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  1. spaldingaquatics


    Hi, How do you make a signature into a clickable link? thanks Adam
  2. spaldingaquatics

    Trumpet snail prob

    Hi, I don't know a lot about them so this could turn out to be a stupid question, but it has got me thinking what it could be............. :? What are the ulcer like things on their shells, only a few have them, some have 1, others up to 4...they're spread over the shells in various locations.
  3. spaldingaquatics

    Set up for crayfish

    Has anyone kept crayfish before? I'm only wanting one on its own because I'm not intending to breed them, but I'm just wondering if anyone has experience of keeping them and could share a few tips. I've read the books ect but can someone give an opinion based on their experience for the best...
  4. spaldingaquatics

    Anybody else have this problem?

    Does anybody have a cat who always does this? This is my wifes new kitten called 'Hagen' , no, that's right she didn't pick the name :D
  5. spaldingaquatics

    Spiro or Rhinox?

    Hi, I'm making my own yeast based co2 system for the first time from 2x 2ltr drinks bottles, following the instructions from a link aaron gave me on the DIY page... :D After a bit of window shopping (or should that be screen shopping) on AE I've found 2 diffusers that seem to be compatible...
  6. spaldingaquatics

    What plant is this, how do I cut it?

    Hi, does anybody know what the tall plant at the front is called? and now it's reached the surface how should I reduce the size, is it a case of cutting the stem from the bottom then planting back in?
  7. spaldingaquatics

    DIY CO2 setup

    Hi, Is there a link for a brief guide/explanation to making your own co2 setup, I'm looking more for the mixing yeast ect in a drinks bottle version not the FE type, but don't have a clue what I'm doing :(
  8. spaldingaquatics

    Posting a pic

    Hi Could somebody please tell me how to post a pic on the forum? or give a link if it's already on here? thanks Adam
  9. spaldingaquatics

    Power cuts

    Today we had a power cut, first time in the 2 years our house has been built, only for about an hour which wasn't too bad but it did seem to be the longest hour of my life as I sat staring at my tank. (first day off work in 2 weeks and I can't make a cup of tea, watch jeremy Kyle ect all the...
  10. spaldingaquatics

    Soaking plants?

    Hi, I've bought a selection of plants online for the first time from greenline due to be delivered wed, after reading comments from other members I'm confident that I've made the right choice of retailer. I've taken the online route because of the prices. I've always got my plants from M/A in...
  11. spaldingaquatics

    Does carbon effect fertiliser?

    Hi, I've recently added plants to my tank for the first time and started using JBL Ferropol and a TetraPlant C02 system (nice and simple to start with!) I'm due to change the carbon in my Fluval 305 soon but as an after thought I'm wondering if the carbon will have any effect on the fertiliser...
  12. spaldingaquatics

    Best light tubes to use together

    Hi, What's the best Hagen light to run alongside my 30w Flora-glo? I've only started to add plants to my set up recently and when I first started the tank I just had a single 25w Aqua-glo to bring out the colour in my fish, which I didn't think would be good enough for plants so I switched it...