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  1. tadabis

    Critique my aquascape 3 months old aquascape

    If this is your first attempt on aquascaping I would go the soil way.
  2. tadabis

    Critique my aquascape 3 months old aquascape

    @Odogg - thank you. @Keith GH - thank you for your advice about making smoother and more detailed pathways but unfortunetly tank is already flooded and I need to find the other way how to improve the path :) I am still thinking to eliminate the path completely and join those two islands with...
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    Critique my aquascape 3 months old aquascape

    Hello, @Samjpikey, @sonicninja and all others - Thank you for nice words and likes. @Keith GH - Thank you so much for such a detailed and valuable critique on my aquascape. At first my scape idea was to create two islands (jungle style planting zones) and somehow connect them together but not...
  4. tadabis

    Critique my aquascape 3 months old aquascape

    Hello, I started a new scape in july and want to know what you guys think? Sorry for poor quality mobile picture, was to tired to bring dslr camera out from the bag :wacky: I still want to add some more plants and fish...
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    Hello from Arizona

    Hello! Nice tank!
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    First tank help :)

    Hello :) If you want an average high tech setup you will probably need 3x more £ than you are planning to spend. Just for price guide lines co2 FE kits starts from ~100-120£. 2kg FE 35£..? Proper lights another 150-200£ and much more if you decide to go top quality brands. Filter plus piping...
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    One step forward, two steps back.

    Read your story... so sad to hear that... why dont you want to try ADA cube garden tanks? Small ones arent very expensive and they are top choice imo.
  8. tadabis

    A Forest Pathway

    Looks to symetric for my taste... dont look natural. Everything in the wild nature usually are asymetric...
  9. tadabis

    Where can I buy ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia Light in the UK? they do delivery to UK from Germany @ low fares.
  10. tadabis

    "The Green Cliffs"

    Hello, my windows 10 are also 64bits.. but everything is ok. Maybe you PC is missing any hardware drivers or other drivers which are responsible for usb slots or so? Because I use 64bits system with that power management program with no issues.
  11. tadabis

    "The Green Cliffs"

    Hello, no, not at all. Everything works smooth and good. You can download software for win10 from their site. Here is the link: On the very bottom of the page...
  12. tadabis

    "The Green Cliffs"

    Thanks everyone for help and comments, but I need to say that this tank do not exist anymore... I ripped it apart few weeks ago, did lots of mistakes (but learned a lot). Already planning a new scape (hope much better) in couple weeks.
  13. tadabis

    Tangled Roots

    Very nice indeed!
  14. tadabis

    CO2 Refills...

    Apex Fire ltd Ireland, Cavan town near car auction house. Can sell you a FE or refill it.
  15. tadabis

    Jbl in-out aqua water changer

    Hi :) Just buy one of these :) no problem with them at all...
  16. tadabis

    My home aquariums - In-situ

    That is Kessil A360WE tuna sun and its more than enough :) I think George said on his journal he ran them on 50% intensity.
  17. tadabis

    Eheim or JBL

    I would go for Eheim 2178 for this tank or 2x Jbl.
  18. tadabis

    How many Amano Shrimp?

    I would say at least 15...
  19. tadabis

    My home aquariums - In-situ

    Impressive! Very nice work! :)
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    hello frm kent

    Hello :)
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    It's a pleasure to being here

    Hello! :)
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    hello from california

    Hello :)
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    Hello to everyone

    Hello! :)
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    Hi from Horsham!

    Hello! :)
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    Hello complete newbie

    Hello and welcome! :)
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    Hi everyone

    Hello! :)
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    Ember tetras stocking 90x45x45 cm

    Thank you zozo for your post. So what you suggest for my iwagumi? I want a small schooling fishes and I dont want to have a mix, I want to have only one type.
  28. tadabis

    Ember tetras stocking 90x45x45 cm

    I think Eheim 2178 should be enough for that amount of fish...
  29. tadabis

    Ember tetras stocking 90x45x45 cm

    Hello, As title says I want to ask how much Ember tetras I can stock in to my 90x45x45 cm iwagumi scaped aquarium with 8 ottos and 10 amanos? 50 would be to much?
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    Hello! :)
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    "The Green Cliffs"

    So this means probably that I will leave hairgrass natural (no more cuts :) ) because sp. mini isnt very long and I like the look of it when its not trimmed. BTW I am a bit busy this couple weeks and away from home, so will only post new pics after a week or two when I get back home. Thank you...
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    Possible Algae

    Some brown diatoms?
  33. tadabis

    Hello Everyone!

  34. tadabis

    "The Green Cliffs"

    Hello! Still dont know :) I liked the look of natural untrimed carpet, but a week ago I made a major trim and like it aswell :) but after major carpet trim I had some hairgrass tips melting problem so was thinking maybe I cut it to low? Like I said in a post above I will post new photos...
  35. tadabis

    "The Green Cliffs"

    Hello Nuno! Thank you so much for taking time and answering my questions! I will follow your advice and see how things looks after a month. I am gonna update scape layout photos tomorrow and will post new ones after a month. I lowered Kessils power to 70% 7 hrs a day. Increased CO2 bps rate to...
  36. tadabis

    Kessil too much shimmer

    You just dont like the look or smth else?
  37. tadabis

    PH 7.6 to 6.4 ?

