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  1. Ady34

    Something... Something... Shallow Tank

    It’s made me consider using it in my next ‘rivergumi’ set up. Stripped the plants from my 600 last night ready to empty tonight for rescape. Going to be utilising some wild rhino stone and was considering a single species plant….maybe UG could be the one. Im going to utilise new Tropica soil so...
  2. Ady34

    Always room for just one more....

    No extra fish so not successfully. I did lose a few to jumping unfortunately in the early days, however once a heirarchy formed I haven’t lost any more in over 6 months. I believe it was due to excessive sparring and chasing. I would recommend a covered tank ideally especially for larger groups.
  3. Ady34

    Post Your Pics & Videos of the Great Outdoors

    Me and the Mrs went for a much overdue short break to Bowness, Lake Windermere Lake District. The area seemingly utilising some of Adam Paszczelas finest frodo stones……:lol: And more from Bowness and Windermere…. More recently walking the dog in our local town, Newton Aycliffe. Put...
  4. Ady34

    River life photos

    Perhaps a native scape? :D
  5. Ady34

    DOOA Maru Slice Of Nature

    Hi Dean. If your not going to utilise a powered light source I would definitely opt for a bright location near but perhaps not in a window. I found the dooa spray very inexpensive as you use so little. I bought two bottles originally and don’t think I even used half a bottle whilst I had my...
  6. Ady34

    Messing about

    Love it 🤣
  7. Ady34

    Always room for just one more....

    Thanks Killi.
  8. Ady34

    Always room for just one more....

    Thanks Tim, this 600 is ready for a rescape now though….. bba is unfortunately hanging on and I feel now the time is right to do a rescape :) Thanks, I have loved this little scape, probably my favourite ever due to loving the plants, but also more significantly I love the way the fish...
  9. Ady34

    New member

    Welcome Jan.
  10. Ady34


    Thanks Dean :) Thank you 🙌🏻 Cheers Paulo, ha, I look at it frequently in the garage now I have to go in there to get the lawnmower out regularly. Makes me think about it more for sure 😃 Yeah, I really do like the aesthetic, they add a depth and contrast you don’t get any other way. This tank...
  11. Ady34

    Just help!!! .... please 😁

    Hi, did you plant before you filled the tank with water or are you trying to plant with the tank already full? It is much easier and more successful to plant before adding water and then slowly fill. The soil will eventually compact slightly with time making replanting cuttings etc easier and...
  12. Ady34


    Quick test of how to video share from Instagram. This is a much easier way to share short videos than using you tube, especially when you have an existing Instagram account :) This is the two living room tanks a few weeks ago.
  13. Ady34

    Request for UKAPS guests on my YouTube channel

    Sounds like a great idea George.
  14. Ady34

    Woody pics. Manzanita order arrived!

    Horizon Aquatics also have some if you have no luck.
  15. Ady34

    What Are Your Favourite Non-Featured Journals?

    Great post, there are endless quality journals each inspiring in their own rights.
  16. Ady34

    Tank in front of radiator

    I had my ea 600 right next to a radiator without any I’ll effects, in fact I had to add a heater to the tank as it was too cool at 20c.
  17. Ady34

    Twenty Seven Thousand.

    Update. Another tank with issues but gradually on the right track.. I suffered melt with the glosso, p. Halferi, and staurogyne on the initial weeks, and heavy diatoms particularly on the rocks. I kept up with maintenance and things began to improve. The p. Halferi wasn’t salvageable and I...
  18. Ady34

    Always room for just one more....

    Little update on this tank. The scape continues to offer a lot of enjoyment :) Recently I have suffered a bba outbreak I think triggered by a lack of plant trimming, increased plant mass and resultant effect on flow and distribution. I have thinned the plants and will increase maintenance along...
  19. Ady34


    Hi, Little update. This scape has and is proving far from straightforward. I have experienced a lot of plant melt particularly the h. Araguaia and rotala bonsai which have been replaced once and partially replaced again. The Monte Carlo also struggled but is starting to come good now I think. I...
  20. Ady34

    ‘Lazarus’...80x40x40, back on track!

    Tank is looking on point as are your photos, you are right to be happy :)
  21. Ady34

    Aquascaper 900 - Comeback Lockdown Tank :)

    Matured nicely mate 👌🏻
  22. Ady34

    Journal My First Terrarium

    Dooa do a brown wicking tape, I think this would be important as the upper areas would dry out. They may still dry out as I don’t have experience of the wicking tape and how effective it is over distance. Dooa also do a really cool light unit: DOOA Magnet Light G Another option would be to have...
  23. Ady34

    ADA Aquasky RGB 60- Questioning lower light output

    I may be incorrect but I believe although the twinstar light looks bright to the eye, it is actually not so strong and the issue you may be facing is the opposite to your conclusion in that the new ADA light is too strong for the current levels of supplied co2 and other fertilisers. The melting...
  24. Ady34

    New Decade, New Decadence...

