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    Help- Whitespot outbreak

    Hiya, I have got an outbreak of whitespot in my tank, is there a safe way of treating it which wont kill my Crystal shrimp and live plants? Thanks for your help
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    Newbie to powder fert

    Hi everyone, I have 2 fish tanks both at 69ltr each, i have been dosing with Tropica + plant. I find this is not working for my tanks, my ferns have brown spots/patches all over. Can someone please help me with powder ferts as i have never used them before and wouldn't have a clue where to...
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    Otto's with....?

    Hiya All, Is it ok to have otto's in a shrimp tank with 2 apple snails? Many thanks
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    Hydor CO2 Green NRG Exclusive System Refils

    Hi everyone, Does anyone have any experience with this system? Was wondering if there was any other cannister's which would work with it other than the 74gm hydor one. Thanks Steph
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    Tropica Fert Dosing

    Hi all, I would like to dose the tropica plant nutrition + on a daily basis. What to you think would be the ideal amount? My tank is a 60 ltr cube. Many thanks Steph
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    Posting snails

    Hi all, I was just wondering how you would package trumpets and Ramshorn snail? Would you treat a Ramshorn snail like an apple? In damp cotton wool in contairner Thanks Steph
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    Redmoor wood - Help

    I have got 2 bits of Redmoor wood in my tank. Today i have noticed today it has got white fluffy fungus stuff growing off it. Before it went into tank i had it in hot water over night. Has anyone else has this problem and is it something i should be worried about it? Thanks Steph
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    Thoughts on a co2 system for 50ltr

    Hi all, What would be the best system to use for a 50ltr planted tank? Thanks Steph
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    Over the tank light unit for 40cm tank

    Hi all, I curently have a 40 cm in length tank..... is there an over the tank light unit you can get for this which will fit? Many thanks Steph
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    Liquid ferts

    What are your views on liquid ferts? Does anyone use them? Thanks Steph