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  1. Odogg

    Back in the hobby after seeing George Farmer scape-off w/ Joye ;)

    Hi Joao, Ive got a fluval roma to only 125L I have had to modify it at every level to fit in a canister filter and lily pipes etc.
  2. Odogg

    Led strip light ? If not affordable options for a rack suggestions please?

    It’s all made in China and we don’t have a trade deal! So you won’t be able to buy them in the uk :lol:
  3. Odogg

    EI dosing bottles

  4. Odogg

    How soon can you add shrimps?

    So the Tropica amp is clearly wrong then.
  5. Odogg

    Got my new (to me) filter, do I need to buy smaller spray bars?

    Is it better to have the spray bar submerged or could it be just above the water line, thus in a tank with a rim / lid the bar would not bee seen?
  6. Odogg

    Critique my hardscape Experts needed :)

    Aquasoil path with carpet or sand? That is the question. What are the pros and cons of both?
  7. Odogg

    carpeting guideline....I need to know.

    Did you remove the start up plants after the tank was established?
  8. Odogg

    Critique my aquascape 3 months old aquascape

    What are the pros and cons of both - thanks for your reply
  9. Odogg

    Hello from Derbyshire

    Welcome - nice looking tank. Are you using the standard led light?
  10. Odogg

    Critique my aquascape 3 months old aquascape

    I am in 2 minds now. Shall I go down the sand path route, or soil the lot and (try) growing a carpet along the front and the middle? Like this
  11. Odogg

    New Scape Dragon stones.

    Looks nice, can’t wait to see it mature!
  12. Odogg

    carpeting guideline....I need to know.

    I’m not going to put fish in my tank for month. At present I have no fish so I’m in no rush. Just been testing some hardscspe layouts today with a cardboard box some potting compost and 20kg if rock. I am going to let tank cycle properly, then add a clean up crew - followed by a small Shoal of fish.
  13. Odogg

    carpeting guideline....I need to know.

    I am no expert but from reading this forum. Start with 6 hours light. Do dose the tank. Change at least 50 percent everyday for first week. 50 percent every other day week 2 Every 3 days week 3 Then once a week there after.
  14. Odogg

    Critique my hardscape Trying to mix different roots.

    The simple answer is if you leave them like that and fill the tank with water, needless to say it won’t be very interesting. However if you add two mounds of soil. Add a carpet at the front and say a Dutch style behind, then you have a nice tank! So the question is - what is your ambition? maybe...
  15. Odogg

    Adjustable LED lighting

    Anyone got any experience with the fluval fresh and planted tank LED with WiFi controller?
  16. Odogg

    Having another bash

    Fair play to you for your persistence :thumbup: keep it up.
  17. Odogg

    Critique my hardscape Hardscape Layout Suggestions!

    Looks really nice! Can’t wait to see it planted :thumbup:
  18. Odogg

    Critique my hardscape Experts needed :)

    That is actually 2 separate rocks, just well positioned :)
  19. Odogg

    Critique my hardscape Experts needed :)

    Cheers chaps very helpful
  20. Odogg

    Critique my hardscape Experts needed :)

    Yup many thanks Keith good shout. I have loads of wood and a bag of cat litter. Do you think I should break up the rock into smaller bits? Do you think I should have more space at the front? muchas gracias
  21. Odogg

    Critique my aquascape 3 months old aquascape

    I personally love the scape and my first looks the same. Cliche path down the middle But the people I Impress are my friends and not aquascapers. I do agree you should smash up some rocks and had some content into the parth in the small episodes. Add features and textures and deaf plants and...
  22. Odogg

    Photo lots of refection

    The main problem you have is hard light. Simple you’re shining a torch beam in a tank you are always going to get turbo shadows. First step, soften your light then follow other steps to increase coverage. If you want more tips I can go into depth
  23. Odogg

    Well my dirty tank is now on second attempt :)

    Take a snap :snaphappy::thumbup:
  24. Odogg

    Critique my hardscape Experts needed :)

    Hi Guys, This is my first attempt at a nature aquascape. So be kind. I have 80 x 35 x 45cm Tank 125L 27.5Gal I was thinking 2 separate planted areas with a the cliche path down the middle. I bought 20Kg of rock blind from AG - some nice pieces some a bit smooth for my liking. But it was a...
  25. Odogg

    APS external filters

    The filters are great but their customer service is shocking! Just read their google / eBay reviews
  26. Odogg

    Howdy Everyone

    Hi Ceg - yup already spent man hours reading it :thumbup:
  27. Odogg

    Howdy Everyone

    Hi everyone, newbie to the planted tank world. I have been keeping fish on and off for many years and now I am settled into a family home I’m setting up a planted tank. It’s a Roma 125 led - with a 2000lph canister filter. I plan to try an aquascape. I’ve been doing loads of research and...