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  1. pompeyfan

    Mount Manten, the Beginings...

    Thanks Jack, yes i preffer that one too. A bit of trial and error with the front stones from here i think. It's one thing to set them into dry compost, i hope i'm not swearing at instability when in wet Aquasoil...
  2. pompeyfan

    ADA 60F iwagumi

    An inline and new filter would be an extra expense, so i'd try for the replacement, not what you'd expect from an Ehiem... Either way, i hope your filter issues get sorted soon mate, it's one to flood and admire for sure:thumbup: Pete.
  3. pompeyfan

    >>Cabinet FINALLY together :)<< 'In my Dreams, I see Palettes of Green'

    It looks good, has plenty of room for the kit and top workmanship to boot, i think that cabinet is dreaming of palettes of green above too:thumbup: Pete.
  4. pompeyfan

    Mount Manten, the Beginings...

    OK chaps, here is another variation, same same but different... Dove from above The more smaller pieces i add the more the depth seems exagerated, which is fine. Once the fiddly bits come out, the more i think it should have a gravel front perhaps, like a coastline. Easy street would be...
  5. pompeyfan

    Mount Manten, the Beginings...

    Thanks Nathan It's actually 2 pieces, which i think look their best this way, as opossed to 'split'. Even though i got the largest piece in Thailand, together it's probably more than that figure:rolleyes: Banking up the aquasoil is gonna cost a bit too, or i could let some Hydrocotle fill the...
  6. pompeyfan

    Hi Sanj I got mine from them years ago, using a friends german missus to help me at the checkout:rolleyes: It's the 2000L rated one, 17mm in and on top and i may move it on later this year, if i can't tolerate UP microbubbles any more... As you probably need a fix sooner, maybe richard at AE...
  7. pompeyfan

    'Back in the Saddle' 90cm - 1 year on!

    Looks good Vito, HC can be a pain to get going, particullarly for CO2/flow reasons. Your UP inline may reduce flow, but if you try it, the visible microbubbles may reveal if the one lily pipe outlet is doing 'enough' low down over the substrate...
  8. pompeyfan

    Mount Manten, the Beginings...

    Greetings 'scapers A couple of photos of an Iwagumi style idea for my 100x50cm. Plants are likely to be Riccia stones and Glosso in the front. Hairgrass and a Blyxa tufts at the back, possibly some stems behind the main stones... Please excuse photography, background and tempoary use of...
  9. pompeyfan

    George's TMC Signature

    Looking very nice george, is that a 'new' variety of ludwigia?
  10. pompeyfan

    'Back in the Saddle' 90cm - 1 year on!

    Looks good, i think your plant choice will suit very well:thumbup:
  11. pompeyfan

    Justin's ADA 60p - NEW FTS (page4)

    Nice start, looks quality, no pressure with the scape then:rolleyes: What are the specs of each LED unit please? Cree, Osram K rating etc?
  12. pompeyfan

    Ei dosing Vs ADA Liquid Ferts

    The ADA is good as a complete system, but you'll probably run out of Brighty K before you use step 2/3 , so it will definately cost more in the long run. Depending on your plant choices, lighting and CO2 requirements, EI may be the way to go from the outset. As you already have the powders...
  13. pompeyfan

    What material do you think I should use in my ADA 60P

    Hi Justin Mini landsape are quite popular, but i voted for Dragon Stone, a little biased as i may have some for sale soon:D PM me if you need some pieces... Cheers, Pete.
  14. pompeyfan

    Water in UP inline diffuser

    Mine never completely cleared, so i put an extra non return valve close to the gas inlet and upped the input pressure to 2.3 BAR, now i just get a bit of condensation left.
  15. pompeyfan

    Fluval fx5 hosing diameter?

    Hi Murf The green Ehiem stuff is 25/34mm part number 4007940, but i also use some 1inch clear tube, needs a bit of hot water softening to fit it mind...
  16. pompeyfan

    George's TMC Signature

    I liked the petrified wood layouts, but with the manzi it raises the bar a notch. It will grow in in no time with those LED's:)
  17. pompeyfan

    Resolved! For sale section

    Still can't see it:(
  18. pompeyfan

    would this work as an inline diffuser?

    Hi Chris I think the problem with this venturi is that most of the bubbles will quickly rise in your large tank and you may not get good distribution. A lot of folks seem to be using these inline on 16mm filter tubing: ... -5432.html If you split your...
  19. pompeyfan

    would this work as an inline diffuser?

    Chris No boubt you'll get some bubbles, but they might be on the large size compared to CO2 specific kit, which tend to use ceramic for fine bubbles and hence efficient diffusion. Could you run a tee off for 16mm hose and use a standard in line unit designed for canister filters perhaps...
  20. pompeyfan

    Why are ADA Products so expensive?

    690 Thai Baht for 500ml Brighty Bottles, that's just under £12 a bottle with 10% Discount. 550 THB for ECA was a good saving too...
  21. pompeyfan

    Goby Den

    Steven, That's looking very nice :) Does the goby bother the shrimps? Pete.
  22. pompeyfan

    Auto Liquid Doser

    This is the daddy of timed dosers Not cheap, but you can buy a single or twin unit and upgrade the pumps later. A reefkeeping friend recommended these after he had problems with a couple of aqua medic...
  23. pompeyfan

    Show me your tidy cabinet! (Now piccies of my tidy cabinet!

    Thanks guys, Yes, it took time and it's complicated :) The weir does keep the surface clean and the water splashes over it progressively during the night, which i think better feeds the filter with oxygen. Wether or not the rest if it works any better than a couple of cannister filters and...
  24. pompeyfan

    Show me your tidy cabinet! (Now piccies of my tidy cabinet!

    Here is my Cabinet It's custom made of smoked Acrylic and i've crammed in 25mm PVC hard plumbing manifolds for: Two inlets drilled through the tank base, one 'high flow' from a strainer, one corner 'weir overflow'. A solenoid valve bypass increases the 'draw' needed for overflow on the...
  25. pompeyfan


    Stunning tank luis, the exposed wood, moss and ferns have a great balance. What light fitting are you using please?
  26. pompeyfan

    Mountainscape V2

  27. pompeyfan

    Ray's 90cm - Growing Pains Over?

    Re: Ray's 90cm Asian Theme Journal Problem with the 2250 is the input hose is 25/34mm which is bigger than my bulkead, so I need a reducer. Also is it a bit primative? Problem with 2028 is slightly reduced flow - is 1050Lph enough on a 200L tank? Problem with the 2076 is the tiny media volume -...
  28. pompeyfan

    6' barb tank

    Hi Zoe, Your tank is very looking good :) How are the 'whiter' T5 lamps working out? Hope the plec's sprout diet is helping your swords :lol: Cheers, Pete.
  29. pompeyfan

    The Green Machine - New display tank pics as requested

    Visited TGM for the first time on sunday and was very impressed with this tank, growing in very nicely. Decided on a future Opti White 10mm glass over 20mm Acrylic on seeing the quality of Jim's setup. 400+ mile round trip wasn't cheap on fuel but, meeting mark and jim, seeing the shop display...
  30. pompeyfan

    The Green Machine - New display tank pics as requested

    Very nice setup guys, i can't wait to up come and have a browse. How are you finding the aquasoil in regards of ammonia leaching and water changing so far? Cheers, Pete.
  31. pompeyfan

    T5 tubes

    It might be worth popping in to your local electrical wholesaler, as i'm sure they could beat £13 per lamp for a G.E. Starcoat, PHILIPS or OSRAM T5. The only problem with wholesalers is they order T5 tubes in boxes of 25 so ordering one or two would require someone in the supply chain splitting...
  32. pompeyfan

    My Vision 180

    George/zig, The crypts in the mid ground don't seem to keep 'pace' with the rest of the plants, in comparison to my old Dennerle setup. Do you think C. Becketii, C. Wendtii and C. Cordata don't like the frequent water changes required by EI? I trim the odd melted or tatty leaves weekly, but new...
  33. pompeyfan

    My Vision 180

    :D Thanks guys, for the positive feedback. The lotus is Nymphaea Zenkeri "green tiger lotus", i asked andy at Greenline. I'll post some shots of my 'bodges' in er, DIY i reckon in due course. Respect to all who contribute, especially articles, without which i would probably still be messing...
  34. pompeyfan

    My Vision 180

    Hi, This is my 180L Juwel tank i re-worked as a high tech tank in april this year. I'm still evolving the layout, but am pleased with the progress from Tropica and Eco complete substrates with adjusted EI dosing. This has been a worthwhile step-up from a 'mid tech' Dennerle system. The...
  35. pompeyfan

    What T5 Lamps to use?

    T5 Tubes I use 4x 39w linear T5's on my 90x40cm tank. One 2700K, very 'warm white', one Arcadia Plant Pro (pinkish) and two 6500K 'daylight'. The Plant Pro lamp together with the 2700k give a redish 'warmth' to the tank, which complement the 'whiteness' of the daylight ones. Using four daylight...
  36. pompeyfan


    Hi guys, We seemed to have covered the organic nitrogen side of things, but what about organic carbon or more importantly the other checmical 'benefit' of EXCEL. Does anyone have experience of using PURIGEN whilst dosing/overdosing with Flourish Excel :?: Pete. :roll:
  37. pompeyfan

    HC from greenline

    Got my HC from greenline on the 3rd, looked fairly well estsablished in the pots. Seems fine so far, will compare with a local pet shop's when it comes in. 8)
  38. pompeyfan

    My new gadget - a surface skimmer

    Surface Skimming Definately worth skimming, it's a pain to use a jug or kitchen towel. I have a home made skimmer from a marine hang on skimmer/filter made by Aqua one i think, i modded it to work like the fluval unit and james' one pictured. After experimenting with my old external, i...