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  1. Superman

    DSLR Suggestions

    Hello all, It's been a while since I've been on Ukaps website & forum! Things have changed a bit since I was doing planted tanks but thought I'd turn to my trusted people of Ukaps for some advice! I've never had a DSLR camera and am planning on getting one to take snaps of our first baby &...
  2. Superman

    TV Aerial & Loftbox Advice Needed

    Hi, I would appreciate it if someone on the forum (e.g. a TV aerial person) would be able give advise on an 8-way loft box that was installed in our house when it was built. I'm looking for help as the builders don't have a clue and I'm not able to get the Sky return feed working to the TVs...
  3. Superman

    Soon to be Mr & Mrs!

    Hi all Greetings from an old forum user! I've had a quick view of the the forum and it looks like its been going from strength to strength. Well done everyone! In the last couple of years, I've not been able to keep my aquatic interest going but hope to pick it up again in the future. I do...
  4. Superman

    Camera Suggestions

    Hope everyone is doing well on there, I pop on now and again for a browse to see how things are going along. It's about time that I ventured into getting a DSLR camera and "thought who best to come to?" - well the answer was you lot! I'm going on holiday next year to Australia with my...
  5. Superman

    Hotel Recommendations Pls - Sydney & Melbourne

    Hey all, hope you're all going ok. :thumbup: We've booked a trip to Australia in 2011 with a few stops across the country. We're struggling to decide for hotels in both Melbourne (our first stop for 2 nights) and Sydney (9 nights). Therefore, any recommendations on places to stay in either...
  6. Superman

    Growing Mosses - Top Tips Needed

    I'm going for a mossy look of tanks and wondered if forum users could post their wide range of experiences of mosses on this thread. I'm particularly interested in Christmas moss but others would be good for future reference and other forum users. I've never been able to keep mosses clean or...
  7. Superman

    Aquasoil Powder increases Diatoms?

    Sorry if this is obvious but... Why would someone say that in my nano (11w over 14 litres) has "low light" and combine that with aquasoil powder, and that it... :?:
  8. Superman

    How Do I Work Out K/Mg/Ca in Tap Water?

    I'm looking to reclac my DIY-EI mix and I wondered how someone can work out the K, Mg and Ca in the tap water from the following report: http://www.stwater.co.uk/upload/pdf/ZGL ... 0South.pdf I'm totally lost. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Superman

    DIY Hose Reducer

    I've been using a DIY hose reducer for a while, after given advice on this forum. So I thought I'd do a write up on it... I needed to reduce the filter hose from my filter which had an internal tube fitting of 16mm to the glassware set of 13mm on my nano. To get around this, I used the...
  10. Superman

    I Love My Job!

    So, I've left the employment of some company today to take on a new role somewhere else. I always go on about my aquariums to them and also show them photos of people's tanks on here. As is the custom, they got me a leaving present. I was really pleased that they did some digging and found out...
  11. Superman

    Viktor in PFK

    I thought I'd say well done for Viktor being featured in this month's PFK. The tank is lovely and the advice given in the interview part is really good. I've been PM'ing Viktor a bit recently about his tank and he's really helpful. A true enthusiast who shares his knowledge with others. All...
  12. Superman

    Myriophyllum Mezianum

    I've just got this plant as I liked the look of it in the LFS. Details from tropica are as follows... The only thread on the subject was at: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=3890&p=43191 Does anyone have any other experience with this plant? I'm looking to use it in my nano and could replace the HM...
  13. Superman

    Photograph of the Year (BBC)

    There's some good shots shown at: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_pictures/8314105.stm
  14. Superman

    Camera Not Working - Canon EOS 300D

    A friend's camera has stopped working. She was taking photos today, clicked on preview to see the photo she'd just taken. The last one was there but the rest were black. Any ideas?
  15. Superman

    Nano Aquariums & Heating - What's Best?