    Love this shot :cool:
  25. Ady34

    Another noob here.

    Welcome to UKAPS :)
  26. Ady34

    Just Joined Novice

    Welcome to UKAPS :)
  27. Ady34

    Hello from Warsaw!

    Welcome to UKAPS :)
  28. Ady34

    New tank trouble

    Hi, as co2 deficiency causes structural failure, and in this post you highlight poor oxygen at night (Poor gas exchange), can poor o2 during the night hours have the same effect on plants, as in structural failure that lack of co2 has during the photoperiod? I’m quite intrigued as I’m going...
  29. Ady34


    Hi Jay, the frodo was good to work with but I think you need to hand pick pieces to suit the look you are going for as from what I have seen in stores it varies hugely in striata and shape. Some bits are flat and smooth, some look like concrete and some are unusually shaped with lots of detail...
  30. Ady34

    22l Nature Aquarium

    Nice to see you here posting. Lovely tank and amazing growth without co2. Cheerio,
  31. Ady34


    Thanks Sammy, I think with iwagumi they tend to look neat as there is a definite line of clarity in the upper regions. It helps give that crisp appearance that so many are drawn too. Fingers crossed it maintains that look and doesn’t get unruly. Cheers, I liked it so went with it. It fits the...
  32. Ady34


    Hi, with the end of the Re-education journal (Re-education.....) I thought it right to share the replacement set up. I opted to downsize the 1500 in favour of a smaller unit to go with the existing ea600, ‘Always room for just one more’ journal tank (Always room for just one more....) I wanted...
  33. Ady34

    40x40x40cm cube

    Exactly my thoughts. Don’t tear it down, make it a blackwater? Such a cool scape, too nice to strip :) That way you could always plant it in the future if it suited.
  34. Ady34

    Two sides of the river bed

    Wow, this looks so lush now, incredible plant growth. Any more pics?......please :playful:
  35. Ady34

    40x40x40cm cube

    Really cool scape. Roll on 4 weeks time ;)
  36. Ady34

    Always room for just one more....

    I have some beautiful frodo stones which I’m going to have a play with and see what direction it takes from there......perhaps an iwagumi if they work. Yes two honey gourami were added several months ago, the yellow adds a nice contrast. Unfortunately the beautiful killifish only lasted about...
  37. Ady34

    Olympus is Calling.

    Fingers crossed Zeus.
  38. Ady34

    Always room for just one more....

    Hi, the tank is back in its permanent position in the living room. It’s not the ideal orientation as it was scaped for its old position on the opposite wall, however I don’t want to rescape just yet as I enjoy it too much......plus I have the 30c just planted and the 900 you can see beside it to...
  39. Ady34

    incase a hose pops off and floods your house.....

    It’s a concern, however in all my years of fishkeeping I’ve never had a hose pop off......usually it’s a task to remove them! :lol: Most filter/equipment manufacturers have hose locks on all hose joining points and regards glassware, just ensure to push the pipe on far enough (I usually go for a...
  40. Ady34

    Twenty Seven Thousand.

    That's a fantastic idea on the moss btw, which type is it, on their site? ha, yeah it definitely served a purpose and there was no maintenance at all which was a bonus. It’s this: https://www.scapednature.com/collections/moss-art/products/preserved-moss-mix-bun-flat I think I only purchased...
  41. Ady34

    Twenty Seven Thousand.

    Well, the preserved moss was removed as I finally got the incentive to fill and plant this little scape. I wanted a pretty simple looking plant plan and wanted to keep it all green, not dissimilar to the look offered from the preserved moss. Plant list: Micranthemum Monte carlo Hydrocotyle...
  42. Ady34


    Yep it doesn’t. Really disappointed tbh. I bought the light so it would match the existing 600e which sits beside it and I love the colour rendition of the e lines. Such a shame as I think I’m going to have to find an alternative. on a positive note, your scape is looking great :) Thanks for...
  43. Ady34


    Hi, I’ve got one of these lights and have just sat it on my ea900 with 10mm glass. It doesn’t fit flush by any means and has me nervous. My 600e fits my ea600 tank perfectly and I bought the same unit for the 900 as I like the light and colour rendition. I have measured the outer dimensions of...
  44. Ady34

    A Little Slice Of Nature

    Pleased it’s going well mate :)
  45. Ady34

    Always room for just one more....

    Ha, no not a permanent home. The tank is too wide and I have the 30c in the kitchen already. I do really like having it there though when cooking :) Cheers Mark, yeah they are great tanks, although not available any longer :(
  46. Ady34

    Always room for just one more....