    I am not a pro, but it looks like you are getting to much co2 in your tank. What colour is your drop checker? In my tank I have 6.9 ph when co2 is off and 6.4 - 6.5 ph when co2 running and I have about 35 ppm co2 @4kh. Test your kh and ph when co2 is running and youll see if it is OK or not...
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    "Noobula" 90 x 45 x 60

    Tank looks very nice!
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    Hi All!

    Hello! :)
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    Greetings from Switzerland

    Hello! :)
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    from marines to plants

    Hello! :)
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    Hi All

    Hello! Welcome on board :)
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    hi everyone

    Hello! :)
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    Hello from Northants

    Hello! :)
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    Beginner in the hobby

    Hello :)
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    George Farmer Northern Ireland

    I would love to come but unfortunetly I have a trip abroad on 2nd of december :/
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    Autumn mood

    Looks really good!
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    Hello from Jersey

    Hello! :)
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    Cedar roots

    Very nice scape! :)
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    Jade Mountain - 60x45x30

    Yes indeed, its nice! looks a bit like Georges previous scape for me :) but looks very good!
  51. tadabis

    "The Green Cliffs"

    Thank you everyone for the comments and good words :) So far in a war against algae I started to use easy life liquid carbon 5ml/day. I updated my macro ferts recipe removing KNO3 like EdwinK suggested because of AS. Lights are set at 60% intensity and will try to increase intensity over couple...
  52. tadabis

    How many litres of Eheim Substrat Pro

    No :) I have 2178 600T and its 8L total capacity. When you buy 2 L pack of substrate pro you get even more than you can fill to the basket because it just simply will not sit correctly on other basket so you need to remove some like 50-100g spare :)
  53. tadabis

    "The Green Cliffs"

    Small update and question about algae. FTS: (sorry for quick phone image) Thinking to add some red (Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini') next week and maybe some Rotala in the background :) And now question about brown and green algae on the rocks. I know that brown algae is common in newly...
  54. tadabis

    How many litres of Eheim Substrat Pro

    Every basket carry 2L so 8L total filter capacity.
  55. tadabis

    nilknarf 60x40x40

    Looks good so far! :) keep updating us :)
  56. tadabis

    Not enough CO2

    It worked well! I added 2 drops API ph to DC co2art solution and I get solid blue colour! when placed to the tank and after couple of hours when co2 was running I have solid green colour. Thank you everyone!
  57. tadabis

    Powerhead ... juwel wave creator

    Hello :) yes you are right. Powerheads just increase water movement and nutritions movement around the tank (higher flow rate). You can also chech Hydor Koralia range as they are good rated and kinda not overpriced!
  58. tadabis

    Hello From nilknarf

  59. tadabis

    Not enough CO2

    Thank you Tim! Will try that today.
  60. tadabis

    Not enough CO2

    Who could recomend good DC solution brand or company?
  61. tadabis

    Not enough CO2

    Well I tested tank water today again when co2 was fully running.. kh 4 and ph 6.6 that means I have 30.1 mg/l co2 according the table shown above. That looks OK. I didnt get new dc solution today because my nearest lfs do not store them... I think I will order new solution from different sponsor...
  62. tadabis

    Not enough CO2

    Kh 4 and ph 6.8 when co2 is off. Will update results and retest ph when co2 will be fully going for 2-3 hours tomorrow.
  63. tadabis

    Not enough CO2

    I am gonna repeat kh and ph test readings tomorrow and post the results also will get new solution for DC.
  64. tadabis

    Not enough CO2

    Yes. Like I said tank is new and running just 3 weeks but yes I am changing solution every week. Last time I changed it was today morning. Solution colour from the mini bottle looks kinda same but blue... it still looks like transparent blue when filling a DC. Will buy new different solution...
  65. tadabis

    Not enough CO2

    Yes it was already made and mixed solution in a small mini bottle from co2art. And yes I am thinking the same that it is to bright or transparent... any more suggestions?
  66. tadabis

    Not enough CO2

    Hello, I have a question about co2 drop checker colour and co2 amount disolved in water. My tank setup is in my journal: The problem is that I cant get my co2 drop checker colour to show solid green or green/yellow...
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    Nice photo! :)
  68. tadabis

    stainless steel lilly pipes

    Thats no problem :) forum moderators will delete other posts just not to confuse the other users :) regarding your question I think some of the forum sponsors are selling stainless steel pipes but cant remember which ones...
  69. tadabis

    Glass protection???

    try typing "egg crate" in google or ebay and you will find it :)
  70. tadabis

    stainless steel lilly pipes

    Hi.. I dont think that you need to create 3 threads with the same topic and text in different forum sections to get your quetion answered... thats not nice :/ post 1 topic and wait till members responds to you :)
  71. tadabis

    Windswept Eternity

    Nice one! :)
  72. tadabis

    Warning! Fake Dual Stage Regulators!