    So winter is on it's way, and I'll have to look at heating my 14 litre nano once again. During the early months, I used an in-tank heater but I want to keep as much out of the tank as possible. I could get the smallest (200w!) Hydor in-line heater but am worried that the 200w might be a bit too...
  16. Superman

    Clear Plastic Suction Cups and Airline Going Yellow?

    When it's time to clean the co2 diffuser, I always get annoyed by the yellowness of the "clear" plastic items such as suction cups and co2 line. Any ideas how to remove this?
  17. Superman

    Doing the EI Calculations....

    I've been trying to work out what dry ferts I need to dose my nano (14ltr) Going by Nutri-Calc it comes up with the following: KNO3 0.08g/day K2SO4 0.04g/d KH2PO4 0.02g/d MgSO4 0.20g/d Trace 0.01g/d Adding this information into keymaker's calculator with another 50% on top for safety, I get in...
  18. Superman

    I'm Giving Up With Trying to Keep Shrimp

    Ever since I've tried to keep shrimp in all different forms (Cherry, Amano, CRS) they've all died. Many have died for no obvious reasons with fish being happy and algae there to be eaten. Recently, a large amount died during over dosing TPN+ to cope with the few days off in between due to...
  19. Superman

    First Time DSLR User, Please Take a Look

    I've borrowed a friends canon 450d for the weekend and posted photos in my nano journal. Would appreciate feedback and tips from anyone. Link is in my sig. Thanks
  20. Superman

    New Cars... Good MPG?

    I might have a new job, so I'll have a new company car. I'm going to be doing 70 mile round trip in the new job to the office each day which will add up on the fuel costs. Does anyone have a car with good mpg? The new renault megane looks nice with 60mpg. Note: I feel like a granddad for asking...
  21. Superman

    Challenge Cup Final Weekend - London Baby!

    A few photos from my recent visit to the capital, on point and shoot mode...
  22. Superman

    Nano-CO2 Diffusers

    I got a crystaline 125 set from Dennerle and whilst it's very nice, I find the diffuser rather large in my 12x10x8 inch aquarium. Are the inline glass diffusers any good or are there any tiny diffusors for my situation?
  23. Superman

    How to Dispose of Used Gravel?

    I have some old substrate that I need to get rid of, do I just take it to tip?
  24. Superman


    I'm sending a luminaire in the post this weekend but think it'll be better to get a courier like DHL to do it. I've never arranged one before and found www.interparcel.com I would appreciate it if anyone has any experience in sending large items not through Royal Mail.
  25. Superman

    Vacation in Mexico

    Well, I had a fantastic time. The weather was mainly above 33C most days and so could only sunbathe for about 30 mins before having sweat on my sweat! Anyway, I tried to take some arty photos for a change, let me know what you think... Sunrise Chichen Itza Isla Contoy A few "fishy ones"...
  26. Superman

    Green Hair Algae on Gravel

    So, I've got annoying green hair algae on my gravel in my 180ltr tank. It's neither increasing or dying and want to find out how to remove it. I've work out my problems (low plant mass, circulation & poor co2) and addressed them.
  27. Superman

    Fish then Plants, or Plants then Fish?

    I've been thinking of the last week or so and wondering if in the planted/aquascaping world I'm doing things backward. Let me explain... Since I chilled a load of harlequins to death, I decided to get the fantastic Celestial Pearl Danio as my main shoal of fish, I knew from the offset that...
  28. Superman

    PS3 & Divx

    Anyone managed to get divx to play through their PS3? I thought that an SD card might work as I have a 4gb one?
  29. Superman

    Staghorn Algae

    I'm getting staghorn algae on old leaves and leaves directly in the flow of the spray bar outlet. I've removed as much as I can from the leaves but it keeps coming back in the same place, leading me to believe that the plant is leeching something to feed the algae. Therefore, the only...
  30. Superman

