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    What's the carpet

    Only medium. Blue silver.
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    Green Hair Algae!!!!!

    +1 on the drop checker. At the surface it's telling you a different story as to whats happening down below. You can't be far off though, that carpet looks great. Your flow seems to be going in various directions. The upper powerhead aiming across the top and the lower one aiming down low. The...
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    What's the carpet

    I have an angel I need to rehome, he's constantly uprooting my Eleocharis mini. I've come across this video a few times this week on facebook, it does look nice.
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    Planted 240L Juwel Rio

    Looks very clean, fresh and vibrant. Ludwigia looks awesome wish mine looked that good.
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    Not giving much away in those photos. :p
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    is my light enough to grow HC Cuba?

    The ADA substrates can leech ammonia for while. You should be doing more frequent water changes for the first month or two. A film on top of your water indicates your plants are not happy. Healthy plants will give you clear water. I would cut back to 2 tubes or even 1 tube until you get on top...
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    is my light enough to grow HC Cuba?

    I'd say you have way more than enough light. As the plant mass was increasing did you up the Co2? The demand probably went up but did the supply? How are the other plants? I'm sure the more experienced would be able to advise but photo's and a full description of the setup would help trouble...
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    Impulse Aldi buy - propagator

    Staurogyne is super easy emmersed as long as you don't bake it or let it dry out. Here's an old thread of when I tried it in a simple ice cream tub setup.
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    Choosing a c02 kit for my 200l

    For a 200l tank you maybe better off buying parts separately as opposed to a kit. A 2kg fire extinguisher along with a reg, solonoid and needle valve maybe the cheaper option. Throw in a bubble counter, drop checker and some co2 tubing and your ready. You'll just need to decide on your diffuser...
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    I like the rockwork as it is now. Adding more may make it look a bit cluttered. Just my opinion, ultimately it's your call.
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    Night of the living roots.

    Very nice. It's just how I'd like my rio 125 if I go back to putting wood in it.
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    Rio 125 Rebooted Dutch Style.

    I did indeed, in fact all Co2 gear is from the previous setup including the 4 year old inline Up atomiser although I had to purchase a new drop checker due to breakage. 50% water change was done on Sunday. I took a quick snap later that evening after Co2 was shut off. 27/3/2016 - Day 7 I...
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    Journal Starting point Wabi-Kusa

    Looking good. I throw odds and ends into bowls from time to time but never have much success. I actually started one off when I rescaped this week. Maybe I shall have some luck this time. Keep the photos coming.
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    Rio 125 Rebooted Dutch Style.

    When I aquired the tank a few years back the first thing I did was remove the internal filter box. It takes up valuable space, looks ugly and I heard reports of it making a mess in the tank when performing maintenance. The eleocharis is doing well. I've snapped a few pics of the foreground to...
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    Rio 125 Rebooted Dutch Style.

    Thanks. I find my rock and wood work very poor and I think that's why I've avoided any hardscape this time around. I like plenty of plant mass and find the hard scape dissappears because I'm not bold enough with it.
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    My 680 Dutch tank

    Looking really clean and healthy. I'm not a fan of platies but they do look good against the plants as many have mentioned. I could be tempted to add a trio to my tank at a later date.
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    Rio 125 Rebooted Dutch Style.

    Hi gang. I've been absent for a few years during which the tank got slightly neglected, no ferts, no Co2 and overrun with needle leaf java fern. The old journal is here. Anyway, onwards and upwards. I...
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    2x external filter and C02 setup

    I've thought about this in the past and would switch output sides so if the left filter is running co2 then take the outflow from the left and return on the right. Same with heating side on the right, outflow from right and return on the left. That way heated and co2 enriched water should mix...
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    "Noobula" 90 x 45 x 60

    The java ferns and anubias could also be wedged between the rocks if that is an option. They would attach themselves after a short time. That would save you having to remove rocks for tying or glueing or add additional rocks. I love the wood you have used for the cabinet and admire your...
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    What I need to do

    As Ian says more info would be needed about the setup. 99% of the time it's down to co2 and flow/distribution.
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    Going Dutch by the book - tank sponsored by Tropica

    Love it. I'm planning a rescape next week so I was looking for journals with the Dutch style twist. I only have a 125l tank to fill so will be restricted. I'm not bothered about conforming to the strict guidelines but will trying to follow the basic planting rules. Is this scape still up and...
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    Guppies strange behaviour

    I would investigate the P@H tank that you had the guppies from and see how they are getting on there. Guppies are virtually bullet proof. If you have water quality issues your tetras should give the early warning signs, not the guppies. And as to what Hinch posted about the filter. 100% uptime...
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    Rio 125 - Orphans Island. 5 Week update, plenty of pics!

