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  1. J

    Blue Green Bacteria

    Hi all Posted a question incorrectly in New Menbers by mistake so posting again. I should be grateful if anyone can give me advice on removing Blue Green Bacteria from my tank which started about 6 months ago. My set up is as follows:- I have an 80 gallon tropical tank which was set up approx...
  2. J

    Blue Green Algae

    Hi All I have a problem with what I think is Blue Green Algae which started to appear 6 months ago. I have a 430 litre tropical tank which was set up 33 months ago. The substrate is a 4 to 5 cm base of washed peat and 5 cm of washed gravel, separated by a mesh net. My lighting is 2x 54w T5...
  3. J

    Filtration & Flow

    Hi There I am setting up a new aquarium for the first time in 20 years which will hold approx 430 litres. I have always in the past used Eheim filters and have been reccomended to purchase the Pro 3 No 2075, which has a turnover of 1250 litres per hour and is reccomended for tanks up to 600...
  4. J

    Starting Again

    Hi All, I am starting tropical fish keeping again after a 20 year absence. My tank is 60 inches long x 18 inches deep and has 24 inches of clear water viewing space. I estimate that this size tank will hold 93 gallons of water. I have been receiving conflicting information on the following...