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    danio choprai, anybody know anything about them?

    I have some of these in my 60 cm and they certainly are beautiful! My tank is sort of jungly and it took a while before they became brave. That's my only bugbear with them, they were weaving in the plants for weeks before braving the front of the tank. Now they are zooming all around and are...
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    Saintly's "purple rain' added HD vid

    Re: Saintly's "purple rain' ? Very nice indeed! Love the harlequins, one of my favourite fish. I have kept these in various species and several times and must say they are one of the best shoalers. I have some hengelis at the moment and they are in a fluval roma 90 and stick together like...
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    Why mature tank?

    Interesting! I completely agree on the mature filter business and of course the ammonia and nitrite spikes harm fish. But like said, new and unestablished tank can successfully sustain more demanding fish as long as there is a mature filter inside. What I meant by some tanks never establishing...
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    Why mature tank?

    Hi guys, I'm just intrigued really about the claims that certain fish require mature tank before introduction. Like neon tetras, cardinal tetras and cories etc. I and some others have introduced these fish into relatively new tanks. But then many hobbyist tank always remain as unmature/new due...
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    what is a good Low plant for the front of the tank.

    I have cryptocoryne wendtii growing as a foreground at the moment as higher carpet, looking fab. I s this too high for you? :?:
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    Need help choosing easy plants

    Even the easy ones produce a huge difference when provided optimal conditions so just stock up on those and change into different ones as time goes by. Red plants can be quite demanding so lighting and ferts may have to be optimal. I have experienced an extraordinary transformation with crypts...
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    hobby or obsession

    Hmm, hobby or obsession...? I think my state "cycles" (baaaaaad pun, sorry.. :oops: ..) and every few months goes obsessive and then mellows back to a hobby. At the moment I only have one tank and I'm sure once situation allows, I will obsess again and have another one or five tanks.... So...
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    Goby Den

    Wow, never seen gobies and they are beautiful! They fit right in that tank and it's looking good! :wink:
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    Woo! My galaxy Rasbora have spawned!

    Congrats on the babies! If I remember right, the small rasbora fry can be tricky to feed due to their small size. I think the recommendation is microworms and later artemia etc.
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    Bulbless nymphaea?

    Thanks for the offer, may have to take you up on it. I truly doubt it's going to grow, I had a look at a photo I took on arrival and it seems to have shrunk. I got it last October and it has never shown signs of life unfortunately. Surely the dormant periods shouldn't last this long... :( I...
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    Bulbless nymphaea?

    Oh. my bulbs have never floated.... I think I might have a duff bulb... :roll:
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    Is this fert any good?

    I know exactly what you are saying, my first fish tank experiences were at a time of must wash filter sponge in hot water, empty the whole tank every three months and wash gravel, 3 x filtartion, bigger airstone the better and so on. But like said, I'm going by my experience and thats why I'm in...
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    Siamese Algae Eater

    Actual SAE's aren't aggressive, but there are other species of fish for sale that are not the correct ones. Mostly you see garras and cousins of the real thing and they can be vicious. I love the real things so go shopping with some pictures so you can identify the actual species! :)
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    Is this fert any good?

    No need for a hard hat, at least from my corner. I never used water conditioners back home until it struck me that after my monthly (!) water changes, the fish always seemed ill or some died. I then invested in a ammonia and nitrite tests and discovered ammonia spikes for a week after a...
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    Bulbless nymphaea?

    Thanks for that,to me the bulb doesnt look very vital. It is mostly still firm and has a couple of root tips visible so perhaps there is hope... I know it is a zenkeri since it is a tropica variety from the TGM. My worry is it has been dormant ever since I received it last year, perhaps it...
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    Bulbless nymphaea?

    I have sort of decided not to get one, I have a Tropica Nymphaea Zenkeri bulb that has never grown leaves so will plant it again and see... I would probably get another tropica one if this one doesn't take, we'll see. :|
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    Is this fert any good?

    I'll try to load some pictures,never done it so no guarantees. I can't photoshop either but perhaps you'll get an idea if I ever get a pic online... :oops:
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    Is this fert any good?

