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  1. StevenA

    Water change pump

    MA sell an Aqua Marin water change pump(£29-99) that looks exactly like the type of thing that I think people use in caravans etc. for pumping water. I think the MA one comes with a transformer, but I was wondering if it's possible to buy a cheaper one from amazon...
  2. StevenA

    Cryptocoryne choices

    Hi all just looking for some recommendations for foreground low growing Crypts please? Anyone have any suggestions?
  3. StevenA

    Feedback First visit

    Popped into Aquarium Gardens this afternoon for the first time and what a fantastic place, never been in a specialized shop for aquascaping before and can't wait for a return visit! Great selection of top quality products, fantastic plants and awesome displays. And thanks Dave for all the advice...
  4. StevenA

    Plant id please

    Can someone tell me what the name of the plant right at the front is please? The low growing grassy one.
  5. StevenA

    Defective tubes?

    When the tubes are blackened at the end, I assume this means they no longer work?
  6. StevenA

    Changing plug

    Hi all just want to check something before i do something i maybe shouldn't :rolleyes: I've got an overtank luminaire with a two prong plug (from Asia somewhere i should think) and want to know if its ok to cut the plug off and pop on a good old British plug?
  7. StevenA

    Which Crypts?

    Can anyone suggest any low growing, or smallish Crypts that would suit a small tank, 25-30 litres?
  8. StevenA

    Soil under Akadama

    Hi all, I'm starting a new tank, only a small one, around 30L, and was going to use Akadama. Would it be ok to put a layer of soil under this to help plant growth, if so what sort of soil? I'm talking about soil from a garden centre, not a specialised aquatic one.
  9. StevenA

    Glass bubble counter+check valve

    I have a glass inline bubble counter. Should this go before or after the check valve? And also should it have some water in it like a normal bubble counter?
  10. StevenA

    Cal Aqua

    Am I right in thinking that this http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/cal-aqua-reference-solution-60ml-p-1992.html is put straight into a drop checker, and not mixed with anything else?
  11. StevenA

    Washing sand?

    Probably a daft/obvious answer to this, but I'm going to be using play sand from Argos as my substrate, and was wondering about the best way to rinse the sand before it goes in the tank :? With gravel I'd just use a seive and hey presto, but the sand is obviously alot finer, so what do you...
  12. StevenA

    Online plant retailers

    Can anyone give me some names of good online aquatic plant retailers please? I've just bought another tank after almost a year being away from the hobby :D And i can't for the life of me remember any good sites i have used in the past :(
  13. StevenA

    Sigma macro lens

    Don't know if this is any good for anyone, but just seen it online...
  14. StevenA

    Pond forums

    Anyone know of any good pond forums on the net, preferably general pond forums, but Koi forums will be interesting too?
  15. StevenA

    Starting new pond

    Hi all I'll be starting my new garden pond very shortly, so will be on here asking loads of questions. I'll be using used railway sleepers to build the surround, probably only two high, just want it raised up a bit as we have a 4 year old son :D Any advise on building this type of pond will be...
  16. StevenA

    Chuffed to bits!!

    Just won the Nature Aquarium World book 3 on eBay for £11-99 :D Can't wait to get it :D Just the other two to find now!!
  17. StevenA


    I'm looking at using ADA Aquasoil in my next tank, but am unsure what type to get :? I definately want Amazonia, but normal, or Amazonia II, or even the powder types, Im really not sure. Is there any real difference in the normal and the II? And also what would people recomend, normal or...
  18. StevenA

    Shrimp and ferts

    Just a thought but would I be okay to dose with Easycarbo and TPN+ with shrimp in the tank?
  19. StevenA

    Co2 refills near Cambridge

    Anyone know where I could get a 2kg FE refilled in or maybe South of Cambridge?
  20. StevenA

    Height of lights

    Hi all i have a Fluval Osaka 260 which has overtank lighting which is fixed to a bracket secured to the back of the cabinet. My question is this, is there an ideal height for the lights above the water surface? On my last setup, a Rio 180, the luminaire was about 6 inches above the surface...
  21. StevenA

    Check valve

    Just wondering if I need to have a check valve on this setup or is one built in?
  22. StevenA

    What Bar?

    Just wondering what pressure you guys run your Co2 at. Bought mine from a friend about a year ago, and he said 1 bar, but i've seen other posts on here that say 2 bar. Probably does'nt really matter, but i'm just curious :?
  23. StevenA

    Alternative to Vallis

    I'm looking for a good alternative to Vallis sp. I have an Osaka 260 tank so need something that grows quite tall, any suggestions would be very welcome :wink:
  24. StevenA

    Tourney's Osaka 260 journey

    Been a member of this forum for about a year now, and thought it was about time i put myself out there for some hopefully constructive critisism!! Collected my Fluval Osaka 260 from Dan Crawford's house on Saturday, and it was well worth the 4 hour round trip(including a little Chef stop)!! :D...
  25. StevenA


    I will shortly be setting up a new 260 litre aquarium, and can't decide what substrate to use. To be honest i've only ever used normal gravel, but i want to promote the plant growth in as many ways as possible so thought about using possibly Tetraplant Complete substrate, and adding 1-3mm sized...
  26. StevenA

    Online plant retailers

    Hi all, i've decided to re-scape my Rio 180, and i'm looking for some recommendations for a good online retailer for the new plants, as i don't have any good shops round here for them. Any suggestions?
  27. StevenA

    Shrimp eggs

    I have three pregnant RCS,how long after laying, will the eggs take to hatch?
  28. StevenA

    Is this right?

    I bought one of these diffuser's on ebay and the seller in Hong Kong tells me the hole in the side of it is supposed to be there, please advise. :? Sorry, but i haven't figured out how to get images on my post's yet. http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj43 ... sor001.jpg
  29. StevenA

    What tubes?

    Hi all, i have a 100cm overtank luminaire that i wish to replace the tubes in. It has 3x 39w T5's in it, and i think they are standard daylight tubes. I want to promote better plant growth, so should i buy 3 Grolux tubes or 2 Grolux and a new daylight tube or another combination? The site i use...
  30. StevenA

    Water changes...

    I'm just starting an EI dosing program on my Rio 180 using dry ferts, so i shall be doing a rather large water change every week. Normally i change probably about 15-20% per week at the moment, by using a gravel cleaner with a hose and fill a bucket a few times, and then add treated water with a...
  31. StevenA


    Is there anywhere i can buy some sort of measuring tool for dosing dry ferts. For example 1/4 teaspoon etc... I have looked on Aqua Essentials, but couldn't see anything?
  32. StevenA

    Bromothymol blue

    I have just bought some 4dKH solution from Aquaessentials.co.uk, and it says on the bottle that i can only use Bromothymol blue solution with it. I have a Red Sea Co2 indicator in one of my tanks, and was wondering if the solution that came with that is Bromothymol blue, but it doesn't say...
  33. StevenA

    Filter media

    What can i put in my Fluval 205 external filter to help to soften the water to reduce the KH :?:
  34. StevenA

    DIY Co2- last how long?

    I use the sugar, baking soda, yeast, and water DIY Co2 method, which seems to work very well, but do you just have to make a new mixture every week or two regardless of bubbles, or does it just stop putting bubbles into the tank, and then need re-mixing?
  35. StevenA

    Tank mates for Kribs?

    I have a pair of Kribs in my tank, and want some suggestions for Dwarf Cichlids to add to it, any suggestions? I have been told that Apisto's don't mix well with Kribs, is this correct?
  36. StevenA

    Where from?

    Just wondering where everyone on here buys there dry ferts from :?: