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    flowering plants for open topped aquaria

    your are wrong as most good plant books will describe flowering as it a means of identifying the plant tropicas new catologue at £2 terrific value". mentions plants that flower also see Klauses article on open toped tanks on there site the oriental catalogue also...
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    THey are particularly good quality the anubius and crypts are particularly good they come in little claypots and are well rooted and at £1.49 a real bargin their vase vasen is fantastic to experiment with aquatic plants as you can let them flower you can even pot up using john innis no 3...
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    flowering plants for open topped aquaria

    what are your favourite plants for flowering in open aquaria your thoughts would be apreciated. my favourites include hygrophilia combosa stricta and aponogeton crispus. peter
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    hi tec tank

    undersoli heating for an experiment i have se up two identical small tanks split a number of tropica plants into two planted into the same substrate used same water conditions light etc one has undersoil heating the other does not. i will monitor for a a couple of months and see if...
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    master soli

    Hi george Iam am going to set up two identical tanks both same light same water same substate Iwill subdevide some of the tropica plants into two plants each small tank the will the same layout one will have undersoli heating one wont and we will see if there is any difference peter
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    master soli

    just to give you an update will have some to test in the next two weeks and will reopt back peter
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    master soli

    I hear what you say george but have used them in the past and my own experience shows a spert in growth about this time of year when the undersoil heating kicks in also bulbs do well with some bottom warmth you are also converting you substrate inyo a huge but slow biological...
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    need advice on substrate for new tank

    have you thought of using tropicas plant substrate covered with fine black quartze available from a ny dennerle dealer works well and should be a lot cheaper peter
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    Java Fern fixing.

    have you thought of using a tiny amount of gold seal a silcone for pond repairs sets instantly underwater expensive but brilliant we use it all the time when juwel filters come unstuck . iam am sure it would work the roots would then have time to ancor peter
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    vallisneria caulescens

    have just received 6 pots rom tropica will try 3 in my low tec tank hard water no co2 and three in my hy tec tank athough softer water has co2 injection I will report back which set up is best and spread the plants arround the club very hard to get hold off peter
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    Zebra danios

    hi george as requested areply to one of your posting two or three different shoals works brilliantly the y tend to stay in there own groups however you nead a couple of dozen in each shoal for a good effect my only thought the might give you a head ache after a wh ile but the are a...
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    hi tec tank

    i will be setting up a high tec tank based around the dennerle principles with the latest ph control and undersoil heating I plan to run it with a regular feed on the pfk web site will feature some new plants from tropica would enjoy ukap members imput I hope we can all learn from the...
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    AGA 2007 - Anyone entering?

    hi george having been to the aga conventions for the the last three years and been at the award dinner you may regret entering but to be fair you can learn a lot from the judges comments and apply to your next entry peter
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    master soli

    hi george Iwill be setting up a state of the art high tec planted tank featuring the latest technology based around the dennerle methods will be using latest ph contolers and new unsderoil heatingmethods together with some new plants from tropica hope to go live on the pfk website...
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    diatom filter

    Iwant to get hod of a diatom filter for tank maintenance to clear debrie after heavy gardening any ideas wwhere i can get one in the uk peter
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    new jewel terraces

    I am interested in working terraces into my tank designs has any one tried the jewel rock terraces peter
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    master soli

    has anyone tried master soil and and master gravel available in italy from wave imported from japan I suspect similar to ada but cheaper I hope to get some to try and will report back peter
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    vallisneria caulescens

    has any one tried this new vallis available from troipca and Orental not only does it go a lovely red colour in bright light but forms side shoots from the stems over and above the normal vallis type leaves . not easy though prone to melting obviosly does better in hard water peter
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    A tank based on UK ecology

    its a good idea and would make an excellant entry for the amano planted layout competition as it has not been done before maybe it could be agroup project peter bradley
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    cheap source for 45 watts t 5 tubes

    any suggestions ?
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    undersoil heating

    Iwill be setting up a high tec tank using the denerle duomat comfort with summer setting and night time reduction used older model with good results but meet with great scepticism from the experts My own observations shows it to work Even amano uses it in some setups so why is so out...
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    amano aquascaping competion

    Inote george came 775 . the fisrt time i entered i came 89 then in the 700s like george with what I thoght was a better tank may be with some team effort we could cack it next year .peter