    I would recommend the Tropica range of ferts. I have tried all sorts, cheaper versions but the results aren't good for over two to three weeks. Now I'm doing every other day routine with Tropica plant nutrition and Tropica plant nutrition plus with easy carbo and so far so good. Also the amounts...
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    Bulbless nymphaea?

    Hi all, I have just come back from my local MA and they were selling red leaved nymphaea species as bulbless leaves with some roots on. They had one growing in their tropical display tank and it seemed fine but I'm a bit dubious. I thought waterlilies needed the bulbs to have energy to grow...
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    Amazónia Dream

    Wow! This is one beautiful tank! Looking forward to seeing the discus in there with the cardinals. Are you going for one of the wild strains?
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    What is the reddy browny crypt at the back? I think the wood isn't going to be a problem once the plants have taken off properly, it could just meld into the scene.
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    JamesC's 200 litre Akadama journal

    I really like this tank, liked it as a jungle but like the mountain look too.
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    bazz's 300 liter aqua one, and some other bits and bobs!

    Bazz,loving the journal! I love these corner tanks myself and one day will have one. Might have to ask you to come and engineer the lights though.... :lol:
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    "Seeking stability" Strolgen's tank

    Very nice journal, shame that the set up wasn't working. Sounds like the copper may be the culprit, I had a similar experience with my only experiment with shrimps. Where I used to live,the house had copper pipes and the shrimp were killed in less than 24 hours. :roll:
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    Hygrophila corymbosa compact max size

    Wow, quite interesting plant then,full of surprises. Iwould be very happy with 40 cm plant since that is about the height of the tank plus substrate... :wink:
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    Hygrophila corymbosa compact max size

    I have never been able to grow egeria densa... it just disappears to nothing in my tanks both here and back home in Finland... I have some limnophila sessiliflora and hygrophila polysperma in the tank so with any luck I should be ok. I'm dosing carefully with TPN+ and easy carbo and the mature...
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    Hygrophila corymbosa compact max size

    Thanks for that! I have recently moved and have set up a new tank with a mature filter and just want easy and fast growing plants to help the transition. I will see what comes out of this plant, hopefully it will grow nice and fast at first with the other stems until the tank is mature enough to...
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    Hygrophila corymbosa compact max size

    I have just bought two pots of fantastic specimens of this plant. I have read that it's max size is 15 cm and am wondering if this is true. I love the look of it but can't fully decide on the placement until I get a confirmation. Any info is appreciated. :wink:
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    Silver Lining - Alex's 96l (Planted)

    Re: Alex's 96l low light Iwagumi I prefer the first layout too, with clever planting you could do miracles with that! I love the stones, so unusual.
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    Placement of internal filters

    Hello guys, I'm back after a long break. I have now moved and am trying to get my fish tanks on the go again. I bought a new tank, Fluval Roma 90 to fit into my small room and started it last night. My question is how to place my two internal filters so they would work most efficiently. The...
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    Mikes tank

    I love the jungle look of this tank! I'm currently on the lookout for new ideas since I will be relocating down south and will have to strip my rio 125 and my 60 litre set ups. Loving the aponogetons, have you found them difficult to grow? :)
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    6' barb tank

    I'm loving this tank, it's absolutely gorgeous! The jungle feel makes it so interesting, there's so much to see!
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    Move to about 3 hours away, how to keep bacteria?

    Thanks for all your replies, they have been most helpful! I think I can stop worrying too much and will be in touch LD if and when I move so I can borrow that battery operated air pump. Luckily logistically it is not going to be too difficult since my bigger tank is only 125 litres and easily...
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    Move to about 3 hours away, how to keep bacteria?

    Hi guys, I was wondering how to keep bacteria alive for this time? My tanks are looking great but I might be moving and would like to set the tanks up again without cycling. :?:
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    saintly's "The Miracle Mire" scape over

    Re: saintly's ??????? scape In my untrained scape eyes I like the first better, it is very personal and different. That kind of scape would be much more unforgettable than the second one. :o
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    my angels before i take them back to ma this morning

    Lovely fish! I have some platinum angels in my tank and they are absolutely stunning! They are 3-4 inches in size and have stunn9ing finnage. :D
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    Altums for the 180 gal

    Absolutely gorgeous! Shame about the losses though, hopefully you have a chance of some refund at least from your landlord.
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    My First Planted Tank (The End) Juwel Rio 125

    Re: My First Planted Tank - Juwel Rio 125 I hear only good things of tropica plant nutrition and tropica plant nutrition plus. Plus one has nitrates and phosphates in addition to the micros, it comes recommended especially if you don't have many fish. I have just today received tropica plant...
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    How great is TGM!?!?

