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  1. myboyshay

    "Serenity Peak" Final Tank Shot

    Hi everyone :wave: This is my 60cm Iwagumi, my first "real" attempt at a planted tank. This sounds cheesy but I really couldn't of done this scape without all the great advice I've had right here at UKAPS....so thanks to everyone who has chipped in with there tips, advice etc, especially...
  2. myboyshay

    cyperus helferi????

    Hi everyone, I'm in the planning stages of my next setup and I would really like to try "cyperus helferi" as a backdrop. It will be a 60cm tank and the substrate will be the full ADA system (Aquasoil Amazonia, Powersand special, Tourmaline BC and Penac P&W) I have most of this left from my...
  3. myboyshay

    Wood scape critique!

    Hi there, Although I won't be rescaping until early next year I recieved my ADA black wood from TGM and had to have a mess around with some ideas. (PIC BELOW) Wood is still new to me so I would be very grateful of some critique from some of the "wood gurus" out there. The plan: 60cm opti...
  4. myboyshay

    Black sand question

    Hi everyone, I'm in the planning stages of my next scape and I have a question with regards to the substrate. I'm going to have a bright sand foreground and I'll be using ADA Amazonia in the back but I won't be completely covering the back with plants (I'm after a Vallis nana curtain effect 3...
  5. myboyshay

    Grrrrrr! surface scum - help please!

    Hi everyone, I'm having a real problem with surface scum (White/greyish). It's a 60cm Iwagumi (Serenity Peak Journal) planted with hairgrass, Tetratec EX700 & Hydor Koreli nano 900lph for filtration/flow, I dose daily with 3ml Easycarbo(I've got a feeling this is the problem) - no CO2...
  6. myboyshay

    Filter Cleaning

    Hi there, I feel really stupid asking this question but here I go: I have a Tetratec EX700 (it's the first external I've had), I'll be cleaning the filter every 4 weeks, do I dip/clean the media (Sera Siporax) in a bucket of tank water every time and do I empty the water in the canister and...
  7. myboyshay

    Some Hairgrass trimming hints & Tips please!

    Hi everyone, My tank has been planted with hairgrass (E.Parvula) for nearly 4 weeks, I trimmed it to around an inch tall before planting and it is growing and spreading nicely. I don't want to trim for trimming sake and was wondering when would be the best time for the next trim and how often...
  8. myboyshay

    What tetra?

    Hi there, Nearly ready for stocking and I can't decide between embers, green neons and I love cardinals but I think they may look too big in a 60cm Iwagumi. What are the green neons like does anyone have any? Thanks in advance Mark "Serenity Peak" Journal viewtopic.php?f=35&t=7750#p85503
  9. myboyshay

    Ammonia Testing

    Hi there, I'm at day 13 of my new setup using a brand new filter with new Sera Siporax media. My substrate is ADA aquasoil which I know leaches ammonia. I recently tested ph which is 6.8 and Nitrate tested at 0. Would it be best to purchse an ammonia test kit, and if so any recommendations...
  10. myboyshay

    Filter Boosters...Do they work?

    Hi Everyone, Are filter boosters/starters any good and if so which product would you recommend. I'm using ADA aquasoil which leaches ammonia so I thought using a booster might help. Thanks in advance Mark
  11. myboyshay

    The new Arcadia T5 Luminaire...Is it worth all them pennies?

    Hi everyone! I'm contemplating investing in the new Arcadia luminaire T5 60cm. Does anyone have one and if so are they worth the money (cheapest I found was around £280) I already have one of the german made luminaires from Ebay which I was going to keep for a spare but I love the sleek look...
  12. myboyshay

    Planting Eleocharis parvula

    Hi there, When I come to plant my tank (60cm Iwagumi) I'm going to plant it by cutting it down to approx 1cm and plant in small clumps of around 4/5 leaves. I'm unsure on how much distance to leave between each clump.....can anyone advise please so I can gain the best possible carpet effect...
  13. myboyshay

    "Serenity Peak" Mark's 60cm Iwagumi

    Hi Everyone :wave: LOADS OF PICS ON PAGE 9 After months of spending, planning, reading and picking brains right here on UKAPS I've started my first "real" effort at aquascaping, i love Iwagumi so I had to have a go :D The setup will be as follows: Aquarium: 60x30x36cm Opti White from...
  14. myboyshay

    ADA How to photograph your tank tips!

