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  1. dsandson

    Sewage dumping in rivers.

    Interesting discussion. I'm a civil engineer by trade, and do work for water utilities. That has lessened over the last while but that's just a business thing. I work for a consultancy but see lots of what happens. Many of the thoughts so far have been over population or a lack of respect of...
  2. dsandson

    Chihiros Vivid 2. Where to buy UK?

    I recently bought a WRGB2 from the app. It arrived in less than a week, with tracking with FedEx. I was genuinely impressed with the speed. It was only a 30cm model but no taxes to pay. I received a letter today confirming the import certificate as well, so all above board. That was confirmed...
  3. dsandson

    Rimless tank options post-EA?

    How about another option, US firm Waterbox Aquariums have setup a UK base. Found them as I was looking for an Optiwhite all in one tank. They seem to now being selling freshwater rimless tanks. CLEAR
  4. dsandson

    Surface Film

    John, I have just set up my Aqua Nano 40 (next step up from your tank) and found that i was getting some of this surface scum. May not be the same source but I have found the back filter can help if you get the grille intake to act more as a weir. I have dropped the water level slightly. This...
  5. dsandson

    Volcano mineral out of stock everywhere in uk?

    I got some from Riverwood Aquatics about 2 weeks ago. They still have 3l bags in stock. I actually only ordered the 3l but they sent a 9l bag. I even contacted them to ask was that a mistake, and offered to pay the balance but still no reply. Dont want to see an independent shop out of pocket...
  6. dsandson

    Aquascaping store name ideas

    I'd love to see an aquascaping store in Ireland. Doubt it'd be near me but somewhere we could drive to without taking a plane or a ferry would be good!! Given the relatively low density of people in Ireland versus the likes of England where all the well known aquascaping shops are, I'd say such...
  7. dsandson

    Yes, another one of those....

    Yeah, thats a tricky one. Interesting find as well. I suppose it comes down to how comfortable you are taking a punt! If the RGB spectrum isnt fantastic to your eye, then you could always sell it on on ebay. Glad to see it has a clover-leaf power connector. Should be easy to find a replacement...
  8. dsandson

    Wave CO2 Regulator & Solenoid help?

    I wanted to bring this up again as I wasnt able to help the poster earlier in the thread. Ive just received another wave co2 reg and solenoid combo through the post... only took the ebay seller over a month to bother posting it, but oh well! Anyway, connected it up to my FE on the 180l tank...
  9. dsandson

    Wave CO2 Regulator & Solenoid help?

    Thats a bit odd. What type of bottle are you using? Is it a 1kg or 500g?
  10. dsandson

    Wave CO2 Regulator & Solenoid help?

    Hi, if it helps I've had a wave reg for over 2 years now. Been using an UP inline diffuser for about a year, with no problems at all. Recently bought another filter and UP diffuser, so now have the 2 diffusers running from the same bottle with no problems. The right hand hand dial shows...
  11. dsandson


    ... unless you've got cribs. In which case its like a red rag to a bull. The male has buried so far down that he's exposed the Osmocote on the base of the tank, and in more than one place. The stuff is just so damn light! Grr! :cry: Dave
  12. dsandson

    Boyu Vs Up Aqua In-Line Diffusors - Quick Review

    Definately! The tank its on is in the lounge. The 2 filters and one Koralia already make enough noise as it is!! And, the fact that I already had the jubilee clips helped. Dave
  13. dsandson

    Boyu Vs Up Aqua In-Line Diffusors - Quick Review

    My word that was a fast reply! Cheers mate.
  14. dsandson

    Boyu Vs Up Aqua In-Line Diffusors - Quick Review

    Hi folks I've just got a small co2 system for the 60l tank, and in doing so have now ended up with 2 inline external diffusors. Hence I thought a little comparison wouldnt go amiss. Boyu In-Line Diffusor Cost me about £5.50 through ebay from Hong Kong. Fits 12mm & 16mm hose fittings. I...
  15. dsandson

    would you connect inline diffuser/reactor to a...

