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  1. Simon D

    Picture timing

    Some better than others but funny nonetheless!
  2. Simon D

    Is it just me.....?

    I know there's load of UKAPS members that are IT orientated so maybe you can help: Since upgrading to Windows 7 and IE 8, the icons on my browser tabs have gone mad! For example I now look at a screen that says UK Aquatic Plant Society and the icon (or emblem if you wish) next to it shows a...
  3. Simon D

    Camcorder advice please

    Anyone got any recommendations on best buy camcorder. Looking firstly for family vids and second, hopefully, some close-up tank vids. I'm looking at spending at least £200 but don't want to regret not spending a bit more and would go up to £400 for something worth the difference. I'd prefer...
  4. Simon D

    Where do I find a low-tech journal?

    Does anyone know of a decent journal for a low-tech aquarium? I know each set-up is different and I'm currently running a relatively algae free high-tech planted tank but feel that I'm neglecting the family on my only day off (Sunday) maintaining the tank. I know the basics of the theory but...
  5. Simon D

    UKAPS Baby!!!

    I'm very pleased to announce the birth of my first son. (Got two great girls Kayleigh & Erin) Name to be decided, as we didn't know but were convinced it was going to be another girl so we only had female names ready. It was a big (ish) one at 8lb 8oz born Thur 19:28 (like you care!). It was...
  6. Simon D

    Low tech large set-up HELP?

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a tutorial/journal of a large-ish (approx 4 footer) low tech set-up? I've done a search and not come up with much. :( I'm currently running a 2 foot high tech and am encountering algae problems, I know this is due to too much light. I inject CO2, 2 hrs...
  7. Simon D

    I'm dead???

    I can't quite believe it, I keep on hearing on the radio that I died yesterday. Pheeww, I just googled it and discovered it's Simon Dee not Simon D. I must make the most of this new lease of life.
  8. Simon D

    Snails? Where from?

    My tank has been snail free for about six months. I have not added any plants or fish and have just been doing weekly water changes under the EI dosing regime. Suddenly, I find a trumpet snail (or something that looks very similar), how could that have got in there?
  9. Simon D

    Any such thing as a descent compact camera?

    I've been looking at DSLRs and would really like to get a Canon 50D but.... ....I could justify spending the money to myself but couldn't explain it to the wife. I've got a friends Canon 40D on loan at the moment and love it but it's a not really practical for my needs. (I've got a two and a...
  10. Simon D

    Warning: Win PC Antivirus (actually malware)

    I know of a few people that have been infected with this malware (me included). Alledging that your computer has infections and trojans. Looks like a legit Windows program. Quote: WinPC Antivirus is a rogue program from the same family as WinPC Defender. This program is advertised through...
  11. Simon D

    HELP: African Dwarf Frog vs Copper based treatments???

    Anyone know if ADFs count as inverts and would have an adverse reaction to copper based treatments? I think I've used anti ich treatment before with them present with no probs but can't remember. Just about to try algovec (algae control).
  12. Simon D

    Size is important! (Filter WxDxH) Which external?

    I am torn between a Fluval 405 & Tetratec EX1200. Or is there an Eheim that'll fit? Read on.... The Fluval 405 has a width of around 245mm and if I remove the door hinges on my cabinet, I could shoehorn it it in there at a bit of an angle (I would replace the hinges with magnetic catches...
  13. Simon D

    Too much light?

    I'm about to put 110w (increase from 30w)on a 60ltr, or 20usgal ,tank. I've just bought the interpet twin T5 compact starter and two 55w lamps. It is moderately planted. I have FE CO2 and dose EI. I know this sounds rediculously high and works out to 5.5 wpg (with T5s!), but according to...
  14. Simon D

    Fish struggling, plants thriving -help?

    I've recently introduced CO2 via an FE with solinoid. The CO2 is on one hour before lights on and off one before lights out. I'm also experiencing some water clouding and fish respirational probs. Here's some tank spec: 60 ltr (approx net) 2' x 1' x 18" Filtration: internal Eheim 2210 CO2...
  15. Simon D

    What are the dimesions of the Tetratec EX1200?

    I'm in the market for a new tetratec EX1200 if it fits in my cabinet. The width is the most important and I've read varying reports from 9-10 inches. I can jut squeeze in a 9 1/2 inch (242mm) unit if I take the hinges off the door and replace them with magnetic catches. I don't think that the...
  16. Simon D

    Which first? Bubble Counter or Check Valve

    Should the check valve be before the bubble counteror after? I fitted mine as per aquaticmagic's pic: Problem: some water has got into the check valve and every bubble that goes through the valve pushes the valve up (as it nearly floats) and makes a noise as it clicks back down. If I was to...
  17. Simon D

    Temporary substrate that'll bed plants?

    I've got a relatively small tank 60x30x45 approx net 60 litres (EI dosed) with substandard CO2 injection. It is not as heavily planted as I would like but with replanting trimmings the plant are expanding! I'm currently stocking Vallisnaria (x2 species), Echinodorus Paniculatus (Amazon Sword)...
  18. Simon D

    Accessing Website - BT Home Hub - is it just me?

    I've been experiencing some problems with getting into the UKAPS website (on and off) for about three weeks now. I can sometimes be on here for 2 or 3 hours without a problem and then go to a different page and get a message "Page cannot be displayed". Other times I cannot get in at all...