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  1. steve2tanks

    Filter Guard

    Anyone know where i can get these from the uk http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Crystal-Cherr ... 691wt_1151 I'm on converting my tank to just a shrimp tank and got tights on filter but get clogged really easy so was after some but rather buy from uk,I will need 1 for a tetra tec ex700 and 1 for an...
  2. steve2tanks

    Cheap powerhead

    Anyone used one of these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5000L-H-Fish- ... 892wt_1037 or similar priced powerheads? I currently have a hydor koralia unsure on model number,and was wanting something for the other side of the tank without the price tag of hydor :crazy:
  3. steve2tanks

    Plant ID?

    Received this plant this morning,they aren't sure what it is so was hoping someone on here may have an idea what it is before i plant it in my tank ,its roughly 30cm in height
  4. steve2tanks

    Tap Ph and HMA PH

    Hi long time since i posted but i was wondering if anyone could help, My tank ph is 7.6 Tap water is 7.2 But when i filter it through my HMA filter i get a ph of 6?? I only checked the PH as i've lost a few shrimps recently and it was more often than not a few hours after i did a 50% water...
  5. steve2tanks

    API test kit

    Hi UKAPS long time since i posted :wave: ,(tank not in great shape) Recently i've lost a few corys so was wanting to test the water,but ive lost the test tube's so was wondering if some kind person could measure how much water you need please
  6. steve2tanks

    Echinodorus osiris

    Well bought this the other day from my local p@h(they don't normally have many plants in but had to snap this up along with two pots of Pogostemon Helferi for £9 :lol: ) Since i put it in the tank on monday its started sending up this long stem Just wondering if its a new plantlet forming...
  7. steve2tanks

    Inline reactor

    Well i bought an inline reactor a few months ago and got round to fitting it up to an tetra tec ex700 as it has 12mm hose connecters, it never came with instructions as it was an ebay bought one.It doesnt seem to dissolve a lot of the co2 as the spray bar ends up filling up with co2.Heres how...
  8. steve2tanks

    How often do you have your hands in

    Well like the title says how often do you mess around with your tank,move plants/trim them or get your hands wet to do something in the tank over a week you get the idea :D
  9. steve2tanks

    solenoid off ebay

    Has anybody bought one of these solenoids http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/CO2-magnetic-valve-solenoid-valve-night-time-cut-off_W0QQitemZ130247206960QQihZ003QQcategoryZ20756QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem If so are they any good,or has anyone got a link to any other similar priced ones :D
  10. steve2tanks

    My rio 240 planted discus tank

    Heres my new tank,its a juwel rio 240,i ripped the filter out as i found it was rather big and took up alot of the tank,so i need suggestions on a good filter for my size tank :?: I decied to have a go at growing the hc emmesred as i thought it would be good to try as i've never done it,the...
  11. steve2tanks

    Tropica Hemianthus callitrichoides ''Cuba''

    Hiya i saw this methed of dsm http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=18967&highlight=plantbrain and the plant tom mentions is HC this is the same plant isnt it,just checking before ordering :D Thanks
  12. steve2tanks

    Setting up a juwel rio240

    Im on selling my last tank that i had(posted the picture abit ago) as im after a bigger tank,the rio 240.It's the biggest i can fit in the gap ive got,so i was wondering what would be the best substrate for this, ie cheapest,my last tank had eco complete so something along that line and how many...
  13. steve2tanks

    My try at aquascaping :0p

    Just trying my hand at this planted tank stuff,been reading up on it for a while now so i thought i would post a picture to see what you lot think of it (sorry the pictures not very clear crappy phone cam) The tank has been setup for a while,was growing plants with normal gravel and a couple...