    To be honest, I'd say both have more than adequate flow. Its worth asking whick make of inline diffusor you have? If its the Boyu model, its got quite a narrow bore, and would probably cause a relatively greater reduction in flow on the 2000l/hr filter for little benefit. I have the boyu...
  16. dsandson

    Boyu in-line diffuser help

    On a 180l tank mine was consistent after about a minute. Its possible that what you hear is the gas being restricted as the non-return valve closes and opens again. Dave
  17. dsandson

    dam akadama

    I've had Akadama in a 180l for almost a year now. When initially washing it, if you were too vigourous then it would easily crumble away. A light touch was best. After a year and its still going strong. Perhaps you got a bad batch. Dave
  18. dsandson

    digital plug timers

    yeah, i had the exact same issue with an argos timer on my solenoid... Got so bad that i binned the thing in a fit of rage! I need a few more for a new co2 set so i'm gonna try B&Q. Just need to make sure they only take up one plug space.
  19. dsandson

    Flora-grow CO2 Nano Kit

    It just happens that I've received the "Turbo Kit 3" today. Same as the above but with a rio600 pump (which I dont plan on using) and all for £36 delivered. I wont be able to fit this up for at least a week, but it seems great value. The brand is called 'RuWal', and it seems to be an Italian...
  20. dsandson


    Brilliant. Let us know how it looks and works for you sure. I've been looking at them and I'm very tempted for my 60l tank! Dave
  21. dsandson

    Emeresed start up for utricularia graminifolia?

    You could try here, on Fluidsensoronline's ebay page. Got some about a month back just to try out and its starting to grow, even with just easycarbo. Dave
  22. dsandson

    little co2 system i found, will it work with.....?

    I've found the same reg elsewhere on ebay where it says they fit the disposable paintball co2 cannisters. This is different to the machine mart bottles. Would probably only make sense if you had a nano though, as those cannisters are only 85g.
  23. dsandson

    Would this be a suitable filter?

    Thats actually quite a good point, and well made. Remember that people are always more likely to share a horror story than an its-all-worked-fine story. Dave
  24. dsandson

    Bobtastic's 1st Planted Tank Journal (240l)

    oh, thats starting to look really good. I love the way the hydrocotyle is planted around the bogwood... which is very impressive too! I hope you havent missed it but you'll need some ferts to use alongside the easycarbo. I'd recommend TPN+ as an easy way to start, then maybe look into IE using...
  25. dsandson

    Cannot get CO2 going again ?

    I used to have this happen to me when I used a glass/ceramic diffusor in the tank. If I removed the diffusor when the solenoid was off, for some reason my non-return valve would suddenly stick fully closed. Disconnecting the non-return from the tubing going to the solenoid usually freed it...
  26. dsandson

    Ill Rams, will be looking for a replacements soon, but what?

    I have to say I'm with PM here. I've never had good quality rams before. They all simply fade away and die within 2 months, no matter how clean the water is. I'd never buy rams again. Kribs and Apistos however... I have a pair of each in my 180l and they are brilliant to watch, and oh so...
  27. dsandson

    Where Did You Start?

    Another vote for Jimbooo. Truelly stunning tanks. Reading through the journals they just got better and better and better! I was hooked from that point on, and it didnt take long to migrate over here to ukaps. Dave
  28. dsandson

    opinions please

    £50? Wow, thats a great price for a 120cm luminaire! And its from a UK shop so its much easier to chase them up if it goes bang. Not bad at all.
  29. dsandson

    In need of assistance

    Welcome to Ukaps! Always good to see a new member. Looks like you've made a good start. Anyway, to answer some of your issues. Just wait until clive see that! :wink: I know its not what all the lfs's and big companies say, but excess nutrients do not cause algea. You dont say if you dose any...
  30. dsandson

    aquarium hk reg

    You could try this. Looks to have a needle valve built in. Also can use 22mm fittings and disposable paintball bottles apparently. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260456798917&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT Also free delivery.
  31. dsandson

    reactors for dummies!

