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  1. swackett

    Air pump to fend off BBA

    I've been reading about BBA and it appears extra Oxygen is helpful to ensure organics in the tank are broken down better. I know BBA is potentially caused by a build up of organics so we have upped the water change to 4 buckets a week rather than 3 and also are feeding the fish a bit less. Has...
  2. swackett

    Iron deficiency?

    Have had the new setup running now for 2 months, and I am still seeing what I think maybe iron deficiency with new leaves looking transparent with yellowish tips. I'm running a 100 litre tank with an eheim 350T filter (so about 10x flow). Injected co2 on before lights and off before lights...
  3. swackett

    Dry ferts shelf life

    Do dry ferts have a shelf life? We are using some we bought over 5 years ago and are still seeing some plant deficiencies even dosing ei levels, Jenner wondering if it's not as potent over time. Ta
  4. swackett

    Sulphate levels

    Just wondering if you can have too much sulphate in an aquarium and is it harmful to fish? I dose mgso4 and am thinking of dosing k2so4 as well, and so will be adding lots of sulphate (so4) to the tank water. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  5. swackett

    EI ratio question

    I've read that I should be aiming for 10:1 ratio of NO3 : PO4, however is this really NO3 : PO4 or a ratio of N : P and is this old advice? Also if PO4 is higher than that does that cause an imbalance and thus can cause algae issue? Then again I've read that you can add more PO4 without issues...
  6. swackett

    Need help with clear and shrivelled leaves :(

    Hi, Had the tank going now for nearly a month and recently noticed the following with the Hygrophila. As you can see from the picture, new leaves appear transparent and some of the older leaves seem crinkled in appearance. Also our Staurengen Repens is losing it lower leaves, again these seem...
  7. swackett

    Help needed for Co2 Profile

    Hi, I'm trying to get the co2 in my tank stable during lighting period, I've borrowed a ph pen and have charted morning, co2 on, lights on, co2 off lights off on a chart. Looking at the chart my co2 builds over the lighting period before returning to normal ph for my water over night. My...
  8. swackett

    PH test pen recommendation

    Hi, I've seen various PH test pens on Amazon ranging in price from £12 to £120, can anyone recommend/tested any of these pens. Ideally looking get one of the cheaper ones to help me get my PH to 6.8. Ta :-)
  9. swackett

    Holes in leaves

    Hi, noticed the alternanthera cardinalis in my tank has started to develop holes around the edges. Tank is 125l, external Eheim 350t filter, Fluval 10watt led, dosing 1.25ml Tropica specialised ferts each day, with injected co2. Any help much appreciated, thanks.
  10. swackett

    hygrophila mini or hygrophila compacta

    Are these two plants the same thing, just named differently by different suppliers? AE sell the mini, Tropica sell the comptacta?
  11. swackett

    4dkh shelf life

    We have some 4kdh solution we bought from Aqua Essentials in 2011, is this still okay or should I buy some more?
  12. swackett

    Advice on foreground plants for low light.

    Hi, I've got a Fluval Roma 125 with a 10w LED. I was wondering if anybody can advice on some small foreground plants that would be suitable. I believe echinodoras tenulls and crypt parva will be okay, but wondered if there are any others. Thanks
  13. swackett

    Outlet pipe routing

    I'm wondering if i routed the outlet pipe from the filter firstly down to the cabinet floor then back up to the tank will effect flow/the pump?
  14. swackett

    JBL Inline co2 diffuser

    I've been thinking of replacing my ceramic in tank diffuser for a while now and stumbled across the JBL Inline diffuser (it looks very similar to the UP diffuser). I did a quick search on here and found a thread back in October last year, but there was not a lot of detail in there, just "don't...
  15. swackett

    Last go for some help

    Hi, I have just bought a new Roma 125 LED aquarium. I'm using my existing Eheim thermo filter, I have co2 injection and am now using LED lighting (new to me I have used T8 and T5 in the past) I've used Tropica plant substrate covered with a good 2 cm or so of gravel and have the following...
  16. swackett

    A place for Corydoras

    Hi, After a few years away, we thought we should start anew tank to replace our existing Roma 125 tank which has a nice long scratch along the front. After a trip to our local Maidenhead Aquatics shop we returned with a new Roma 125 LED. Opened the box on Sunday to find Hagen had changed the...
  17. swackett