    Got the tank done as planned but so busy right now photo's having just been sitting on the memory card. I forgot to snap it before I ripped it apart but I have got some shots. A nice bunch of crypts. Had a few portions like this although this was the biggest of the bunch. The next highlight...
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    What other hobby's do you have?

    I have a rather addictive nature when it comes to hobbies. I jump in head first with a "new thing" then get burnt out quickly and move onto something else. I'm sure there must be some super long medical term for it. Currently I have my tanks to keep me busy, Photography, learning to play guitar...
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    Shrimp Rack build.....

    Subbed. Something like this was on my project list a while back. As I have issues with RCS I've gone off the idea. A rack of smaller tanks for breeding small stuff such as CPD's is still on the cards. Looking forward to see how you put it all together.
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    New Rio 180 set up

    Wood looks great, nice start. Just go easy with the lights at the start. ;)
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    Rio 125 - Orphans Island. 5 Week update, plenty of pics!

    Thanks. Unfortunately the Staurogyne is no more. With working weekends and other things popping up the tank got slightly neglected. A recent Co2 outage and erratic ferting meant I lost all Staurogyne and the Blyxa went into total meltdown. I'm now on a mission to reboot this tank. I have...
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    HELP!! what is this?? :)

    1 does look more like an Alternathera species than a Rotala.
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    Hair Algae growing on wood? Solutions?

    After removal and spot dosing you can try reducing light.
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    Another drop checker issue

    In the BB mix what is the other 99.96%? Would that possibly have any effect on results?
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    bromo blue + fish

    I think Angel fish breeders use bromo blue to help prevent fungus spreading through eggs. Isn't it also used in white spot treatments? As Clive posted, a couple of drops from a DC is no problem.
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    Journal In The Making

    I try and mist at least once daily. You may be able to go a day or 2 without misting if the unit is well sealed. HC does grow fast once it gets started. Welcome to the emersed club, at times I find it more fun than submerged although I want to flood my Iwagumi cube now.
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    Fissedens tips with filamentous algae strands

    My fissidens was in a jar and I only added a few drops here and there. It still turned orange. You will have to be very careful in small volumes of water with EC. As you have shrimp, reducing light intensity and duration maybe a better option although many dose EC with shrimp with no ill...
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    'Kids' Project. Moss on Bogwood in the Garden

    Too much direct sun can overheat things and cause wilting. I found this out this week. Mine was sealed though which didn't help. If it was open it may have just dried to a crisp.
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    I'll be at P@H Telford this weekend....

    Telford is doable, I'm at work this weekend though and can't escape :(
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    Black-out for algae

    3-4 days seems to be the average.
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    Rotting frogbit - causes/cure?

    This would be my line of logic thought too. I have no clue to the contents of various ADA ferts so can't comment there. Logically, even if other plants are fine, with the access to unlimited Co2, the floaters fert uptake could possibly exceed what is being provided. Over the 6 months of the...
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    live food culture....

    I thought daphnia could just turn up or more likely get introduced by other wildlife. Introducing them yourself will speed up the process.
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    Can a FE Co2 set up be dangerous?

    The tube is to allow rapid venting of contents under normal use. With a reg hooked up this is really restricting the flow from the cylinder. Not much to worry about imho.
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    Propagator Help!

    A big storage container is on my wish list for au natural summer propagation in the back garden. I have a few emersed projects in an unheated garage doing fine. Heating is an extra setup and running cost that can be avoided.
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    Drop Checker

    Try this! Clean out and refill dropchecker with fresh solution when you have a day to yourself. Start early, fire up co2 leave light's off. Check DC colour hourly. This will help you find an injection rate that will saturate your water column in a given time. If it takes more than 3-4 hours...
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    Hemianthus callitrichoides Grown in the garden?