    Plastic Lily Pipes

    I'm looking for a lily pipe that would go on a fitting of 16/22mm tubing. I want the functionality of the lily pipe but a plastic one as I've got a background. Any ideas? EDIT: Thought I'd add that I'm wanting to move away from using my spray bar as I'm not sure that's best for me at the minute.
  31. Superman

    Hydor NRG Co2 Regulator Question

    Hi, I'm thinking of buying the regulator only from this kit... Then these should fit on soda stream bottles? Then I only need some cheap co2 tube and a diffuser. Any reviews on this product would be appreciated.
  32. Superman

    Emersed Crypts

    I'm thinking of keeping my unwanted crypts but in an emersed setup as I don't have any other source of co2. What would be the minimum requirements to keep them for future use? I have a 60cm juwel reckford that I could use and a few powerheads to move any water.
  33. Superman

    Superman's 180ltr Rescape

    Here's a quick taster of my rescape... Tank: Juwel Vision 180 Fitration: JBL Cristal Profi e1500 External Lighting: Arcadia 2x39w OT Luminaire Substrate: Tropica Planted Substrate, Zambezi Gravel, Graded Gravel Hardscape: Mini Landscape Rocks, Borneowild Wood Flora: C. Parva, C. Balansae...
  34. Superman

    Cryptocoryne Balansae

    I'm going to be using Crypt Balansae for the first time in a scape. With other crypts you place them somewhere so they can create the bunched effect but with balansae whats' the best way to plant them so that they flurish? I'd using them as the height in my tank but don't want just a flat...
  35. Superman

    Strange Bugs on Glass

    I'm having an increase in the number of white bugs that hold onto the glass and then dart away when I put anything near them. They are tiny and it's hard to get a photo of them with my camera but they look like... [Sorry I'm no artist!] An example would be sperm like body but with whiskers...
  36. Superman

    Festival of Fishkeeping October 2009

    Festival of Fishkeeping 9th-11th October 2009, Hayling Island, Portsmouth. Thought I'd kick this off. Has anything been planned for this year's show? I for one would love to show off my nano scape as it should be nicely matured by then. I don't mind out helping with organising as I enjoyed last...
  37. Superman

    180ltr Rescape

    Here's a drawing of something I'm walking towards, I'm keeping the substrate as my zambezi gravel with a tropica substrate base (which is about a year old). It's a mound style scape with java fern feature flanked by green and brown/red crypts and balanase, all around some nice wood. The large...
  38. Superman

    Use of Tropica Capsules

    I'm looking to bulk up my old substrate using tropica capsules. The information says 1 capsule per 5x5cm of substrate. So using a 90cm x 40cm space I need 144?! Wow! That costs £76! Wow! Didn't think it'd be that much, I might start thinking about changing the substrate to Nature Soil! Any...
  39. Superman

    AquaSoil, Cycling, Nitrite & Test Kits

    I'm not one to believe too much into test kits as I've never used one in my 180ltr since moving down into Cheltenham. I've been using a test kit to check the cycling on my new nano and at the end of last week it had 'cycled' as I had constant readings of Ammonia and Nitrite at 0ppm and been...
  40. Superman

    Filter Review Sticky?

    Hi, Could we create a filter sticky? Say for example standard tank sizes 30cm, 60cm, 90cm & 120cm etc. We've had a lot of people asking for lots of suggested filters. I don't mind creating if someone could then create the sticky? The idea would be that the first post could be a summary with...
  41. Superman

    Hemianthus micranthemoides

    Whats the best way to create a bush type effect with the above plant? I'd like nice compact leaves too. I planted it in single stems but am wondering if I should of put a few stems all together?
  42. Superman

    Heating Options

    I'm thinking that I'll need to heat my nano as my house is usually rather on the cool side. There is the option of the - hydor inline heater (not really much room in the setup for this) - in tank heater (unslightly) It is there an option of fitting a heater inside a filter? If so how?
  43. Superman