    Thanks :-)
  47. Ady34

    Always room for just one more....

    Ahh, that’s so nice to hear and so pleased it inspired you to get into planted tanks, it’s a great hobby :) Here’s the post in the re-education journal, it explains things a little bit, but I’m downsizing in favour of running a few smaller tanks. I will utilise it again one day but for now it’s...
  48. Ady34

    Always room for just one more....

    A little update. This tank is still running and providing much enjoyment :) As I have stripped the 1500 ready for a new carpet in my living room I have had to move this little tank also. The beauty of these littler tanks is that you can squeeze them in anywhere. This tank has found a new...
  49. Ady34

    Always room for just one more....

    Thank you. apologies for the delay in responding, somehow this must have slipped under the radar! I think it will provide some energy for the plants however it is more an aesthetic addition realistically. Yes they are quite expensive, however there are less expensive options such as the...
  50. Ady34

    Tank crazy in my house....

    Yep classic case of MTS....multiple tank syndrome! I would opt for an external, two main benefits in a 55l are it increases water volume and takes up less room in the tank :)
  51. Ady34


    Should be in the house 27th feb, but I need to get my thinking cap on about what I want to do with it. I’ve been that focused on taking down the 1500 and planning the ins and outs that I’ve kind of not thought any further forward than actually moving this tank out and getting the new tank in :lol:
  52. Ady34


    I agree, it does have a lot of potential, it’s a great sized tank. I know I will want to utilise it again which is why I just can’t get rid of it and it’s going into storage, however what I have learned is that I really only have time for the one big tank or a few smaller much quicker to...
  53. Ady34


    Thanks man, no real ideas for what’s next though. I’m sure something will come to me. Thanks Paul, when I saw it empty I thought about just scaping it again straight away, I’ve got some lovely big pieces of frodo stone 🤔 :lol: Thanks Gill, it took a while but it got there in the end :) Ahh...
  54. Ady34

    Another Lockdown newbie

    Welcome :-)
  55. Ady34

    Hello everyone.

    Welcome to the forum.
  56. Ady34


    Well, that is it..... I’d like to end this journal by saying a huge thanks to everyone on the forum who has contributed along the way. The input offered has certainly contributed to the success of this tank and for that, as with my first planted tank journal on UKAPS, I am always grateful...
  57. Ady34

    Wow they let me in!

    Welcome Mark 😀
  58. Ady34

    Rimless tank options post-EA?

    Just to make everyone aware, forum sponsors Horizon Aquatics now stock waterbox aquariums and I believe drop shipping is foc. Anyone wanting a replacement quickly for the ea tank such as @Paul Kettless maybe worth contacting them for more information. The cabinet colour choices aren’t as varied...
  59. Ady34

    Moderator hogan53 name change!

    Caught me out briefly :lol:
  60. Ady34

    New Plant Expert

    Welcome to the forum Christel.
  61. Ady34

    Welcome Scaped Nature

    Great news :)
  62. Ady34


    Back to business as usual with this one Tim. Great to see your plants thriving. Looks like another cracker.
  63. Ady34

    Evening from Scotland!

    Welcome to UKAPS.
  64. Ady34

    New member introduction

    Welcome to the forum.
  65. Ady34

    New Admin

    Congrats Tim, your commitment to the forum, as with Paulo, is much appreciated from members and moderators alike.
  66. Ady34

    Suggestions for very fine roots/branches . . .

    @Wookii they are on their website now also :-)
  67. Ady34

    Suggestions for very fine roots/branches . . .

    Believe it or not, they tell me they are called ‘faraway trees’ !
  68. Ady34

    Suggestions for very fine roots/branches . . .

    Hi @Wookii, forum sponsors horizon aquatics have this in: Its not listed on their website but I saw it today and thought of you. If it could be of use then give them a call or message and they will be able to help and send in the post. Cheerio,
  69. Ady34


    Thank you. Thanks, I enjoy the journal process and it’s always there to refer back to if needed. Thanks Paulo. 7 years is an incredible length of time and a great achievement. Working a little harder with this tank again with 2x weekly maintenence sessions of sand siphoning and water changes...
  70. Ady34

    Suggestions for very fine roots/branches . . .

    Saw some at ADG in America, but again not uk.
  71. Ady34

    Critique my hardscape In need of huge help :( Cant get it looking nice

    This is a much better result with perhaps the only critique to be that the dragon stone striata would look more natural if aligned so the stone has a more natural ‘flow’. The scape now has a definite triangle composition and the wood follows a more natural feeling within the tank as if pushed...
  72. Ady34

    Will APFUK starter kit suit my needs?? 4 Month update with pics

    Just read the thread, some great forum member advice and help and I’m pleased it has had a positive impact on your tank which is looking great. Far more knowledgeable people than me, I just keep adding more standard mixed EI recipie until the plants are happy :lol: Thanks also for the positive...
  73. Ady34

    Monte Carlo issues once again

    Great advice already, but also how much fertiliser are you dosing? I found with mc that it is very greedy and along with increasing co2 availability I increased my Tropica specialised dosing significantly and the mc stopped melting.
  74. Ady34

    Quite a few Changes.