    As above, it's not likely to be HC, but... You could always try it as an alternative in emersed projects. A photo would be good too.
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    First tank rebooted

    Not sure why the pics are not working. Removed the img tags, click to view. :thumbup: This was the 7th of july This is after two weeks. Some more pics.
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    am I doing this right?

    What are the dimensions and volume of your tank?
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    Fissedens tips with filamentous algae strands

    Be careful treating with liquid carbon. I fried some fissidens this way on a window sill. Do you have any floating plants? Shading can help reduce light intensity thus helping deal with the thread algae.
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    P&H 30cm cube emersed Iwagumi attempt.

    I hear ya. Flooding or partially flooding for the trim should be a wise move. The 53b is established from the propagator, took it from there as it was hitting the lid.
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    P&H 30cm cube emersed Iwagumi attempt.

    Two and a half weeks since the last photo I looked at this cube tonight and thought, hmm it's grown a little so decided to snap it to compare. Mini Hairgrass and HC seem to be doing well, Staurogyne has started doing it's thing and the Lilleaopsis Brasiliensis has recovered from it's trim. Will...
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    Tribute to a Tributary. Wet and wild... and now with...

    Re: Tribute to a Tributary. update Looking good. I've had a little yellowing of some HC from 1-2 grow pot so you suggest it's not rinsing the gel off enough? I was in the garage prepping and planting so washed in a container of water. Will have to follow instructions better next time.
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    What spec scales - Weighing EI chems

    Your almost there. How about using a plastic funnel to add your salts to an empty dosing bottle then measuring out water from the tap into a measuring jug, pouring into dosing bottle, cap it and shake it well. :thumbup:
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    How to plant trimmings with next to no stem?

    That's the way to do it.
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    Low maintenance Jungle set up

    Looking very lush and natural. A little phosphates may help beating the GSA into submission.
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    How to plant trimmings with next to no stem?

    Forget the lead and trim the leaves. The nodes where you remove the leaves will produce roots and new side shoot. You only want to leave the top 2-3 pairs of leaves on when you plant them. :thumbup: Edit, if they are tiny, like 1cm-2cm long then you can grow them emersed, just sitting on top...
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    Rio 125 - Orphans Island. 5 Week update, plenty of pics!

    Not much happening in here right now. I have removed a lot of plant mass and had a shuffle around. I'll get around to a new FTS tomorrow, but for now you can have this one. A pair of angels have spawned so I need to sort out a breeding tank for them out in the garage. That means a nano or two...
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    new set up when to start dosing ferts

    If you have gone "full whack ADA" then you also have the ferts? I've never used them but I believe they are lower concentrations than that supplied by the average EI user and come in many flavours for different times during a tanks development. They should also have instructions for use. I...
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    Tribute to a Tributary. Wet and wild... and now with...

    Re: Tribute to a Tributary, emersed experiment Looking good easer, I see the Staurogyne. :D I've got some hygrophila corymbosa siamensis (tropica 53b) that I've started emersed and the new emersed leaves have a good amount of reddy/brown to them. Not sure if they will stay like this but it...
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    new set up when to start dosing ferts

    Jim & staff @ TGM should know their stuff with ADA substrate systems. 6 weeks sounds a bit long though. Personally I start ferting as soon as I flood but I use kitty litter. I can't afford the expensive stuff :(
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    drop checker refills.....frustrated

    Tgm sell the cal aqua pre mixed stuff I think. It's what I'm using and I find it the most stable pre mixed stuff I've tried so far.
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    10'' cube

    Same here, mostly trimmings put to use. It sure is a cheap way to use a spare tank, even cheaper if it runs off natural light. How many hours light are you giving it? I started at 10 but dropped it to about 7 for now. It does get a little late afternoon sun for an hour or so too.
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    Emersed Staurogyne.

    Great. Hope it behaves for you. Can't wait to see a pic or three of your emersed project.
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    Co2 after Timer

    A minute or so on some setups is normal due to pressure dropping in the pipework, I get this myself. Anything after a couple of minutes would suggest a faulty valve.
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    Another newbie has a go: Dartmoor tor-inspired (maybe!)

