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  1. Mark.A

    Converting Low Tech Tank Ferts from TNC Compete to DIY?

    Hey all! Looking for advice on how I can best change my dosing over from TNC Complete to DIY Salts for my low light/low tech tank. I know EI was designed with high light/high tech tanks in mind so I want to figure out what I would need to dose to roughly equal what I am dosing now with TNC...
  2. Mark.A

    Dosing as soon as planted?

    I'm going to be dosing TNC Complete and EasyCarbo, would it be best to start dosing either / both as soon as I have planted? I'll be dosing daily with dosing pumps if it makes any difference.
  3. Mark.A

    Heavy planting equals no cycle?

    I have had a few people tell me that you don't need to cycle a planted tank if you plant heavily. I have a question about this - if I plant heavily should I be able to add all my fish at once? ...and they won't suffer any ammonia / nitrite poisoning?
  4. Mark.A

    Phosphates 2.5+ in my tap water.

    Hey all, I am currently cycling my tank and whilst I was testing the tank water for ammonia I figured I'd test my tap water for Nitrate and Phosphate. Nitrate is almost zero (maybe 1) but Phosphate is 2.5 possibly slightly more. I was planning to dose TNC Complete once the tank is setup but now...
  5. Mark.A

    Godswood - my personal paradise.

    After planning a large 4x2x2 planted tank with sump system I have now had a change of mind. I’m going to have multiple smaller planted tanks instead! :D This has also meant that I can setup the first one straight away. I have already started ordering everything with a couple of things arriving...
  6. Mark.A

    Tropica Aquarium Soil - Longevity?

    During my research I have seen conflicting reports on whether or not Tropica Aquarium Soil will break down over time. The reason I'm trying to find out is I'm thinking of using it in my planned planted tank but I'm not your usual aquascaper. I want to get the aquarium setup and scaped and then...
  7. Mark.A

    Feasibility query

    Hey all, I have a good amount of experience and knowledge of planted tanks but I have a query about my plans for my next planted tank which I am not sure of the answer to, so I figured I'd pick your brains and see if I can get a definitive answer. First off I'll explain what I'm wanting to do...
  8. Mark.A

    Hey from Northumberland, UK.

    Hello all, my name is Mark and I'm from Northumberland in the north east of the UK. I have been keeping planted tanks since I was 8 years old and I'm now 50. I don't have one at the minute but I am planning my next and probably last planted tank. I shut down my previous tank 2 years ago when I...