    Return to aquatics after a number of years

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can give me some advice after a a few years out of the aquatics world. I have just bought a new Roma 125 LED aquarium to replace my old scratched one. I'm using my existing Eheim thermo filter, I have co2 injection and am now using LED lighting (new to me I have used...
  18. swackett

    New Roma tank no cutouts :(

    Has anyone bought a Fluval Roma trank smaller than a 240l recently and tried to use an external filter with it? The reason I ask is our old Roma 125 (maybe 7 years or so) has three cut out sections along the back of the top plastic frame and one of these we cut out and our external inlet and...
  19. swackett

    Advice on scratch removal

    HI, We have long single scratch along the front of our Roma 125 and you can feel the scratch with your finger nail. I know this will mean some hard work and elbow grease and lots of time, but wondering if anyone can give advice on what I need to do this, and how to do this that would be great...
  20. swackett

    Fluval Roma LED lighting

    Hi, Looking at going for a new Fluval Roma tank that now comes with LED lighting instead of the older T8 tubes. Has anyone used one, is it only good enough for low light planting or can I plant some higher light demanding plants? Thanks Steve
  21. swackett

    New external filter for Roma 125

    Hi, I have a 125 litre tank which has is planted with Java fern, anubias, and crypts and has a selection of corydorus, lemon tetras and rosy tetras. The tanks also is injected with a low level of co2. We currently have 700l/h Eheim running which I think is not powerful enough to distribute...
  22. swackett

    Filter Dilema...

    We currently have a Roma 125 with an external Eheim 2324 filter. The filter is rated at 700 lph which means we currently have 5.6 x flow. The tank has mainly low light plants; Crypts, Java fern and Anubias and some algae, the tank is injected with Co2. Bearing this in mind would a change...
  23. swackett

    New Roma Cabinet

    Hi, Has anyone got one of the new designed Fluval Roma cabinets (with 2 doors)? I am just wondering what the inside looks like and whether I can get a 2kg co2 bottle and large filter int it. Ta
  24. swackett

    Replacement T8 Tubes

    Hi, Looking at aquaessentials web site, which tubes would be best to replace my aging T8 tubes in my tank? Should I go for an Original and Freshwater lamp or opt for the classica ones? Is there a difference? Any help appreciated Steve
  25. swackett

    Drop Checker Ahoy!

    Hi, After a few years of less my my full attention I want to start to give my tank some much needed TLC. I dug my old JBL drop checker out of the cupboard and a bottle of 4dkH water I still have. I added the prescribed amount of 4dkH water and put in 2 drops of JBL reagent into the drop...
  26. swackett

    Eheim Pro 3 in Roma 125 cabinet ??

    Hi, I have Roma 125 tank running an old Eheim Pro external filter. I'm thinking of upgrading to a Pro 3 350T to give me 10x flow, but the opening on the cabinet (with door open) is 236mm and the pro 3 is 238mm. A long shot I know, but wondering if anyone here has a Roma 125 cabinet and has...
  27. swackett

    low light C02

    HI all, Just a quick question, if I have a tank with Anubias and Java fern using T8 tubes, do I need to run a c02 system with it? Cheers
  28. swackett

    Posting a C02 Bottle

    Hi, Does anyone know if it's possible to post a 2kg c02 bottle?? If so do you know which carrier will take it as I 'm thinking of selling my bottle? Thanks
  29. swackett

    Posting Plants

    Hi, Just a general question, thinking of selling the plants from my two setups as we are in the process of moving house. How do people post the plants without killing them? Thanks Steve
  30. swackett

    Macro Photography Lens advice

    Hi, I'd like to get a macro lens for my Canon 450d, I'm thinking of either the EF-S 60mm USM or the EF 100mm USM lens, or possibly the EF 100mm L IS USM if people think this is the way to go. I'm a bit concerned that if I opt for the non IS 100mm macro that I will need to use a tripod a lot...
  31. swackett

    Canon 450d tips please.

    Hi, I've got a Canon 450d with the standard 18-55mm IS lens and was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on the settings I should use whilst taking photos of my tanks? Cheers
  32. swackett

    GSA going mad !

    Hi, I have a 125l tank with 2x20w T8 tubes. I'm injecting 2bps of C02 and have an eheim 2324 pro external filter. The tank was setup just before Christmas and everything seems to be growing and up to about 2 weeks ago no algae. I was dosing 2ml of TPN+ and 2ml of KH2P04 daily (should be...
  33. swackett

    Anubias melt !