    Looking very lush in there now John, great job.
  75. Ady34

    30cm cube stand

    ADA cube cabinet clear do a 30cm ;)
  76. Ady34

    A new journey begins

    Welcome to UKAPS :-)
  77. Ady34


    2 years old today 🥳 This will be staying a little longer due to the current lockdown restrictions. No point in taking it down when I can’t get another tank set up in its place. In situ Last night...... Cheerio,
  78. Ady34


    Thanks for the support :):cool:
  79. Ady34

    Internal Glass Cleaning

    Dennerle cleanator for me too, great little sponge.
  80. Ady34


    Welcome to UKAPS :cool:
  81. Ady34

    Hi everyone

    Welcome to the forum :-).
  82. Ady34

    New Guy New Aquariums

    Welcome to UKAPS.
  83. Ady34

    Tropica liquid plant fertiliser advice

    Hi, how heavily planted is your tank, are you injecting co2, are you using a soil substrate and what is your lighting intensity like? I would say the Tropica bottle dosage is lean and designed for an everyday plant keeper, perhaps not a heavily planted Aquascape. For example I dose 12ml per day...
  84. Ady34


    Thanks Dean, your comments are very much appreciated. I haven’t got a clear idea of a scape yet but I’m sure once I have the tank I’ll get a feel for something. thanks Paulo, the 1500 will be put away for another day. The plan is to rotate between several smaller tanks or one big tank at a...
  85. Ady34

    Anyone have their tank in an alcove/corner?

    Without wanting to hijack @bushaaayyy post, I would just like to say what a stunning display area you have created. The planning and execution are excellent with some cool scapes to boot. Cheerio,
  86. Ady34

    Anyone have their tank in an alcove/corner?

    Hi @bushaaayyy, love an alcove tank, they can look spectacular as @J-Bonham has illustrated with their beautiful display. One thing I would consider if putting in the largest tank you can fit in is painting the outer rear and end panels with a suitable type of paint, be that black, white or...
  87. Ady34

    Hello All!

    Welcome to the forum.......even though you are familiar with it already :)
  88. Ady34

    Hi all

    Welcome to UKAPS.
  89. Ady34

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Hope you all had a great Christmas and best wishes for the new year. Ady.
  90. Ady34

    Always room for just one more....

    Thanks DTM61 :)
  91. Ady34

    Yellow Pebblequarium

    Hi, your plants are looking much nicer now. It’s great that you have such a relaxed approach and have been willing to stick with the tank and adapt your approach to discover what works. Your journal makes for a great read, do you have any further update? Cheerio, Ady.
  92. Ady34

    Always room for just one more....

    Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you have all had a nice few days. Some festive ‘Christmas’ moss.... I trim this portion from @Iain Sutherland periodically so it can hold its own weight during water change. Some more seasonal shots.... .....and some extras just because I like them :snaphappy...
  93. Ady34


    Hi, I haven’t really explained so I guess I should. Whilst I’ve loved this tank, and it has had ease of maintenence in mind from the outset, as @Siege suggests the maintenance is still considerable on a tank of this size. It is purely the length of time it takes to carry out the basics of sand...
  94. Ady34


    Hi, reduced the lighting a few percent just to make things easier. Bba is mainly focused on the exposed branches, and although it is still present on the edges of the plants, it is not getting worse. The tank overall remains nice to look at but keeping the sand clean is near impossible with the...
  95. Ady34

    New moderator

    Don’t change Geoff. Welcome to the team.
  96. Ady34

    Twenty Seven Thousand.

    To quote from scaped natures website: “Preserved Flat Moss is also 100% Natural, it's a flat sheet of moss in various shapes and sizes. Use on Interior Moss Walls, base to flower displays, top dressing displays or to use for scenery, set displays. The Bun and flat moss is grown...
  97. Ady34

    Twenty Seven Thousand.

    Yeah, it’s certainly given me food for thought. Yep, it would be a perfect opportunity however I have a bit going on currently and dont want to commit to water changes. Also would like something interesting to look at. I’m quite happy to follow the four week water change routine with plants in...
  98. Ady34

    Twenty Seven Thousand.

    Not quite ready to plant and fill this little tank, but was tired of looking at it without soul......I decided to make more of a feature out of it temporarily so ordered some preserved moss from Scaped Nature and ‘greened’ up the little sucker...... Hopefully early next year I’ll be in a...