    Those are both inline diffusors. Not quite the same as a reactor, as a reactor will put out co2 dissolved into the water, whilst the inline diffusor will put out a mist of bubbles which you see through the tank. I have the 2nd example there. Its very efficient, but has a narrow bore and needs...
  32. dsandson

    clay based substrates

    Hmm, not really. You could pre-soak it with macro-nutrients, a lot like James did in the Akadama sticky at the top of this page. Or put some Osmocote granules in the bottom which would be a slow release fertiliser http://www.theonlinegardener.com/product.asp?prod=1014769 It wasnt really a...
  33. dsandson

    Andyh's 60L kitchen tank

    Re: New Project "60L kitchen tank" Maybe look at it the other way around. Attatch the luminaire to the cabinets, and have it swivel out of the way instead of moving the tank. Would only work if you dont have one of the funny decorative strips at the front lip of cabinets.
  34. dsandson

    8l nano. little project

    Hi Sam Glad to see the Staurogyne is going well, and the tank looks amazing. I'd agree with Garuf about the Rotala, HM would be much better. Or maybe even something grassy... maybe E Tennelus? Dave
  35. dsandson

    clay based substrates

    I think what Tom means in Remineralized Soil. Its not a product, but a DIY substrate. I noticed it a while back while looking at one of the US plant sites, think it was the planted tank. Anyway, here's the link...
  36. dsandson

    clay based substrates

    Hi Polly I was inspired by Tom's post about cat litter in the USA, so tried to search for something suitable here... and guess what came up when I did some googling? One of your posts! Brilliant. Anyway, did some more research and came across a few bonsai sites talking about cat litter. The...
  37. dsandson

    Smallest reg?

    yes Hogan, please do post a few pics as this could be an ideal introductory reg for those of us who are a little strapped for cash! Even without a solenoid this might be good for 24hr co2 injection at a reduced rate. Dave.
  38. dsandson

    brightwell aquatic ferts

    Rummy Nose, welcome to Ukaps. I havent heard of those either, although its always good to see another brand of Liquid Carbon... better choice hopefully means better value. I'd assume the Florin Multi would be essentially a Trace mix, which is good. As George says, theres no N or P in there, so...
  39. dsandson

    Good plant suppliers?

    Maybe stay away from Aquarium Gardening. I ordered off them at the tail end of last year, and for the money I paid I was sorely disappointed. Very small pots, poor quality and very amateur packaging. However, I got a few pots of E Acicularis from FliudsensorOnline about 2 months ago and they...
  40. dsandson

    Ebay Regulators

    Try here for a few reviews; http://www.aquaticplantcentral.com/forumapc/equipment/14783-my-co2-azoo-regulator-experience.html Dave
  41. dsandson

    DIY Spray Bar - Eheim Aquaball?

    I thought I saw a spary bar attatchment in the little accessories leaflet I got with mine. That was well over a year ago and I've binned all the packaging. However, I reckon if you use the little clear plastic air diffusor attatchment, the end of that may well be just the right size to add a...
  42. dsandson

    Hemianthus callitrichoides and Akadama

    If it helps, I have akadama in a 180l tank. I've had many flow problems in the past, but sorted them out with a 1550l/hr filter attatched to a spray bar. This was excellent for all but the Staurogyne at the substrate level, which still suffered badly with stunted growth and algae. Got a...
  43. dsandson

    Pruning E Acicularis & Staurogyne

    Yeah, did the trim yesterday, and even for that small amount it was a nightmare to fish it all out. All the little bits just seem to gravitate straight to the glass and stay there!
  44. dsandson

    dsandson's 60l Iwagumi-esque mountain scape *update*

    Well, time for an update. This tank has been up and running for about 6 weeks now. Growth has been generally quite good, and most noticeable from the E Acicularis & Staurogyne. Hence now is the time for a trim and the update. I've missed a few water changes along the way and things have...
  45. dsandson

    Pruning E Acicularis & Staurogyne

    Thank you guys! That'll be a wee job for tomorrow then. Cheers!
  46. dsandson

    Pruning E Acicularis & Staurogyne

    Hi Folks My 60cm Iwagumi has been going along quite nicely, but its starting to approach needing its first full pruning session. Now, whilst I know a bit about E Acicularis and Staurogyne, I think I need a few extra pointers. E Acicularis - I know you can simply trim it to promote new growth...
  47. dsandson