    Filter Media Order

    There seems to be mixed advice from people and instructions about how to order your filter media. Currently, in my JBL e1500 I have it in the following order (in order of how the water passes through) Pre Filter Sponge - Ceramic Rings - Ceramic Substrate - Sponges - Wool - Purigen When I've...
  44. Superman

    Crystal Red Shrimp - Advice

    Hi, I'm looking to get Crystal Red Shrimp in a few weeks time once my nano is ready. Please could you share your experiences, any advice and where's the best place to get some good grades at good prices. Cheers, Clark
  45. Superman

    Filter Hose Reducer

    Can I just silicone one 12/16mm hose inside a 16/20mm hose to reduce the pipe to fit my lilly pipes? I was thinking of getting something like Eheim do, to do the job, but they seem rather expensive for the job they do. Any suggestions & photos of what you've done would be welcome. Thanks
  46. Superman

    Fluval Aqua Stop Screws - Important?

    Hi, So I just got my Fluval 105, but the hose connectors on the aqua stop part doesn't have the screws with it. I guess they're important? Do I know where I can get them as spares? Thanks
  47. Superman

    "Novus Aevum" - 14ltr

    This is my first true "scape" and would love to take you through my journey of setting it up and maintaining the tank. So the scene... I've had the 12"x10"x8" Optiwhite from AquaEssentials since Christmas and have been researching since then of how to scape it. This is my first true "scape"...
  48. Superman

    Photoshop and Extract?

    I'm rubbish at extracting parts of images, for example around people. I would appreciate any tips you have?
  49. Superman

    Pigmy Corys

    I've noticed that the LFS always has these little fellas in these days. Has anyone had any experience with them? As I'd like to put a few in my 14ltr nano.
  50. Superman

    Argh power cut!

    Everything just went off! On my phone now. Been onto the electric people and they don't know how long it'll take to fix. I Guess the filters will be ok for a few hours?
  51. Superman

    First Time Glassware User

    Woo hoo So I just got my order from TGM (super delivery guys) although they left it next door (don't mind) but when I went round to collect it, she said "ah, so your Superman". I said, "don't tell anyone". So last order from TGM came addressed as "Clark Kent", this time "Superman", I wonder...
  52. Superman

    Fluval 104/5 - Pipes/Tubes & Glassware?

    Hi all, What pipe size and glassware size should I get for a Fluval 104/5? I like the look (and the price!) of these from TGM http://www.thegreenmachineaquatics.com/ ... tlet%20Set and wondering what size tubing I'd need? Any suggestions?
  53. Superman

    Good end to a week

    This week has been really busy for one reason or another, so I relaxed today going to the LFS near me. I was totally shocked to find Nature Aquarium World books 2 & 3 to go along with #1 I got sent this week. With just having a quick read through book #1 last night started me thinking about...
  54. Superman

    Testing Whats Left at end of EI Week

    Hi all, I'm curious, I've been throwing in large amounts of ferts into my tank. Currently, I put in (not 100% sure of the formula stuff as not got the paper with me!) Macro (3 x week) 16g MgSO4 12g KNO3 4g KH2PO4 Micro (2x week) 1g Trace 3g KSO4 I've been comparing that to others on this...
  55. Superman

    Harlequins Are A-Leaping

    There I was passing my tank an saw something fly through the air onto the carpet. It was only one of my harlequins. It properly shocked me but he's back in the tank happy as a fish called larry. Anyone else had this?
  56. Superman

    Breeding Celestial Pearl Danio (Danio margaritatus)

    As I've mentioned in other threads, I'm going to be attempting to breed the Celestial Pearl Danio (Danio margaritatus) and was also previously known as the Galaxy Rasbora. There is a range of information out there on the internet with regards to how easy they are to breed, notably I received...
  57. Superman

    Top Breeding Tips

    So my new tank came at Christmas and has meant that my plants to breed my Celestrial Pearl Danios (Celestichthys margaritatus) and have read and been told by Bolton Aquatic Museum that they are pretty easy to breed and don't need much effort. As I've never bred any fish before, I would like to...
  58. Superman

    Take That Tickets @ Cardiff 16/06/2009

    Hi, Due to booking a holiday we can no longer go to the Circus Tour of Take That at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff on 16th June 2009. I have two tickets for the upper tier. Please PM me if interested. Cheers, Clark
  59. Superman

    Wood Placement & Arrangment Questions?

