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  1. Emmabeth

    Hello... I think I've been here before!

    I think I was a member (probably a lurker) a long time ago - anyway I'm now in Malvern and just got back into tropical fish and planted tanks after a long break when we moved from Manchester. Just about to buy tank 6, a Rio 350 - to add to two 110l tanks, two 48l's and a 25l nano!
  2. Emmabeth

    Introduction to Tail WAGS!

    Ill send my bloke along here...... i have a horrible feeling he may identify with basically everything you have said...... *goes into hiding.... from a place where she can see at least two tanks....*
  3. Emmabeth

    The most unusual fish that works in a planted tank...

    My most heavily planted tank. (ok... vallis factory...), has a long finned bristlenose who is very happy and doesnt eat the plants (although aside from vallis theres only some anubias barteri v nana in there... and some other bits that i forget what they are... (ill figure it out when they grow...
  4. Emmabeth

    Probably the best toy in the world...

    Oh ace.... christmas presents for all my male friends sorted :)
  5. Emmabeth


    I think i need to invest in some shrimp that i can breed, the amanos i have are lovely (and fun to watch the crazy little multilegged catfish pellet robbers...) but expensive and ive been round the 'breed things involving lots of tanks and tiny food' merry go round with angelfish... not going...
  6. Emmabeth

    Welcome :) Tell us about yourself

    Hi, Ive just joined, figured it would be rude not to introduce myself... Im 27 and from the grim North West.... share my house with my OH and a scruffy lodger, as well as my four (soon to be five) dogs, 1 cat, several rodents, and four tanks..... Ive been keeping fish for 3 years or so, spend...