    That little twig sets it all off and provides a great sense of scale. Something I struggle to do myself. Well done :thumbup: Plants and shrimp are looking good. The rock haul looks good too, I need to get out and about rock hunting myself. :mrgreen:
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    Emersed Staurogyne.

    Gave this a mid week haircut. Sent most out to a member. I've realised there must have been some snail eggs in the original trimmings as after the trimming I found a few snails and plenty of snail mess. All ferts right? :lol: Quick snap, hopefully in 6-8 weeks it will be full again...
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    P&H 30cm cube emersed Iwagumi attempt.

    I have been fighting for the last hour or so with 1-2 grow pots of Eleocharis mini, and HC. :lol: Jut a few tufts of HC in front of front rocks and Eleo mini foreground. Later on I may have to move some of the central staurogyne and grow more HC in between rocks. Also added a couple of more...
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    TMC V2 Pro Regulator

    The gas flow will continue when it shuts off, until the pressure drops, this is normal. My solenoid is silent, just a clunk at on/off times.
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    Plants That I Cannot Grow

    No Magnesium? Recent thread if you haven't seen it. viewtopic.php?f=11&t=22154 I would lean on the co2 side of the fence at this point. As others would say, trust your eyes. Dropchecker is a guide, I'm now running limey to yellow as I was having co2 related issues. All livestock fine. My...
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    Just for fun 5l bowl

    Looking nice and fresh. Do I see the shrimp in that 2nd photo? How are they doing?
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    Spot The Frog [Forum Game]

    haha, too easy that one. ;)
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    Virginmedia very slow

    Broadband constantly dropping out, tivo box on half functionality over the last week or so. There is a Virgin van at the box over the road right now. I caught one yesterday and he claimed "a lot of noise in the area" A part should be replaced today to sort it.
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    Magnesium Sulphate in Hard Water?

    When I researched EI and started mixing I was supposed to be using 6 tsp's. I cut it down to 4 tsp's and things seem ok. Water is fairly hard around here I believe, I haven't tested any water, tank or tap. I might try and whittle it down a little more to see what happens. If you don't need...
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    Standard plant food

    James Planted Tank for a guess Clive.
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    10'' cube

    Awesome. Plant list? How long has it been running? Open or covered?
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    External filter recommendation For Rio180

    I'm running a 2075 on my Rio 125 and it seems sufficient but at times I feel I could do with a little more flow. Not sure how it would perform on the 180.
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    EI Dosing and Phosphate Level

    Have you always ran the full 4 x T5's for 10 hours a day on this tank?
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    EI Dosing and Phosphate Level

    EI is designed around supplying excess ferts. You should put the test kit down and keep dosing. :thumbup:
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    Just wanted to see if i could post a pic

    I use tinypic for speed and simplicity. Just copy the link with tags already in place for forums.
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    Shrimp and EI Dosing

    On top of copper some people swear that high nitrates will see them off too. Others don't agree so much. I'm sure I read in the past that although they are sensitive to copper they actually need very small amounts something to do with blood regeneration. Either way. Many people successfully...
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    Not enough filteration??? P&H 25l Supplied Filter

    You question the reliability of test kits at the end of your post and considering you have a result of 0.25ppm, well it could be zero or 5.25. Have you tested straight from the tap? I would be surprised if the filter wasn't able to keep up with light stocking. When were the last fish...
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    Can anyone answer this EI question?

    Pearling is quite common after a water change. Maybe co2 levels.
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    P&H 30cm cube emersed Iwagumi attempt.

    It's ambient, unheated and detached. Conservatory gets too warm and the garage is the only place I have space for it.
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    Just a bit of daft!

    Duckweed Disaster :D
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    P&H 30cm cube emersed Iwagumi attempt.

    Oh I see. :lol: Totally missed it. Too much vodka. :shh: The orb to the right is full of guppies I can't give away. My brother has got the aquarium bug again and has secured a 2nd hand 4 foot tank. I'm sure I can palm him off some guppies then I can shut the orb down or just planted it up...
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    P&H 30cm cube emersed Iwagumi attempt.