    Just to say, I think they're the greatest!! I have finally after few delivery complications received my plants and fert and even after this weather and a week in a box, no plant has died and they also have very little damage to them. The packaging was superb and even the fact that the parcel had...
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    UKAPS Secret Santa 2008

    didn't see the thread until now, count me in please!
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    saintly's "The Miracle Mire" scape over

    Re: saintly's ??????? scape The new tank is going to look awesome! I'm looking forward to getting the old tank, it's going to be a fab project but very very very very costly... :roll: Custom made cabinet, luminaire, hardscape, plants, ferts...I need a lotto rollover times five... :lol:
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    New additions :) Pygmy cories

    I have both hastatus and habrosus in my tank and am for lookout for more! They are so cute, fantastic little fish. Very active and funny to watch and regardless of the small size, full of character!! I absolutely love them, the hastatus has lovely green shimmer on it's sides and the black spot...
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    The upgrade!

    Removing the hygrophila has made the tank look loads bigger and now your rummies have no place to hide... Like said, you could try a black background. My hengeli rasboras were quite skittish until I put a black bacground in place and now they are like different fish.
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    saintlys "The Henge"

    Oh no, we can't have that! We need at least 70 pages from the next journal! I must say, the wood's looking awesome, I think it will be a fab scape. Have you started it yet? :lol:
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    Ruined nymphaea bulb?

    I will do,I havent got a flotig tray but will see if I can improvise something from a plastic bag and fruit container! :roll:
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    Ruined nymphaea bulb?

    I'll plant the bulb and will give it some time. It's been squished to about 5 mm so won't have too high hopes... I popped the moss in a pint glass with some tank water but it is a right mess with only very small pieces about. Will let it soak for a while and see whether there is hope for it. It...
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    Ruined nymphaea bulb?

    I have just received my order from aquatic magic. I think the international postal services are using a mangle since my zenkeri bulb has been crushed. My question is, is the bulb ruined or will it grow if I plant it? It is solid still and not rotting... what a pain in the bottom... Also I...
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    Shrimp Tank - Juwel Rekord 60

    I've managed to obtain some fontanus and can't wait :lol: ! You have some beautiful shrimp, I have never seen cardinals before.
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    My "wild" type angels

    These are very cute indeed but I like all angels, even the colour morphs as long as they represent the true body and fin type. :wink:
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    Shrimp Tank - Juwel Rekord 60

    oh, that's a shrimp heaven! Is your water soft? :?:
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    Breeding angels in community? 125ltr

    I think 6 adult angels will look very crammed in 125! I'm hopefully getting some juvenile angels at the weekend and they will go into my Rio 125 to grow and then into a bigger tank. If I get a pair, I might let them stay as a pair in the tank but that will be enough angels in that tank with a...
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    Long-Term Low Maintenance 120cmx60x60 Tank (new video on page 6)

    Re: Low Maintenance 120cmx60x60 Tank Gorgeous tank! :D
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    the Gurus second attempt!

    Looking good now, can't wait to see what you come up with! I hope you are keeping the lily, I absolutely love them! The contrast that they give is amazing! :D
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    Rio 300 plans

    I think your tank is going to be awesome when it's grown in. If you get problems with hydro, you could try a low crypt there instead or eleocharis or a marsilea species.
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    Hi - New Member here

    There has been a lot of discussion generally about the ebay sellers. In my mind the problem is that you can't choose the plants you want. But then other hand, you get a lot of plants for the price. So it is completely up to you really. I use aquatic magic on ebay and aqua essentials was good...
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    Where are you from?