    I saw unnedited post aswell. Now its changed!
  73. tadabis

    Chihiros A series rough guess

    Its my mistake about a dimmer, sorry :)
  74. tadabis

    Chihiros A series rough guess

  75. tadabis

    Chihiros A series rough guess

    I think 2 fixtures would be better... at the beggining you can use just one, later on both. And get a dimmer in case you will need to dim a little bit to get more control of the light.
  76. tadabis

    Chihiros A series rough guess

    At 50 cm above the water surface I would say low... or you mean water collum height is 50 cm than I think it would be moderate or medium
  77. tadabis

    Long tank neglect - algae everywhere :)

    First of all do 4 days blackout and do not attempt to open a tank for a sec to have a look... just put something on it to completely cover any light entrance to your tank... after 4 day clean whatever you can and so a WC. than you can turn back on co2 and ferts.
  78. tadabis

    New to the Forum with a sinking feeling

    Hello and welcome! :)
  79. tadabis

    hi, introduction and some info required

    Hello, welcome to UKAPS :)
  80. tadabis

    New member

    Hello! :)
  81. tadabis

    How to know if your tank is cycling...

    Maybe you are right... I was reading (googling lots of threads about Prime) and maybe my collected information mixed in my head :) anyway thank you for answers!
  82. tadabis

    Reclaimed timber dual aquarium build

    Just one more thing to ask? I hope you are using a heat treated pallets? with HT burned sign? because other pallets can be chemically treated and they are harmful...
  83. tadabis

    How to know if your tank is cycling...

    Thank you everyone for the answers! Thats all I wanted to know that it is completely safe to pour 50% of new water directly to the tank with fish and plants inside it and then treat a full tank volume with Prime according to dosage instructions, wait a couple of minutes, start filter again and...
  84. tadabis

    How to know if your tank is cycling...

    I found it somewhere here in seachem support forum in FAQ where seachem administrator answers a given questions...
  85. tadabis

    How to know if your tank is cycling...

    Hmm I am no expert thats why I am asking :) also what is written in Seachem website along with dechlorination time (works in about 2 minutes) that prime binds Amonia and nitrites for up to 24-48 hours... Because my english isn't a born language I am trying to figure out the exact prime working...
  86. tadabis

    How to know if your tank is cycling...

    I read on Seachem website that prime is active and treats water in just about 2 minutes. The question is if you pour prime before new water goes in to the tank will it be the same 100% active after you will finish pouring new water to the tank because it can take longer then 10-15 min to fill...
  87. tadabis

    How to know if your tank is cycling...

    But what about weekly water changes? what will happen if i leave 50% tank water and add 50% new water directly to the tank and then use prime to treat it? will it harm the fish and filter bacteria? So the only right way to treat water is just in separate container or bucket?
  88. tadabis

    How to know if your tank is cycling...

    Hello ian_m, I want to ask a bit silly question I think... but still I need to ask... when using dechlorinator (in my situation Seachem Prime) do I need to use it directly in to the tank when doing weekly 50% water changes after I change the water or do I need to use it before I add water to the...
  89. tadabis

    Reclaimed timber dual aquarium build

    Very nice! there are nothing that cant be fix using a belt sander ;)
  90. tadabis

    "The Green Cliffs"

    Thank you for nice words to everyone :) all the comments and advices are welcome because it's my first high tech tank and I still need to learn a lot about plants, fishes and water chemistry. Hi Manisha, I am from Northern Ireland too :) never been in exotic aquatics in Belfast... Is it worth...
  91. tadabis

    EI in combination with aquasoil

    I would suggest you to use half of EI dosage for the first week and do 30 - 50% water changes everyday and you can use full dose later on and do every other day water changes for the second and third weeks, fourth week do a water change once every week at least 50%. Maybe other members will...
  92. tadabis

    "The Green Cliffs"

    Actually I was thinking the same, because I already cut 2 runners from echinodorus tenellus on the middle part to stop them splitting around and "eating" sp. mini... But can't decide to remove it completely and let sp. mini to take it's place or get any other plant to this place along the...
  93. tadabis

    "The Green Cliffs"

    Hello again :) Day 11 photos. At the moment I am already thinking about the "cleaning crew" :) maybe someone got any suggestions? Thank you.
  94. tadabis

    "The Green Cliffs"

    Hello UKAPS! :) Finally after 3 years time break I managed to set up a new planted tank which I want to share with you. This tank is the second one for me. My first tank I had 5 years ago was a low tech Juwel ~110 L custom built tank, which I had for about a year when I discovered this wonderful...
  95. tadabis

    Crystal Mountain

    Nice photos!
  96. tadabis

    Feedback Great online seller once again!

    +1 from me. Bought plants and rocks recently from these guys and service was more then good :)