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    Interested to hear people's views on how providing unlimited nutrients helps control algae?

    The question: How does EI, or any other method where the aim is to keep all nutrients at levels that are not limiting, help control algae growth? I have used such approaches with good results as have many others. I think most would agree that the basic principle is that all nutrients (including...
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    Eheim Liquidoser

    Use the liquidoser I’m sure it’ll be fine. Assuming the liquidoser is supplying 4ml per day then here are some doses in ppm per day that will be achieved by adding various amounts of powders to 70ml of water: 10g potassium nitrate in 70ml water = 2.26ppm NO3 per day (4ml dose in 155L tank)...
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    PM's 54 Liter Journal.

    Years ago when i first started a planted tank i had a lot of light and didn't have the nutrients properly sorted and ended up with a tank full of algae that looked just like yours. Sorting out the nutrients and CO2 were obviously important in me fixing this long term but i found a pair of rosy...
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    Newbie Experiments with All-in-one

    Weekly updates will definitly be interesting. Neil
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    EasyLife launch Nitrate and Phosphate Fertiliser Products

    Definite step in the right direction by making commercially available products that address N and P and stating that these are not the cause of algae and are indeed necessary. Not too sure about the statement that phosphate levels over 2ppm do cause algae though. I think there is a lot of...
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    My first planted tank, a 200L set up.

    I personally use a ph controller and find it quite handy as it enables you to maintain a fixed level of co2 in the tank irrespective of changes in plant biomass, water surface movement etc. I think where people go wrong with them is by paying too much attention to the actual numbers and then...
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    Electric Aquarium Aquatic Plant CO2 Generator

    I also use fire extinguishers along with this regulator: ... tml?lang=1 Works fine and really is not difficult in any way. I did try the yeast and sugar thing in the past when i had difficulty getting gas and to be honest it really doesn't compare. Once...
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    Fish transportation troubles

    If plenty air was in the bag then you generally have to put a lot of fish in before they will suffocate in half and hour but without seeing the size of the bag and fish it's hard to guess about this. A few general thoughts: I assume that you used the water from the tank that the fish were...
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    Sub on the cheap

    This is an interesting thread. One day when i have time to take my tank apart I'm keen to have a go with a richer substrate. I found this about John Innes mixes: ... _innes.php I was also wondering if anyone had thoughts or experience with the compost...
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    Filtration for 5x2x2' discus

    I've used this place a couple of times and been happy with the service: . Prices are good particularly for German products such as eheim Neil
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    Filtration for 5x2x2' discus

    Another option would be to use 1 of the eheim pro 3 filters (should provide plenty of filtration capacity) then use pumps such as the ehiem 1260 / 1262 for water movement. These can also be mounted externally using hoses in a similar way to an external filter but will need less cleaning and will...
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    Blacked Winged Hatchet

    The only real problem i ever had with marbled hatchets was them jumping out. You really need to have the tank well covered.
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    High phosphate in tap water

    I wouldn't worry about the amount of phosphate in your tap water unless you think it is causing specific problems. As long as you do regular water changes it will save you having to add any. I would tend to look at how the plants are doing rather than worrying about specific numbers - test kits...
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    cambomba & elodia

    I have green cabomba at about 25 - 26C with no problems. Light is around 2wpg which i guess helps slow it up a little bit. Still grows quite quick though but looks healthy.