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    10-20mm lens for full-tank shots?

    Some great pics in there and can the barrel distorsionnot be corrected ?? Steve
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    Cardinal shrimp

    Great shrimp
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    how to change tank?

    Good Luck i Moved a 6x2x2 Marine Tank into a 10x4x3 and it tokk me from 6am to 8pm But wow was it worth it Thread can still be found on Ultimate Reef Steve
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    Black Vinyl or BLue Vinyl on my Marine tanks, did try a mirror at one point but didnt like the effects Steve
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    I Love My Job!

    Good luck in the new job
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    Why Plants ?

    Hi I have been a fish keeper for nearly 20 years and have kept chiclids, marines, planted tanks, communitys and of all my tanks each has a special thing it holds for me. I have favourite, my kids have there favorites, but what im asking is why have you all chosen planted tanks ? What makes...
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    How/Where did you hear about Ukaps.org?????

    From a google search Steve
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    easy carbo or vodka ?

    Hi Im new to planted tanks and have heard alot about easycarbo and was wondering what its use is and if its just as a source of carbon, do people use vodka ?
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    What kelvin is best ?

    Hi Thanks im new on here and just getting my way around, used search facility and found all i need to know Regards Steve
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    What kelvin is best ?

    What kelvin rating is best for plants ? or do plants adapt to available light ? When i was keeping a reef the higher the kelvin (20000K Blue) the better the colour but slower the growth and (10000K more White) the faster the growth but the corals would give less colour. so i used a mix of...
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    Word of warning

    you can pick them up from £15 on ebay or build your own all components available from maplin and less than a tenner Steve
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    Word of warning

    im just mygrating from a 10 foot reef tank and just learning how you do things, im very suprised to hear though that no one hear uses an auto top up system as a way of keeping tank topped up, a way of dosing and also a way of keeping stability in water peramiters. if my reef tak had to much...
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    Plans for 14 foot tank

    i had posted to see if it was possible now im asking for ideas as im going ahead :D Regards Steve
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    Plans for 14 foot tank

    Hi Tank will be 14 foot long so far i intend to use metal halide lighting 3/4 Fluval FX5 Filters 3/4 Korilla/Streams for water movement or maybe a closed looped sequence 10000 and co2 via a jbl unit control ph and temp via an iks unit im open to suggestions and should i for go the co2...
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    14 foot Planted Tank ................ is it possible ?????

    i had an 8 foot sump on my 10 foter and had 6 closed loops run by 6 sequence 10000s
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    14 foot Planted Tank ................ is it possible ?????

    i appreciate turn over is important although it varies to a reef as you want a turbulat surface in a reef for oxygen exchange and to thrash out the co2, however in a planted tank i was going to use under water currents and water movements, which will give me the turn over, but this is surely...
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    14 foot Planted Tank ................ is it possible ?????

    i would like to here more on this as the tank will be approx 1500ltrs which each fx5 is rated at so 3/4 would be 3/4 times the filtering required and also there will be supplemented flow? Regards Steve
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    14 foot Planted Tank ................ is it possible ?????

    i have seen it used in my lfs and they are having great results the tank was in last months pfk and it seems to be doing well
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    14 foot Planted Tank ................ is it possible ?????

    there is a 70 page thread on ultimate reef under "steve's big one" Regards Steve
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    14 foot Planted Tank ................ is it possible ?????

    My last tank was a 10x4x3 full reef tank with 3kw of lighting and a 22k budget. I want to do this right and right first time. Regards Steve
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    14 foot Planted Tank ................ is it possible ?????

    Why low tech and low light ? Just wondering ? Steve
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    14 foot Planted Tank ................ is it possible ?????

    Hi Im in the process of setting up a new tank ... (Long Story) is it possible to set up a huge planted tank ? also what sort of planning etc would i need to do i would like to run on 2-3 fluval fx5 filters it will be lt with halides and i will be using tropica substrate all info greatly...