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    300watts of metal halide- trouble?

    Is having 300 watts of metal halide lighting in a 260l asking for trouble? I currently have 78 watts of t5 lighting butt feel the need for more. My 5kg fe is running pretty high and my drip checker is a nice line green. The up reactor sprays a fine mist of bubbles throughout the whole tank a...
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    Metal halide in 260l

    If I was to fit a 150w single bulb metal halide over my 260 l tank, 102 cm by 62cm deep would this be enough light coverage? The tank is unfortunatly braced in the middle too. Cheers
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    Led lighting - DIY

    I'm very interested in led lighting in my 260l tank. I've found this online and it seems cheap. http://www.qeglobal.com/flexible-led-li ... strip.html The tank is 62cm deep how much of this would I need? I currently have 2 x 39 watt t5s and am considering 1m of this to supplement my pendant...
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    Osaka 260 standard Lighting

    I have just brought home my second hand Osaka tank complete with stock lights etc. It would appear that I have none of the screws for the lighting set up, any Osaka owners know what i should be using and how i should be fixing the lighting to the cabinet and lights to the stand? I'm not wanting...