    I enjoyed watching the ADA demo at TGM last Friday with specific regards to setting up the rock formation and I think I understand the basis of the reasoning behind it. But how is the "ADA" style (or what you would call it?!) for using wood within a tank so enhance the scape of it? What are the...
  60. Superman

    Microssorum Pteropus (Java Fern)

    So, I'm looking to make an addition to my plants possibly Christmas pressies. I love the look of this plant can make when planted in a massive clump like on this photo: http://showcase.aquatic-gardeners.org/2 ... l=3&id=101 Any idea how its done?!
  61. Superman

    Looking for Excel VBA v4.0 Online Reference

    Hi all, I use VBA at work, however, for another program to submit VBA in excel, it needs to be VBA v4.0. I can't really find any online references to v4.0 of Excel VBA. Does anyone know anywhere? Cheers, Clark
  62. Superman

    Limnobium Laevigatum (Amazon Frogbit)

    I managed to pickup a small selection (about six) plantlets from Maidenhead Aquatics in Worecester - who I must say are fantastic everytime I go in. Anyway, I understand that these are fast growers and they seem to be very nice in my tank. Some are moving around the surface with the current and...
  63. Superman

    Superman's Replant - 180l - Crypt's Causeway

    So, after a few months of chasing after problems in my tank, I've turned to a new vision of what suits my needs. That is, a lower tech tank requiring less high demanding plants and turning to crypts et al. Tank Details: Juwel Vision 180 (90cm wide, bow front) 4x39w 90cm Arcadia Luminaire - Only...
  64. Superman

    Silver & Sparkly

    Please help me with a birthday pressie for my beautiful girlfriend. My instructions were "Silver & Sparkly" along with some jimmy chu (?) hand bag she's buying for herself. I need help as never bought anything silver nor sparkly for a girlfriend before, let alone a girlfriend of the beauty she...
  65. Superman

    These Macro Shots & Photoshop?

    I know these have been posted on the Festival of Fishkeeping thread, but I am very pleased with some of the photos below using my macro lenses. However, I would like suggestions of how to edit them in Photoshop as example for the CRS shrimp one just to leave the shrimp red and white and the...
  66. Superman

    Green Water - Whats Best?

    So I returned from holiday again to find my tank like pea soup. Reading a thread elsewhere I understand once algae outbreak happens the only way to remove it is by removing the light source? I'm planning a 50% water change tonight with a 4 day black out. Would it be best to remove as much...
  67. Superman

    Please help me.... Whats Going Wrong?!

    Sorry to post this in here but I just dont know what's going on... viewtopic.php?f=35&t=1440&p=35393#p35393
  68. Superman

    London Hotels?

    Just booked a night at the Apollo to see Frankie Boyle in December. Looking to get hotels near some night life maybe like China Town etc. I've found a decent rate at the Hilton Green Park Hotel for me and the girlfriend but as I've never been to London before on a stay over not sure what's...
  69. Superman

    Cleaning Piping?

    Hey, Noticed that my pipes were a bit murky, how often should they be cleaned? Whats the best way? Ta
  70. Superman

    My New Toy :o)

    My new toy... Delivered today with 12 miles on the clock....
  71. Superman

    Dublin? Any Recommendations for Hotel

    I've been to Dublin before and really enjoyed it but would like some recommendations for hotels. I'm looking to surprise the girlfriend with a long weekend abroad. Thanks in advance Clark
  72. Superman

    Pearling with High Turnover?

