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    Mail order Shrimps

    Hi guys, Having major problems finding decent shrimps over here in Greece. Is it safe to mail order shrimps from Europe? If so anyone know of any respectable sellers? Cheers Mark
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    My tank

    Well i've been asking advice for a while now and recieved some great answers, so i thought it about time i showed you guys what me tank looked like. I'll show a few photo's as it went through it's transformation. So we bought a complete setup from a large supermarket on 04-01-08. It came with...
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    Which plants to use fert tabs on?

    Only been into this hobby for 2 months so still learning. I have a 120L tank with: Echinodorus "Jaguar" Cryptocoryne Wendtii "Mi Oya" Anubias Nana Vallisneria Spiralis Valisneria americana Microsorum pteropus "Windelov" Cabomba caroliniana Bacopa caroliniana Eustaralis stellata Plus some other...
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    Help with CO2 kit choice please

    I have a few questions geared mainly around CO2, so i thought it would be easier just to stick em in this 1 thread. I'll try to include all the info but if you need to know more shout up :) Currently i have. 120l 100x30x40 tank 1x36" 30w T8 lamp Sand Gravel mix substrate Internal Filter My...
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    Uninvited guests (Snails)

    Last week i notice an extremely small snail in my tank and thought nothing of it. Whilst carrying out some pruning today i came across 3 larger snails and 1 smaller 1, all look (to me at least) to be exactly the same (see below). Before i go any further and pick then out the tank i'd be...
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    How long will plants last in shipping bags please?

    As you can see i am living in Athens Greece. I've done a tour around all the fish shops i can find in Athens and found 1 which stands clear as the best. They have a great stock of fish, but are a bit lacking in variety with plants. The other shops i've visited either had even less variety or...
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    Lily pipes, worth the money?

    Hi guys, I am expecting my Eheim 2026 early next week and am wondering if it's worth buying a lily pipe? If so is it worth just buying the outlet or both the outlet and inlet? My tank is a 120l 100x30x40 It is low tech with no CO2 system and a 1x38w T8. It's planted with. Echinodorus...