    Hi, I bought three large Tropica Anubias from Pets at Home just before Christmas in readiness for a new 125L tank which was to replace the 70L tank about a week later. I put the three pots in my existing 70L tank, which already had Anubias growing in it without any trouble for the last year or...
  34. swackett

    External c02 diffuser

    Hi all, I'm thinking of getting an external c02 diffuser for my 240 l tank. I've been looking at the AquaMedic 1000 and the cal aqua one - Although I'm not sure I need a glass one as it won't be seen inside the cabinet. Does anyone have experience of using either of these and whether they...
  35. swackett

    Co2 pipe keeps coming off !!!

    Hi, My co2 tubing keeps coming off my Rhinox 2000 Diffuser and I’m not sure how I can keep it from doing this. I heat the end of tube in warm water before putting it back onto the diffuser to make it more flexible but this seems to have not helped as it still comes off. Does anyone have any...
  36. swackett

    AS Amazonia II

    Has anyone used Amazonia II substrate that could give me a few hints on how to plant in it ?? It's just that the stuff compresses down when I plant meaning its hard to keep the plant stems in after you let go without backfilling which is a little hard in small/quiet dense planted areas. I've...
  37. swackett

    Shrivelled up leaves

    I've started a new tank 70l and am 2 week into the cycle. I've noticed that new leaves on the Ludwigia Arcuata are staying small and seem to be shrivelled up, this compares with the Rotala sp green growing nicely next to it Any help much appreciated Cheers
  38. swackett

    Structured Jungle !

    Hi, After posting many questions throughout the forum I’ve decided to start this journal to document the life of my second planted tank! Tank: 60cmx30cmx46cm Juwel Rekord 70 Substrate: ADA Amazonia 2 Lights: 4x 24w T5 Aracdia luminaire Photoperiod: 2 x 6hours with a 2hour overlap Filter...
  39. swackett

    EI on new tank setup

    Hi, I've just setup a new tank and am using EI as a basis to dose it as explained by Clive in his article. How do you dose for the first week or so as during this period I will need to do regular (daily for the first week) water changes and so this must dilute the dose? Thanks Steve
  40. swackett

    Black marks on Tetra tail fin !!

    Hi, I've noticed a few of our lemon tetra's have these grey/black marks growing on the base of their tail fins. We tried dosing with an anti-Internal bacteria product that seems to have made no difference. The effected fish are still swimming around and eating, however their colouring is now...
  41. swackett

    Layout advice for 70L tank

    Hi, I’m just about to start my second tank and would like some ideas/suggestions for the layout/plants I am thinking of using. I’ve seen this article http://www.aquatic-gardeners.org/stemplants.html by Takashi Amano , which has inspired me and shows what is possible. The tank I have is an...
  42. swackett

    New Filter for 240L Aquarium

    Hi, I have a 240l Roma Aquarium and still have the fluval 305 external filter that came with it. I am looking to upgrade to Eheim pro 3e 2076 or equivalent to boost the flow rate as I believe the low flow rate is causing dead spots as so encouraging algae growth. Does anyone have any...
  43. swackett

    How to convert a Fluval Roma 240 I-Bar to use T5 lights

    To convert the Fluval Roma I-Bar you will need the following: - 1 x Arcadia Ultra Seal Electronic T5 controller Twin 54w - 2 x Arcadia J5 or Juwel 54w T5 tubes - 2 x Arcadia reflectors or similar - Dremel or similar tool - Wallpaper scraper - Silicon To start we need to open the I-Bar (the top...
  44. swackett

    Spiro Diffuser

    HI, I just bought a spiro diffuser and wondered if anyone can tell me how to get it to work, as I can't seem to find any information on this. I attached the C02 tube to the spiro but the gas just formed a large bubble in the verticle tube and did not travel down around the turn and up into the...
  45. swackett

    Rea Sea Flora base ?

    Hi, I'm in the middle of setting up a new planted tank and wondered if anyone had used "Rea Sea flora base" substrate, if so what do you think of it? The other two options I have is to use ADA Aquasoil or Tropica Plant substrate with a layer of gravel on top. Cheers.
  46. swackett

    Help - Algae Outbreak!

    I recently decided to upgrade the 2x40w T8 tubes that came with the Roma 240 tank to 2x54w T5 tubes. At present the plants do not seem to be growing very fast and I have most forms of algae growing in the tank (e.g. hair, fuzz, green). I am using 4 kh solution in a drop checker and this...