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    How many false/green neon tetras in 30 litre/5 gallon tank?

    Hello I have a 30-30-30cm tank with one siamese fighter, 2 otos, 2 corys and shrimp. I had rummy nose but i heard they weren't good for a nano tank. So how many false/green neon tetras could I put in my tank I was thinking 7-9? thanks gregalon (I used the surface area rule, so 30cm of fish).
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    How to clean the tubes for glassware? &take glasswareoff?

    Hello, there is probably going to be a very obvious answer to my questions but I am new to this aquascaping and I was wondering how to clean the tubes from the external filter to the tank because it's sitting on the kitchen surface and my mum keeps complaining about it being unsightly :crazy...
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    Ideas for easy maintenance and nice nano tank,suggestions:)!

    Hello, I have a 30-30-30cm nano tank (aquael shrimp set) with an eheim 2211 filter, glassware, heater, 18watt superfish light and an eheim automatic feeder. It has planted substrate (caribsea) and currently has bogwood, anubias, dwarf hairgrass and cryptocryne. (I WILL TRY TO POST PHOTOS...
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    Worth getting a type of water softener? if so which one?

    Hello I am looking to find a chemical to soften my water. Which one should I get? I live in London so my water is quite hard and I don't want to use RO for two reasons, expensive and waste of water (takes 10 litres of normal to make 1 litre of RO). WHich products to you recommend? thanks greg.
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    30 litre/6 gallon could I get a pair of dwarf cichlids?

    Hello I will soon have an empty 6 gallon and was wondering if I could put a pair of dwarf cichlids (bolivian, german, orange fin etc) in a 30 litre planted tank? +is it true that they kill corydoras? regards, greg
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    Eheim taps/double taps? what do they do? 2211

    Hello I have an eheim 2211 and was wondering if I should purchase taps or double taps on my inlet and outlet? I would like something to reduce my flow seeing as I have a siamese fighter and he's getting blown about a bit but i dont want to waste money. what does a double tap do and would I need...
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    30 litre cube want to be CO2 suggestions?

    Hello I have a 30-30-30cm cube and an 18w light (superfish) and I am using seachem liquid carbon. I am away for long periods of time so I would like something that doesn't require too much maintenance. Do you recommend me getting some CO2 if so which one? thanks and regards, greg.
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    Rummy nose fading and not shoaling at night? normal?

    Good morning. Yesterday I purchased 5 rummy noses and within the hour they were happy and red and feeding on my flakes. This morning I wake up and I see that their noses and tails have faded a lot and they weren't shoaling as nicely. When I turned the lights on, within 15 minutes they were red...
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    Eheim 2211 weak flow and making noise. help please!?

    I have had an eheim for 3 days and it made this noise and had bubbles so i reversed the water flow, filled it up again and made sure everything was working. It was fine for one night and now that someone moved it, its making noise again please help!? thanks
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    Corydoras (cory) sterbai catfish clamped/rotting mouth/tail?

    Hello I have had 2 cory sterbai's for 4 months now and one is very active, happy and has a beautiful sickle tail whilst the other one after a month had no barbles and now I left for a while (school) and when I came back (after being fed, good water etc by my parents) the tail is...
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    How much seachem purigen (water polishing stuff) to use?

    Hello I have a 250ml bottle of seachem purigen and was wondering how much of it I should use for a 30 litre tank? I have the chemi bag and stuff but im not sure because on the bottle it says 250ml treats 250gallons which means I should technically do 1ml of powder per 4 litres (this is hardly...
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    Just got the ADA disease :) suggestions for a Mini-S tank?

    Hi, I was planning on getting a Do!aqua cube but then saw a mini S ADA and decided to spend £62 pounds on it! I was planning the following: Azoo 150 HOB filter 11w clip on lighting no heater ADA mini s (12 litre) tank and some landscape rocks/redwood to go with. For plants, because its going...
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    Where to buy a pico cube in the UK?

    Hello I have been reading the pico competition and I would like to set up a pico tank with an azoo mignon 60, some moss and plants, one or two landscape rocks and 2 cherry shrimp. I have my plan but cannot find any good and cheap 20cm cubes? advice? thanks