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  1. vauxhallmark update

    Apologies if this has been posted before, but has had a complete facelift. Worth a look if you haven't seen it yet. Mrk
  2. vauxhallmark

    Things I wish I'd known

    Idea for a thread - things that you absolutely take for granted now, but which were a revelation when you first realised it. Don't be embarrassed about sounding thick for not realising before - the point is that there are things which are hardly ever mentioned in books or on the web which could...
  3. vauxhallmark

    'Grade A' CRS at Aquatic Design Centre (London)

    Just a heads up, Aquatic Design Centre on Great Portland Street were selling what they had labelled as 'Grade A' crystal red shrimps today. They're £9.99, very small (about 12mm) but they do look like the photos you see of high grade shrimps - ie more white than red, some nearly all white with...
  4. vauxhallmark

    Vegetable landscape photography

    This is a guy who makes landscapes out of food and photographs them. Thought they might be interesting for aquascapers, some of them have a sense of scale that really makes them seem life size. Not directly transferable to tanks, but I thought they were clever, great planning and photography...
  5. vauxhallmark

    Youtube planting vid - early GF???

    found this on youtube - sweet little lad (but quite didactic "you must have a patch of, er, basically, nothing here" etc.). But - (conspiracy theory warning) - codename pilot1616...RAF...planted tank tutorial...could this be an early outing of the young master Farmer???? Enquiring minds demand...
  6. vauxhallmark

    Mechanical media question

    How much and what mechanical media do people use? I've been running a Tetratec EX600. When I set it up in September I used what they gave me, which was (bottom to top, the flow direction (I think!)) ceramic tubes, coarse foam || bioballs || coarse foam, carbon in a bag, thin floss sheet. I've...
  7. vauxhallmark

    New website contact link

    Just in case you didn't know, the link for Contact Us on your new website links to the front page ( ... page=index), and not a contact link. Cheers, Mark
  8. vauxhallmark

    Feedback Wooh-hoo - thanks guys

    Order placed 16:00 yesterday, free delivery, received this morning - does it get any better? Cheers Richard, :D :D :D Mark
  9. vauxhallmark

    Maintenance of Pogostemon helferi

    Hi guys, how do you maintain this plant? It looks like a rosette forming plant, but it is actually a stem plant. I've had it in my new tank for about 5 weeks, and it's been very well behaved, in fact ridiculously easy to keep looking good (I thought it was difficult, can't think where I got...
  10. vauxhallmark

    JBL kit solenoid

    JBL 2 kit is advertised on as: "The high-quality solenoid valve has its own 12 V transformer, ensuring extra-low voltage for safety and guaranteeing 100% quiet running." Anyone had it? Think it's any good? Thanks, Mark
  11. vauxhallmark

    Quick Hagen "ladder" calc

    I recently used a glass diffuser and wasn't happy with the noise of the tiny bubbles fizzing out of it, so went back to using an old Hagen "ladder", from their yeast based kit (but with a bottle of CO2). I have suspected that it was very efficient for a while, because of the size of the bubbles...
  12. vauxhallmark

    Light query (small tank)

    I've got a little 18x12x12 inch tank which is lit by an arcadia 2 x T8 14 watt (15 inch) tubes luminaire. I'm able to grow everything i want under them (Glossostigma, eleocharis, crypts, anubius, java fern etc.). However, I have got to move the tank. As the tank is really old it's looking a...
  13. vauxhallmark

    Eden 501

    I'm planning to redo a tiny aquarium which has been set up for years, and is looking a bit tired. It's just 45 x 30 x 30 cm (about 40l). Currently got a Hydor/Ekip internal filter in it, but the built in heater's broken, and it's a big old ugly thing. I'd obviously like to get the filter out of...
  14. vauxhallmark

    Crptocoryne parva

    Has anyone kept C. parva long term? I thought I had some a couple of years ago, but it always ended up being a plant about 10 - 15 cm high, so probably not parva. I bought a tropica branded pot of it the other day, from a shop that looked like it really was selling genuine tropica plants (I'm...