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    keeping Vallis under control

    I recently purchasd a some Vallis from my local aquatic store. I'm not sure which variety this is but it is growing very fast, about 24-30 inches in length and it is starting taking my 90 ltr tank over. I would like know if I can trim back the length of the plant leaves to regain some surface...
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    King British WS3

    I am trying to find out if WS3 White Spot treatmant is safe to use in my planted aquarium before I purcahse it. Protozin hasn't been totally successful so I'm looking to other remedies. Please advise accordingly. Regards: Peter
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    BBA and Flourish Excel

    I have started to reach the point of no return with frustration, after many months trying to fight all types of algae in my tank and removing it. I have now had a breakout of BBA, despite all my efforts and following advice. Without going into the finer details again, I have maxed out on CO2 and...
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    Water Flow

    I am currently just using the return pipe from my external power filter to return water back into my tank. There seems to be an adequate flow around the tank but I'm wondering if the use of a spray bar at one end of the tank will improve the flow and distribution of nutrients to the plants. I...
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    Help! Brown Algae Returns?

    I am running a 180 litre heavily planted tank. The tank has been set up for over two months and has already passed through the brown algae stage for new tanks. However, after approximately five weeks of the brown algae being absent it has returned! Lighting, C02 and water changes have been...
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    Microsorum Windelov

    Has anyone had experience or know why Microsorum Windelov leaf tips go brown in colour and seem to die back before new growth appears, on some of the plant leaves? I would like to know if the brown marks could be a result alage growth, a natural phenomena or lack of nutrients? I have also...
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    Water GH Concern !

    I have two tanks that I monitor water quality on a regualr basis. However, I have just noticed that one of the tanks GH has dramatically changed to 180PPM from 40 PPM . The only difference about the tank in question is C02 injection and regular dosing with Tropica fertilisers. Both have the same...
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    My Newly Planted Tank (4weeks old)

    I have been trying to upload an image, I hope this has worked! Regards: Peter
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    Eheim 2324 Pro filter

    I have just upgraded to an Eheim pro 2324 external filter. I removed all the filter media/sponges from my existing Ecco filter and filled 50% of the new filter with it the remainder of the new filter was filled with new media. How long should I wait before I can remove the old filter media for...
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    Plant Deficiences And Diagnosis

    I have noticed some of my plants are developing brown spots on their leaves. On closer examination they could be pin holes that grow bigger into brown rusty looking marks. This is happening on the older leaves but is also noticeable on some of the new growth of Amazon Swords. There is also...
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    Cal Aqua Drop Checker

    I have just purchased a Cal Aqua drop checker, reference solution (4dkh) and indicator solution. When I half fill the drop checker with ref solution and add 2-3 drops of idicator solution the miture turns Green. Should this happen ? After one hour in the tank it is still Green. From what I...
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    Co2 Injection Rate

    I have recently just added a D&D CO2 systrem to my 180 LTR tank. I am finding I need around 60 bubbles per min to achieve 10 PPM . With the regulator set to 1bar. Using the calculation prvided by D&D for the size of the tank. I expected 14 bubbles per min to be satisfactory. However, I suspect...
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    CO2 Measurements And Duration

    Please advise the optimun duration my CO2 should be on? At present it is switched on and off with the lighting timer = Six hours per day. Is there a benefit in having the CO2 on before lights on and off after lights off? Also, I have read conflicting information regarding drop checker...
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    Green Spot Algae

    I have just started to notice Green Spot algae appearing on some of my plants in a newly heavily planted tank that is three weeks old. Tropica Plant Nutrition fertilizer has also been added weekly. However, I am aware my Co2 dosing is not sufficient, this is being addressed by introducing a...
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    Hydor CO2 System Reviews

    Has anyone had any experiences using a Hydor C02 kit. At present I am using a Hagen yeast reactor. I require more CO2 for new 180 litre tank and the Hydor seems to fit the bill. I am restricted to a throw away bottle as I am unable to get a CO2 refill locally. You thoughts and comments on the...
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    New Aquarium Diatom Algae !

    I have a new 90ltr heavily planted tank that has cycled. I am using a yeast based C02 system and external power filter. The lighting is one Power Glow and one Aqua Glow that are on 6-8hrs per day. I have just noticed what I believe to be Diatom algae coating the plants (it wipes off very...
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    Substrate Containment

    I am looking for advice on substrate containment. I wish to plant in dedicated areas of the tank and wonder how this is best done. I have been told nylons/stockings can be filled and placed accordingly and then covered with gravel and planted above, has anyone tried this method? My substrate is...
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    Red Sea Flora Base

    I have been undecided on which substrate to use but finally purchased Red Sea Flora Base. However, after reading some of the reviews I have some concerns. I have read this substrate will need replacement after a year, is this true if the aquarium is regularly dosed with fertiliser and CO2 is...