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  1. tgc

    Substrate amount

    How much substrate would you recommend for a footprint of 3'x2' and what depth would you say if I wanted it to slope towards the rear. Cheers Tim
  2. tgc

    Changing over from marine to FW planted

    Hi Guys I have an opportunity to change one of my tanks over from a marine macro algae seahorse tank to a freshwater planted. I would obviously like to re-use as much of the equipment as possible to keep to changeover costs to a minimum. The tank itself is a sumped 3ft optiwhite rimless...
  3. tgc

    "Perfect" water

    Hi there. I've been away from planted tanks for a good few years and I'm looking forward to see how things have progressed in the industry. While I've been away I've been heavily involved in the Reef Keeping industry and I also run at home a high tech SPS reef. This reef is run on a method...
  4. tgc

    Fantastic Screensaver

    Hey It's been a while since I've been on here........ I was browsing as you do and stumbled across this screensaver...... http://www.dreamaquarium.com/ It is by far the most realistic one I have ever seen. Anyway as soon as I saw it I thought of you lot, so there you go. PS... There is a...
  5. tgc

    FAO Peter6bee

    You would happen to own a focus would you? ;)
  6. tgc

    Seen this George???

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEUGOOjMkGI You've probably allready seen it with you still being in the mob inall.
  7. tgc

    One hell of a teaser trailer

    Browsing though tinterweb tonight and stumbled across this teaser trailer for an un-named film, all the movie bolgs are going crazy over it trying to work out what it is!! Check it out here and see what you think...
  8. tgc

    Drop checkers

    Bought a drop checker which arrived this morning, put the reagent in with abit of tank water fitted and checked back an hour or so later and it was green so happy days!! :o Now my question to you is (probably a stupid question) if the c02 was to drop off or increase for any reason would the...
  9. tgc

    Whats my WPG??

    I've read that the wpg guide does not really apply to larger tanks, also I have read that using MV lamps also changes things, so with that in mind i was wondering if any of you can give me a rough idea of what my wpg is. The tank is 92.5 US gallons with Mercury vapour lamp. Cheers Tim
  10. tgc

    Sooooo when the next event??

    Reading through the event post they seem to be a great time for people to get together and exchange ideas and bits and bobs, of course the drinky poos is allways nice. I was wondering if there are any meets planned for the north west as there are quite a few members up here. I would offer my...
  11. tgc

    Alternatives for dosing

    I'm looking for what alternatives are out there for getting ferts etc in the water colum without having to do daily doseing, this is due to me working away and can't expect the wife to have to carry on the routein when I'm away. At the moment i have one of those fert "put in and forget for...
  12. tgc

    Thread sizes etc

    I've just sourced a large C02 bottle (brewery type) as was wondering whether the thread type and size are generally standard between bottles and regulators. One thing I have noticed is that none of the adverts for regulators list any sizes or thread patterns. Cheers Tim
  13. tgc

    Anyone speak German??

    Just going to order my new bresslein HQI lamps from the Greman eBay, I've been using worldlingo online translator but with limited success, I've already agreed a price with the seller but he seems to have given me his bank details to pay him, which i'm not too keen on, just sent him another...
  14. tgc

    Need some help people

    Right big plans afoot! I looking to do a total rescape on my trigon 350. My insperation? My tank? (not actually mine) Basically what I want is to build a plato (sp?) with the "water" being Riccia or the like, I got experience with making false backgrounds with polysterien and cement...
  15. tgc

    Growing Raccia

    I was just wondering what would be involed in trying to farm Raccia on a smallish scale. The reason being I'm gonna need quite alot of it eventually when I rescape the tank. I have a spare small tank (5gal), Loads of spare T8's and control gear...... etc What I was planning on doing was to...
  16. tgc

    Hello!! New here.

    Hi there I thought i'd just pop in to indroduce myself. My name is Tim and I've been keeping fish on and off for about 13 years. At the moment I have a Trigon 350 discus tank which is getting slowly turned into a planted community for the discus, I've been reading through the site and there are...