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    Platinum Tetra - Hemigrammus vorderwinkleri

    Does anyone have any links/pictures etc of a platinum tetra? I was thinking of getting a shoal of 40 silvertip tetras but images on the web have them looking anywhere between silver and bronze. It seems that the males have a much more gold colour than the females. Ideally I would like a...
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    Botia Striata - will it eat shrimp?

    Is it a case of if it fits in it's mouth it will eat it? I'm considering getting them for my 260l but I'm also wanting a large shrimp population that will hopefully breed. Thanks
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    Fish selection and stocking for 260l

    Hi, it's now getting to the stage that in seriously thinking about which fish to select for my tank. So far in thinking: silvertip tetras - 40 otos - 5 zebra loaches - 4 corys - 5 shrimp - 20 other half is also trying hard for some Thai glassfish! Seem a bit delicate to me. I'm not wanting...