    I've noticed that on the underside of my plants are producing oxygen bubbles, but the upper surface is not. I'm wondering that in higher turnover tanks you might not see larger oxygen bubbles, as the oxygen is produced on the surface it'll be dissolved into the water quickly, due to the amount...
  73. Superman

    Plant Problem

    I don't think, this post will have been viewed as much in my journal, so have added it here for discussion. So new filter running for a couple of days, only been using 2 of the 39w T5s Upped the ferts to.. Macro: 4.6g KNO3, 0.8g KH2PO4, 6.8g MgSO4 - dosed three nights a week 0.5g trace in the...
  74. Superman

    Product Review JBL CristalProfi e1500 Review (Picture Heavy)

    I took delivery of my JBL CristalProfi e1500 external filter today, so couldn't wait until I set it up. It came from Aqua Essentials, but as this isn't really available in the UK, you need to order it specially from them. Here's my view of the filter which has loads of photos to show you what...
  75. Superman

    Otocinclus Vestitus Fry

    Not sure if they're harlequins or Ottos but I have three fry hiding behind the powerhead. I didn't do my water change as didn't want to upset them. What do people suggest I do?
  76. Superman

    Extreme Ukaps Surfing?

    what is the funniest place you've accessed ukaps forum? Cos at the min I'm sat in mcdonalds waiting for my lil sister to finish dancing. Extreme ukaps surfing dude
  77. Superman

    Visiting TGM on 16.08.2008

    I'm planning a trip to the green machine on Saturday 16th August. I'll be travelling from Cheltenham to Wrexham via the M5 and A5. Although could go a different way if someone wanted a lift If someone wants to tag along and share the petrol money let me know.
  78. Superman

    Nearly Bought

    Dennerle Nano Cube I feel in love with these little things when I went to AquaJardin today. http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/p ... ?news=1714 Might save up and get one in a few weeks. But want to get my 180 ltr up and running properly first. Anyone else got these?
  79. Superman

    Superman's Photos

    Got through my +1, +2, +4 and +10 lenses so thought I'd take a few snaps to practice. Welcome any comments...
  80. Superman

    In Line Reactor - Aquamas

    I noticed that our JamesC bought an in line diffuser from Aquamas when I was searching the forum.. http://www.fishforums.net/content/Plant ... -Reactors/ Looks like something I'm interested in getting, but couldn't find them on ebay, however, their product is at...
  81. Superman

    CO2 FE What to say when getting one?

    I'mgoing to get a co2 fe sometime this week but just wondered what I can say to the local fire saftey people. Guess they won't want to hear I'm going to remove the nozzle then add a regulator. What's the best things to say and ask when I call? Or don't say anything?
  82. Superman

    Superman's Light Upgrade for Vision 180

    So, it's been my birthday and have come into a bit of extra money. So been thinking what I could invest in for my Vision 180. Been searching the net for some overtank luminaries and came across the 'Blau Lumina' range at thelivingseas. I think this would be the one I'd get at £169.99 for...
  83. Superman

    Canon Powershot A710IS

    I've had this camera for a while and it's able to take some decent photos, however I'd like to take some more close-up shots of the fish and plants in my tank. I don't really know much about photography and not sure what I do with the ISOs and F numbers. I just point and click. I do use the...
  84. Superman

    Surface Scum - Keeps Coming Back

    So over the past two weeks, a sort of oily scum has formed on the surface of the water. When it breaks up it doesn't go back as it's like rather solid. The other night I removed all (or nearly all) of it by placing paper towels on the surface. However, today it's returned after 3 days. Its so...
  85. Superman

    Scales for Dosing

    I bought some scales on ebay but they're a bit naff as I don't think it works properly but had it a while. Could anyone recommend a model? I'd like to get 0.01g this time.
  86. Superman

    Trimming Vallis

    Whats the best method to trimming vallis? I find that its now at the water level and and seems to have created a film on the surface of the water. Do I just chop it down? Is it best to cut it at an angle?
  87. Superman

