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    Why Plants ?

    Hi I have been a fish keeper for nearly 20 years and have kept chiclids, marines, planted tanks, communitys and of all my tanks each has a special thing it holds for me. I have favourite, my kids have there favorites, but what im asking is why have you all chosen planted tanks ? What makes...
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    easy carbo or vodka ?

    Hi Im new to planted tanks and have heard alot about easycarbo and was wondering what its use is and if its just as a source of carbon, do people use vodka ?
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    What kelvin is best ?

    What kelvin rating is best for plants ? or do plants adapt to available light ? When i was keeping a reef the higher the kelvin (20000K Blue) the better the colour but slower the growth and (10000K more White) the faster the growth but the corals would give less colour. so i used a mix of...
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    Plans for 14 foot tank

    Hi Tank will be 14 foot long so far i intend to use metal halide lighting 3/4 Fluval FX5 Filters 3/4 Korilla/Streams for water movement or maybe a closed looped sequence 10000 and co2 via a jbl unit control ph and temp via an iks unit im open to suggestions and should i for go the co2...
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    14 foot Planted Tank ................ is it possible ?????

    Hi Im in the process of setting up a new tank ... (Long Story) is it possible to set up a huge planted tank ? also what sort of planning etc would i need to do i would like to run on 2-3 fluval fx5 filters it will be lt with halides and i will be using tropica substrate all info greatly...