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    Dead shrimp

    Got some new plants today, couple of tropica plants and some leaded java fern. All from local fish shop. Went home quick rinse and popped then in the tank for later. Came home a few hrs later and 7 dead amanos and 4 dead rummys. Whipped the plants out and did a 50% change. All levels seem...
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    Tap safe and water changes

    I've recently, partially, planted my tank with more plants on the way. I have been doing 50% water changes the last few days. Should I be using tapsafe(or equivilent) during these changes? In a 260l tank this getting pretty expensive!
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    Good deal on Aquascaping tools

    Found a good deal on a 5pc set on eaby from an American seller http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... _518wt_941 £29 posted depending on how you catch the exchange rate i guess.
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    Removing scratches from glass.

    I did find annold post on this topic but it's been dormant for a while, My second hand tank is pretty badly scuffed on the inside, someone has tool a Brillo pad or similar to it. With the lights on it's very noticable looks a little better when filled and if you tilt the lights to the back...
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    Clean marine tank for planted use

    I am soon to get my 260L tank, second hand. This tank will have been previously and recently used for a marine setup. What cleaning of the tank will I have to do to get it ready for planting? Will a good scrub with tap water do the job? Thanks