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    Reptile Keeping

    Practical Reptile Keeping (despite the very similar name and format to Practical Fishkeeping) was actually recently launched by a completely different publishing company. PFK is made by Bauer, while Practical Reptile Keeping is made by Kelsey Publishing. Clever tactics... as a lot of our readers...
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    Write for PFK

    Yes, please do feel free to submit stuff to us chaps. We've already got some awesome stuff in the pipeline and are gagging to get our hands on some more inspirational stuff. The blog should include all the details you need to know.
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    whats with the PFK forums??!

    The item to which you refer was a statement issued in response to a formal letter from the company's solicitor regarding a thread on the Practical Fishkeeping forums. For legal reasons any further threads discussing this company are being removed. The Practical Fishkeeping forums are open and...
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    PFK glassware blog

    Your point about tweezers might be interesting to run as a blind study. Cover up any labels that might show who the manufacturer was, give them to a group of aquascapers to test them out, and get them to rate each set... Hmm. Maybe we should do this in the magazine?
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    PFK Planted Tank Special - 19 pages

    Thanks for the feedback on the planted tank special. As George says, we're always on the lookout for potential writers, on any subject, so if any of you are interested in writing something for us please drop us a line. We are always interested to hear what you like (and most importantly, what...