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    Amano behaviour?

    mine have also been curling their tails alot recently too. Things seem to have leveled out now, removed the slivertips and the vivipara that melted and no more dead shrimp!
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    Amano behaviour?

    Nick, 260l tank, has been up and running for about a month so still bedding in. Water chemistry is stable, no spikes in ammonia, hard to tell with the test kit but it did seem to be just above the base level if at all the last time I checked after the last shrimp snuffed it. To be fair I don't...
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    Amano behaviour?

    My amanos seem pretty happy in the tank, very active and industrious wee buggers. However there displaying some strange behaviour just over the last few days. I've seen amanos piggy back on each other with 2 or 3 on the back of one other. Is this mating behaviour? I assume the bigger amanos are...
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    do big shrimp eat baby shrimp

    I have a small team of amanos, 8 or so in my 260l. I'm intending getting about 20 cherrys to start a breeding colony. Will the amanos be an issue?