    Hi everyone, Just come across this ADA webpage and thought it might be of some help to those with little knowledge of "tank photography" like myself :? .....I got some good tips and they work (for compact users aswell) http://en.iaplc.com/howto/index.html Regards Mark
  15. myboyshay

    Advice from ADA OZ?????????

    Hi there, I asked for some stocking advice lately for a 60cm Iwagumi stocked with embers, otos and amano shrimp, Our own George farmer recommended: 10 - 15 embers 4 oto 8 shrimp George ADA retailer Australia recommended: 24 - 60 ember 4/6 oto as many shrimp as I want *On the Aquajournal...
  16. myboyshay

    Lighting...Your thoughts/suggestions

    Hi everyone, I've been reading up on lighting on the forum and various sites (Aquajournal website is brilliant for those who haven't looked) and my head is going to explode :? I tend to sway towards the ADA way (8000K more of the blue spectrum) higher watts per gallon for a 60x30x36. If I was...
  17. myboyshay

    Stocking Advice

    Hi everyone, I'm in the planning process of a 60x30x36cm Iwagumi using 5 seiryu stone, Hemiantbus callitrichoides "Cuba" and Echinodorus Tenellus. (full ADA substrate system) I am wanting to stock with Hyphessobrycon Amandae(Ember tetra I think), Oto's and Amano Shrimp. Could anyone advise me...
  18. myboyshay

    Time of day for lights?

    Hi there, I feel a bit stupid asking this question but I've read you should light your tank for 8 - 10 hrs, daylight hours, from morning to night but If I did that I would never see my tank lit. Would it make much difference to the growth of my plants HC and E.Tenellus if I set the lights from...
  19. myboyshay

    What Lumanaire?

    Can anyone recommend a decent priced lumanaire for a 60cm tank, just can't afford Arcadia, unless someone has one they want to sell!!! Seen the german ones on Ebay, does anyone know if these are any good, looks and performance wise. I'm wanting 4x24w T5's. Thanks in advance Mark
  20. myboyshay

    From wet/dry trickle to external

    At the mo, due to lack of funds, I'm stuck with my Aqua One AR850 and I really don't like the wet/dry trickle system. I'm wanting to purchase a tetratec external although I'm a little woried about the change over. Would it be best best to use the ceramic noodles already in the hood filtration...
  21. myboyshay

    Seiryu Valley

    Just been messing a bit with some new software, appreciate any feedback on my first effort at aquascaping. [/url] Many thanks Mark! (lovin' this new found hobby) :D
  22. myboyshay

    xmas moss question

    I've just added some xmas moss to my tank, i've attached it to large thin pebbles using a hair nets. I had a a good size portion of moss so i've put a fairly thick layer on the pebbles, will this grow and spread Ok (please say it will) Thanks in advance Mark
  23. myboyshay

    Aquariums Ltd

    I've just had a quote back from Aquariums Ltd for a 60cm opti white tank and slimline ADA style stand. Brilliant price :D Has anyone out there ordered from here, how do they compare to the the real deal ADA and AE german made? I know you get what you pay for, I was just wondering if there was...
  24. myboyshay


    Not sure whether to put this here or ferts but I'm planning my next set up for my home move and I'm still a bit weary of CO2 injection. Will dosing with EasyCarbo and TPN+ be OK for the following or will I have serious algae issues: THE PLAN (TRUE IWAGUMI): Opti white tank 60x30x35 Eheim...
  25. myboyshay

    What External filter???

    Hi there! Hope someone can help, I have just purchased ADA lily pipes (V3/P2) which use 13mm tubing, can anyone recommend a decent external canister which will go with these. I'm wanting to start a new set up but I'm buying bits at a time for when I move home. I'll be purchasing a opti whit...
  26. myboyshay

    Java Moss As A Carpet

    I've got a easy maintenance set up and I'm really wanting to have a good carpet of green. After researching the likes of riccia, HC etc I think they're pretty much a no go without high lighting and CO2 injection. Would I be able to use java moss tied to slate/netting with hair net to get a...
  27. myboyshay

    Riccia, to try or not to try?

    I really love the look of riccia and was wanting to try it. Is it worth giving it a go without CO2 injection and very high lighting? I dose daily with Easy Carbo and Tropica Plant Nutrition+ with 70w of lighting 165L tank. I'm new to aquascaping so I hope this doesn't sound like a stupid...
  28. myboyshay

    Some feedback please!

    Hi there! I'm a brand new member and just wanted some feedback on my attempt at aquascaping. http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.c ... D=31258183 (2 PICS) The tank was already established and I stripped it and started a new 2 weeks ago, hence the ugly looking gravel which lets the whole...