    I need a reg to flood. When I get that I wanna save up for some dragon stone and Iwagumi my 60l. Need filter and luminaire too. The guppies in the orb are always at the surface waiting for food when I'm in the garage messing around. Will order mini HG and update once planted.
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    Staurogyne - Help ID this deficiency?

    Your tank is around 50+ liters? You could increase the liquid carbon dose if you don't have sensitive critters. Reducing light duration/intensity and adding some floating plants would help. I find staurogyne just drops it's lower leaves for me in non co2 tanks.
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    Emersed Staurogyne.

    I can send you some if you would like to cover postage? They are not very long but ideal to start emersed.
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    Emersed Staurogyne.

    Should be good for humidity. A simple icecream tub is good enough. I can see my collection is going to start growing. I hate to throw trimmings away.
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    Emersed Staurogyne.

    Hmm, 1st big Stauro trim was April 9th, I think I started this about a week later. Say about 10 weeks. I got a couple of small brown patches on a couple of leaves. Not sure if it's lack of humidity, heat scorch of fert related but it's minor. It seems to have slowed down so I think a ferting...
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    P&H 30cm cube emersed Iwagumi attempt.

    Or sort of. :lol: Been busy for the last few hours. I'm not one known for my rock and wood placement, so decided to try a little Iwagumi in a cube but keeping it as an emersed project. As I'm itching to plant a tank I decided an emersed one will be cheaper to setup up and keep running...
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    Emersed Staurogyne.

    Still going with this. I've left the lid off over the past 2 weeks, still give it a spray every day when passing. I was considering plating into my new project but will leave it going in here. Will trim it back soon. The other bit's I started have shown some signs of progression. A vesuvius...
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    Polyester's 180 L Rio Journal [update 21/07/12 new pics]

    Re: Polyester's 180 L Rio Journal It's a great start and you have obviously done your homework. The textured background can tend to be a breeding ground for BBA and most often, they get ripped back out again. My only advice is give yourself enough time to get used to the co2 injection before...
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    I would look at it the same way tbh. If light and co2 stays constant it's hard to understand nutrient uptake increasing just because of higher concentrations. Always learning :lol:
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    dosing weekly

    I think is in higher concentrations though. I have no worries dosing both macro & micro on 1 day if I skipped a dose the previous day.
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    Amen to that. :thumbup:
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    Why so little clear plastic fittings?

    Clear plastic would be good. Clear plastic intakes and spraybars would be welcomed by most. I hate Fluval black ribbed tubing for the simple fact you can't see when it needs a scrub out.
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    15 UK applicants (IAPLC)

    Good luck to all UK entrants. A few more years practice and I might throw one in myself. :thumbup:
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    Warning!! Lock your fish food away!

    Unlucky. I was away recently and had the parents around to look after the zoo. I portioned up food for each tank into daily pill boxes and hid the rest. It's a good way to supervise feedings whilst away. I know this info is not much use to you right now but it's kinda on topic. :lol:
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    Help with Spray bar placement (JUWEL Tank)

    Yes indeed. Junior hacksaw and just go down to the glass. Make it just wide enough for the crook to enter tank from the side then you can place your spraybar across the back easily. I didn't want to add pipe, bends etc as it all adds to flow reduction so this is what I did. I'll try and snap a...
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    Aquanano40 CRShrimp tank....Journal Closed.

    Re: Aquanano40 CRShrimp tank....Extra Light. I found Crypt Wendetii green stayed really small in a low tech or with liquid co2, around 1.5 - 2 inches. Give it pressurized co2 and it becomes a 6-7 inch plus monster. :thumbup:
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    Ed's Re-Scape 240l - "Reach" - 2 Months In

    Re: Ed's Re-Scape 240l - "Reach" - First Journal Making the effort and taking time planting the parvula will payoff soon. I think most advise to trim it hard when it's planted to encourage it to spread.
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    My first journal - Juwel Rekord 600

    If your going iwagumi then there is a great guide on tgm's site. Sorry can't link, posting from phone.
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    Help with Spray bar placement (JUWEL Tank)

    I used the standard crook and cut a notch out of the juwel trim so I could put it across the back. Just yell if you want a pic.