    Re: Where are you from hi, I live in Nottingham(shire).
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    Dan Crawford's Jurassic Dawn

    Liking it a lot! Love the path idea, and the "mountains" on the side!
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    Dusko's Aquatic Wardrobe ;-)

    Oh, that was a beautiful video! Love the idea of an aquatic wardrobe, might consider one for myself as well!
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    My First Planted Tank (The End) Juwel Rio 125

    Re: My First Planted Tank - Juwel Rio 125 If you don't mind, I'm going to pinch the idea too once my filter is properly established and get some!
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    My First Planted Tank (The End) Juwel Rio 125

    Re: My First Planted Tank - Juwel Rio 125 I just love your tank and am working very hard with mine at the moment! The growth is fab with just flora boost and easy carbo, can't wait until I get my injection and ferts sorted properly!
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    Nesaea pedicellata

    This plant is settling quite nicely into my tank but has lost a few of its delicate leaves due to transportation. It has visible growth already and reminds me of hygrophila polysperma. It is looking like an ideal plant for a new set up!
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    Planted tank maintenance

    Very very carefully... If you have a reasonable amount of rosette plants amongst the stems, they should use a lot of the waste as ferts. I tend to use planting stick or equivalent to disturb the surface and simultaneously gently siphon out the rising detritus. BTW I have quartz gravel on top of...
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    Jay's New Re-scape

    Re: New 4FT. Low maintanance. Hopefully Wow, I think that's looking good! I know that one shoal set ups are in at the mo, but I prefer a few species in the tank to keep the interest factor up. Good luck! :D
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    Are there any great female aquascapers?

    I'm a female also, used to keep fish for about 5 years until I came to England about 10 years ago and recently came back to the hobby because I just couldn't be without an aquarium anymore. I always had densely planted tanks, but with no extras what so ever. No ferts, co2, ammonia, nitrite or...
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    New corner tank

    Hi, I don't think it's a mess at all but very attractive set up! I'm very familiar with the problems with red plants... They need massive amounts of light and I have only had reasonable success with lotuses and ludwigia since I don't have a hi tech set up yet.
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    Fantastic article! I have found EI confusing thus far and thought it was quite complicated. But this article proved that it doesn't have to be and I even think I will be able to tackle it once I get my tank to hi tech level. 5 stars and blue peter badge to you! :lol:
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    The Green Machine - New display tank pics as requested

    Hi guys, I'm new to this site and recently returned to the hobby. I am really getting into planting with all the frills and your tank is absolutely gorgeous! It is so nice to see that smaller tanks can be extraordinary too! :mrgreen:
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    Nesaea pedicellata

    I suppose I'll have to wait and see! My tank is so new that weeds are serving a very good purpose at the moment anyway! I like the pinky stems but otherwise it is difficult to say anymore at the moment. The stems are kind of twisted from transport and the leaves seem a bit delicate, it's a...
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    Nesaea pedicellata

    Anyone have experience of this plant? My friend gave me a pot of this and it is now floating in the tank. Info is very confusing, some sources say it is difficult plant, some say it is easy, some say it needs loads of light and some say it will be ok in lower lighting levels too. It's going in...
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    50 of what tetra?

    I am loving the microrasboras, galaxy and zebra striped varieties. Also danio choprai is gorgeous against planting.
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    centre piece fish main attraction

    I love rainbows, would love a big shoal of lacustris, bleheri and boesemans so I say good choice! :lol: :lol: They will look gorgeous once coloured up,and they are so active!
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    saintlys sumatradriftwood scape

    Fab tank and I love the angels, I have a soft spot for them myself! Any updates yet?
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    Long-Term Low Maintenance 120cmx60x60 Tank (new video on page 6)

    Re: Low Maintenance 120cmx60x60 Tank I think this set up is bsolutely gorgeous! I have hengelis in my 60 litre tank and I highly recommend them too. The neon "sswish" looks beautiful amongst plants and they shoal better than many other small tetras or rasboras. :lol:
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    How much difference between T8 and T5?

    Thanks for that guys! I might look into the T6 tubes since the T5 unit with bulbs would come to a lot of money. The existing unit is perfectly ok and eventually once I sort co2 out, I can add extra lights for the tank. :idea:
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    How much difference between T8 and T5?

    Hi guys, just joined the forum and would like some answers already... Everything is looking good so far and have found loads of new info already! I have a Juwel Rio 125 that I'm setting up at the moment. It has standard lighting unit with 2 18 w T8 fluorescents in and I am looking into...