    The Cryptarium

    Re: Marks Crypt Tank - Osaka 260L Wow! Thats a lot of crypts... And I like it! Looks like you've made a brilliant start. Just a few observations... looks like crypt balansae at the back. Looks great but you might want a little more to help it fill in. Also some of the wendtii is very close to...
  48. dsandson

    lljdma06's .77wpg, no-CO2, 36g journal. The Crypt Keeper

    :shock: Sacrilege! Thats nuts, they're such well matured plants. I'm really loving your tank. In fact I've always admired your tanks since I seen them over on TFF. I think you really do have a style apart from most other. Very inspiring! I think the Crypt Spiralis will really make this tank...
  49. dsandson

    Juwel rio 180 filteration

    Hello mate If it helps I have a rio180 and have went for none of the above! I've got a Superfish Aqua Pro 4 SP, which is rated for 1550l/hr. Now I must note that its huge! In my opinion its too wide for fitting behind a cabinet door, although Superman has used the same size filter but I think...
  50. dsandson

    Hailea 1200lph external filter

    Yup, had one for about a week. Did a review of it, here... http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=6008 I ended up selling it on again on ebay. I'd say the flow rating is fair, but the noise was really noticable, and was the main reason for it going. I looked at the link and they quote...
  51. dsandson

    bazz's 300 liter aqua one, and some other bits and bobs!

    Hey Bazz Looking well! I really like the arcpod's twilight look. Are you going to use that with timers? What do you not like about the sand? Personally I like it, think you just need some more foreground plants. I understand that might be dear, as proportionally, you have lot of foreground for...
  52. dsandson

    Hydor CO2 System Reviews

    Never used one before, but a 180l tank is a large tank to be using 74g disposable cannisters on. Maybe consider the D&D kit for the larger 500g disposable bottles (different thread size) or get the twin-guage 'exclusive' hydor reg which has an adapter for the larger disp. bottles. Also...
  53. dsandson

    dsandson's 60l Iwagumi-esque mountain scape *update*

    Re: Re: Cheers mate! I'm all chuffed! Its really nice to get such good comments. Thank you. Now all I need is a proper camera...
  54. dsandson

    dsandson's 60l Iwagumi-esque mountain scape *update*

    thank you mate! Its just argos playsand, but sand can be a nightmare to keep clean from detritus, although plenty of surface level flow will help. err... start with lots of flow, ferts and co2, and dont fret too much over making an aquascape... learn how to plant, how much to plant, where to...
  55. dsandson

    Would this kit be a good buy for the price?

    hmm, for 100l this set would probably be quite costly in the long run. Have you thought about using a liquid carbon supplement instead? I use this currently on my 60l, and it been doing well. The biggest issue is remembering to dose it. I've made up an all-in-one EI fert so dose both of these...
  56. dsandson

    Would this kit be a good buy for the price?

    Er, yeah, sorry! I've been thinking about it too much! What size tank is it to be used on?
  57. dsandson

    dsandson's 60l Iwagumi-esque mountain scape *update*

    Thank you! I was a little worried about this. Just shows that I've learnta little from you guys. I'm sure it could've been better, but I just didnt have days to tweak it again and again. Yeah, I see it too, and it looks the worst from straight on... how I took most of my pics. Think I'll have...
  58. dsandson

    Would this kit be a good buy for the price?

    Up Aqua co2 kit I suppose it depends what you compare it to. This kit is quite similar to the Hydor NRG kit, and the Dennerle Nano kit, just a lot cheaper. Nope. Or at least not as is. I've done a little research on this kit, and the company which makes them. Their website...
  59. dsandson

    Where to get CO2 Cannisters and Refills

    Now there is. Bought my 2kg co2 bottle off them in feb. Just got it refilled this afternoon. 20min wait and its done, or give them a time and they'll have it done for your return. SureFire Protection Ltd Location : 6 Ballycreely Rd, Moneyreagh, BT23 5PX. On the Belfast to Ballygowan Road, about...
  60. dsandson

