Equipment: 60l Float Glass Aquarium 60 x 30 x 35cm Hagen T5HO unit with 1x 24w light tube. Tetratec ex700 Hydor Koralia...
  61. K

    Hagen T5HO light unit Bulb Sugestions

    Does anyone now a good bulb for heavy planted tank that will for in Hagen T5HO light unit. Could you also tell me the brand of bulb to choose please.
  62. K

    Have I got Enough Ligh to grow these plants?

    I have about 1.41 wpg. I would like to grow weeping moss, HC and Marsilea Crenata.
  63. K

    Are my Micro Bubbles small enough?

    Here is a vid, Are they small enough for the plants to take in, or do I need to buy a new diffuser, My diffuser is a nano one from Aquatic Magic. Thanks for you help.
  64. K

    Have I got a enought flow?

    My filter is a Fulval U3 which is 600 l per hour and I have a powerhead which also gives 600 l per hour, will this been enought to evenly spread the co2 around the tank? My tank size is 60 x 30 x 35 It's a about 63 litres.
  65. K

    Aquafleur Anubias Nana Pots

    Does anyone know how many plantlets are in each pot?
  66. K

    Flow Around the Bottom of the Tank

    Does anyone know how to increase the flow around the bottom of the tank for my HC? Should I just my a extra pump. My filter is a fluval U3. My tank size is 60 x 30 x 35.
  67. K

    Does this sound good?

    Does this sound good for a 60 litre tank. Macro 5 teaspoons of Potassium Nitrate 1 and a 1/4 teaspoons of Potassium Phosphate 2.5 teaspoons of Potassium Sulphate Mixed in 250ml of water Micro 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of Trace Elements Mixed in 250ml of water
  68. K

    Can I grown these plants?

    Can I grow Pogostemon Helferi, HC and HM in a 9 litre tank. Using DIY Yeast Co2, EI method, easylife carbo and with 1 WPG?
  69. K

    How much L/H would I aim for?

    How much should i aim for for a 30x15x20 cm and a 60x30x35 cm? Plaese help.
  70. K

    Black Marks on Java Fern.

    Is there a way how to cure it?
  71. K

    Where is the best place for a Diffuser?

    Hi everyone, Just a quick question where is the best place to put a Diffuser? Thanks, Krishan
  72. K

    How to grow Vallis Nana

    Does anyone have any tips on growing it. Can I use Easylife Carbo?
  73. K

    Do you need Pressurised CO2 to grow HC?

    Can I use a liquid carbon or DIY Yeast system? Please help.
  74. K

    How do I know if my tank is a Low Light Tank

    Sorry if this sounds silly. :oops:
  75. K

    ADA Aquasoil Amazonia: How much will it lower the GH/KH/PH

    My water is very hard and has a PH 7. I was thinking of using the substrate for my CRS. How much will it lower the GH/KH/PH?
  76. K

    Why Does Pogostemon Helferi And HC Keep on Melting?

    They turn a light transparent green colour and turn into mush? Can the recorver and how can I stop this from hapening?
  77. K

    Bamboo Charcoal

    Can it clear the water if the water has been stained by Almond leaves,peat moss,ect?
  78. K

    Peat Moss

    Can I use it to lower the kh and gh? is it safe for CRS?
  79. K

    Almond Leaves

    Do they lower the GH and KH of the water. I know they make the water turn a golden brown colour. So would a black carbon pad get rid of that colour?
  80. K

    Supperglue plants to wood.

    Will it hurt the plant. Would it be harmful for the fish. Which kind of supperglue can I use. Sorry if I put it in the wrong section.
  81. K

    How To Plant HC

    Can anyone tell me the best way to plant it so it will carpet quickly. If you can please can you post some pictures (while planting HC)
  82. K

    Safe Fish For CRS And Shrimplets

    I'm sorry if I have put this in the wrong section. But would Celestrial Pearl Danios be one? Krishan
  83. K

    Eco Complete and CRS

    Is Eco Complete a good substrate for CRS?
  84. K

    Crystal Red Shrimp and Sparkling Gouramis

    Will the gourami attack the shrimp?