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    Ammonia spike with new Akadama substrate, help!

    Glad things have worked out. I too have just put in akadama and find it's very light, I have a base of playsand then 2" or so of akadama and find plants are easily dislodged. I hope the root soon. I washed mine about 4 timed and still got clouds in the water.
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    Cory safe substrate

    Was there an answer to the question of keeping the sandy forground from mixing with the other substrate?
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    What to put under inert substrate?

    Cheers Clive will do. How much do you reckon? 2-3kg?
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    What to put under inert substrate?

    None in homebase :thumbdown: so I'll try else where!
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    What to put under inert substrate?

    Cheers mate! Homebase it is then! Will any similar fertaliser do the job?
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    What to put under inert substrate?

    I had intended to use an inert 2-3mm black gravel substrate with some playsand in the foreground buy I'm worried that I'm setting myself up for failure by not giving the plants any help from the substrate? I'm hoping that my EI dosing and co2 injection can take up the slack but is there...
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    Black sand - Is this suitable? advice and help please.

    I've ben after some Black substrate for my planted tank and have came across this 'volcanic' sand from an aggregates wholesaler: http://www.specialistaggregates.com/san ... p-214.html at £30 per 20kg As I'm new to this, I'm unsure as to the suitability of this sand? I intend to dose...