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    Apistogramma macmasteri breeding tank - Planning

    I'm now planning my third tank. I currently have my 260l community tank and my wee nano - both high tech. After a bit or research I've decided I'd like to have a go at keeping: and breeding some dwarf cichlids. I really like the look of A. Macmasteri. A stunning little fish. I don't know if I...
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    Murph's 260l 'Compatibility'

    Went for a rescape and ripped out the Beginnings 'scape. Its funny how much tastes can change in such a short time. I went from wanting a basic iwagumi Scape to a much more planted scape in short time. I've even change the type of fish I'd like to keep, but more on that later. First of I'd...
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    The Murphs opti-Nano

    New Journal time! 12*10*8 opti-white nano with glass lily pipes. All gear procured from UKaps very own Superman :wave: Will be ordering a 18w light to replace the 11w, manzanita wood and dragon stone from PlantedBox. Substrate will be FloraBase. I'm not really sure on plants yet, co2...
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    Beginnings - Help needed!

    Hi all, Just got my first ever tank, an Osaka 260l. I am new to the hobby so will be more or less learning as I go along with, hopefully, as few mistakes as possible! I pretty much have it all to learn and the only piece of equipment I have is the tank with light bar but with no lights. A...