    Selling Car

    I need to sell my car privately, as I've now got a company car. Just wondering if others have had any experience at selling cars privately and what they found. I'm thinking of putting it on the auto trader website and in their magazine and the local paper.
  88. Superman

    My Shopping List... (Please Review)

    Right, so I'm going to do some shopping. I would appreciate it if people could review my purchases and where I'm going to get them from - to make sure I'm not buying from people who aren't any good. New External Filter: JBL CristalProfi 500 from Chaterhouse Aquatics @ £89.95...
  89. Superman

    Where to buy on the Internet

    So, apart from our fab sponsors.. Aqua Essentials (http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk) and The Green Machine (http://www.thegreenmachineonline.co.uk) Where else do you purchase goods online? I'm thinking of buying something from Charterhouse Aquatics (http://www.charterhouse-aquatics.co.uk)...
  90. Superman

    Upgrading Ligting on Juwel Vision 180

    If I was going to upgrade the standard juwel lighting what would people suggest? LondonDragon has suggested an overtank Luminaire in the style of the following... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... BS:GB:1123 Although he suggested the 80cm version, could someone point me in the...
  91. Superman

    Another Pogostemon Helferi Issue

    The pogostemon helferi isn't really taking. I got some from George in the plants that he sent, but they disappeared rather quickly. I thought it was down to the fact that when introduced I wasn't dosing. So I bought some more a few weeks ago but they're going the same way - but slower...
  92. Superman

    So I'm moving...

    ... where can I get something to hold the tank water? I've looked in B&Q but nothing.
  93. Superman

    Mobile Phones

    Hey, I'm looking for a new mobile phone. No music playing is really required. What I'd like is something that I can use the internet (or WAP) on and possibly instant messaging. I'm liking the look of blackberry's but would like some input from you guys... I currently have a Sony Ericsson...
  94. Superman

    Next Additions?

    Would just like people's input to which fish I get next. I currently have 9 Harlequin Rasboras and 1 Cherry Shrimp. I've always thought about adding some Pencil fish, but am also liking the idea of just having a big shoal of Harlequins - maybe get some Copper ones or something. I'll be adding...
  95. Superman

    Cherry Shrimp Swimming Problems

    I just noticed that one of my larger cherry shrimp has problems swimming. Its back (smaller) legs are propelling it fine but it has trouble staying up the correct way. Therefore, it cannot direct itself and gets pecked by the fish. Is this a sign of problems in the tank or is this just an ill...
  96. Superman

    House Warming

    Anyway, I know it's like a month or so off before I move into a new house. It might not be a "ukaps" type things and I might not have my aquarium in top notch condition, but when I move in and after I'm organised, I do plan to have a house warming party. So you'd all be invited and might be a...
  97. Superman

    Moving - Suggest Options for me please

    Right ladies and gentlemen, As you may of realised, I could be moving down to Cheltenham which is about 3 hours drive away from where I am now. I want to keep on with an aquarium and if a landlord down there will let me keep an aquarium, I think I have a few options: 1. Sell my current setup...
  98. Superman

    Eheim 2324 vs JBL CristalProfi EL500 vs TetraTec EX1200

    Ladies & Gentlemen... About time I invested in an external filter and have two that I'm interested in... JBL CristalProfi EL500 After this month's PFK good gear guide this looks good getting all the filter material. Pros: It has all the filter media with it, nice pipework :roll: Cons: No...
  99. Superman

    Cleaning a Ceramic Diffuser

    Mine's a bit green and wondered how you clean the ceramic bit? I've tried rubbing it with a cloth but not coming off.
  100. Superman

    Drop Checker & 4dKH Solution?

    I got one through the post along with some 4dKH solution. In the instructions for the drop checker it didn't mention adding the 4dKH solution, but today reading George's artical in PFK, it says to add some along with the reagent. So, have I gone wrong?