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    Eheim Pro 3 - worst Eheim ever?

    Your probably right on that one, i bought 2x 2080's cheap as they were both leaking from inside the head unit. I discovered it was leaking from the priming mechanism, i tried lubricating it but it still leaked. In the end i made a silicon gasket to sit under the plastic part that holds down the...
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    Advice on getting rocks for hardscape?

    I got the slate i had in my tanks from the local garden centre. Quite cheap as well although i do prefer some of the different stone types they do at aquaessentials
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    Nano Aquariums & Heating - What's Best?

    Im tempted to try this on my 300litre but combine it to make it a CO2 reactor as well. I looked before at getting a hydor external heater and then an aqua medic co2 reactor but having both inline on one filter is definatly going to kill the flow. My only other choice is to add another filter...
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    Big fish, little fish cardboard box?

    Cardboard box for me......... it means something goods just been delivered, possibly even a big fish or a small fish :thumbup:
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    90 Litre tank, High tech/Low tech CO2?

    The tanks has 2x18w T5 compacts so its a little over 1wpg. Im not hugely worried about the maintenance on it as well as my large tank. Plus with liquid ive heard some species of plants dont do very well with it, hence why i was thinking either D.I.Y yeast CO2 or the high tech.
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    FoF 2009 UKAPS Display Aquascapes

    I went to FoF for the first time this year and i was very impressed with the tanks. The pics on here are good but seeing them in person makes you appreciate just how good they look. I didnt get chance to have a go on the tank where you could try making your own scape as i didnt get down there...
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    amano and cherry shrimp

    Yeah give it time, i put 20 cherries in my tank on saturday. I looked later on and thought the majority of them had escaped as i could only see one or 2 out grazing. There all out and about now though luckily
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    90 Litre tank, High tech/Low tech CO2?

    Hi i've just set up my old aqua one 620 and want to get it planted up as everything ive put in my main tank gets eaten by the occupants. Im slowly sorting out my stocking on that tank so i can start putting the plants i want in there. Anyway i want to get some CO2 going in there but which is...
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    Manzanita wood - now in the UK

    Scratch me from the current list, looks like all the good stuff has gone already. Stick me on the list of the next lot if you can please.
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    Help me hang my luminaire

    Brilliant, im never sure if PM's work on forum as theres a few i go on that have the buttons but have PM's turned off :roll:
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    Help me hang my luminaire

    Sounds good,im sure i can bodge something together. Not sure if you can PM me on here but if you can PM me and we can sort out details of what you want for it etc. Thanks for your help
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    Help me hang my luminaire

    Not at the moment, i'll see if i can find a pic online. Its a hailea 120cm with 4 x 54W tubes (if that helps) Same as this one http://allpondsolutions.co.uk/silver-t5 ... 885-0.html I can still go get a couple of pics if needed
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    Help me hang my luminaire

    Hi, i purchased one of the cheap luminaires from ebay that ive seen posted on here and as the ends wont clip onto my tank i want to find some way of hanging it. Im ok with making the brackets or whatever i'll be needing to hang it off but does anyone know where i could find a suitable hanging...
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    Manzanita wood - now in the UK

    I'll third that! Wasn't any point in asking for names otherwise, cant you just tell my names on the list. Cant wait for sunday now, just means i'll have a week of missing bootsale bargain tanks :?
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    Manzanita wood - now in the UK

    I'll need it posted as well as im a bit far from both locations with no transport otherwise i would go and pick some up
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    Manzanita wood - now in the UK

    Im sure i did put my name down in the old thread as well. Looking for the same sort of effect in the first pic but 2 lots (one for each end of the tank) would take a few smaller bits for my betta tank as well
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    Manzanita wood shipment to the UK: where to ship it to

    I'll add my name to that list if possible, need plenty for a 4 ft planted tank i'll be setting up soon