    Plant ID please

    Looks a little like a Narrow leaf amazon sword. I bought a few of these from Greenline just before they went under. The name in their catalogue is ECHINODORUS BREVIPEDICELLATUS. Mine never grew much higher than yours... until I put it into a tank with t5 lights and high co2. Reaches for the...
  61. dsandson

    dsandson's 60l Iwagumi-esque mountain scape *update*

    Iwagumi-esque mountain scape Well, I've been planning on a proper re-scape of this tank for a while now. Getting a bigger filter for the rio has meant the smaller external can go on this tank, starting off a lot of improvements. Also got a Fluval 90 stand to help tidy things up. This is how the...
  62. dsandson

    Recommned me a regulator with solenoid

    Just another idea, bought myself a Wave reg and solenoid in febuary and its been absolutely faultless so far. To be honest, the reason I went for it was because I was on a budget, and it was the cheapest I could find, even matching the prices of the reg & solenoids available from hong kong on...
  63. dsandson

    Boyu CO2 diffuser - so far so good...

    Hmm... worked for me. Try this... http://www.up-aqua.com/index.htm and its top row and click on the middle pic. Wouldnt mind one of these in the 16/22mm size so I could move the boyu onto my 60l. I thought the same. Had read something about putting a jumper around a noisy external filter to...
  64. dsandson

    Boyu CO2 diffuser - so far so good...

    Dont think its makes a difference. When I looked down it before fitting it looked like it was the same bore all the way. I've had mine fitted for a week and it seems very good. Cant say if has reduced flow, as it was fitted to a new filter. I've seen a similar product from another supplier...
  65. dsandson

    Aaron's 216l journal!

    Those anubias look huge! Just got myself a boyu inline diffusor like yours. I found it very noisey. Worked out though that if you fold a tea towel in half, legnthways, then wrap it around the diffusor then you can barely hear it!
  66. dsandson

    "Icarus Ville" - 60cm shrimp tank scape

    I have to agree with you there. Think if I used it again then I'd seive it first then maybe mix some the bigger particles in with some JBL aquabasis to bulk it out a little. I really love what you've done with the Akadama though. Tank looks brilliant, and will only look better as it grows in.
  67. dsandson

    Your views on diffusers/reactors?

    I have tried and failed miserably to grow this plant, so wont try again until I've got my tank up to scratch. However, I have read (mostly from saintly) that increasing your KNO3 levels (if you use dry salts), and pointing the koralia pretty much straight at the HC should do wonders for it. Its...
  68. dsandson

    Your views on diffusers/reactors?

    I have a Rio180 too. Had it since last December, and i've been doing the whole planted tank thing on a relative budget. I've recently just upgraded the external and added the external diffusor linked to above. Its quite a good job, and maybe worth looking at in the long term. Anyway, when I...
  69. dsandson

    would an 40cm tank look stupid on a 60cm long stand?

    Do you have an Ikea near you? Some of their modular free standing wooden cubes might do the trick.
  70. dsandson

    JBL 'Manado' All-in-one substrate?

    After reading this... ...in this thread http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=6309... I thought I'd start a new thread rather than hijack someone else's. So I was looking through the June PFK magazine and I saw an ad on page 17 for JBL 'Manado' substrate. Never heard of this before, and...
  71. dsandson

    clouding substrates

    :shock: lol, anyway, I have JBL in one tank and akadama only in the other. The JBL does cloud up with a red colour in the water for about an hour after ripping a plant up. The akadama only clouds up with a little mulm, which soon clears too, so tis probably just the aquabasis.
  72. dsandson

    Amazónia Dream

    I have to join in with the chorus of applause and say its truely amazing! Well done. It really must've have been a nightmare to plant and tie on all those plants... lucky it was a labour of love I'm sure. i really loved the sand, but I guess thats just personal preference. Really gave the front...
  73. dsandson

    Red Sea Flora Base

    Hi Peter I've been looking into Flora base myself, as its the only all-in-one I can get from my lfs. Looked at as many reviews as I could find, and it seems its not a used a lot! Anyway, from what I picked up, yes its a all-in-one substrate. Some people said its made in the same factory as...
  74. dsandson

    Getting There?

    Dont buy the nano koralia! I did, thinking that near 1000l/hr would be grand, but it really only gets about halfway along the front of my 180l. I eventually removed it. The guys here have reported much better results with the Koralia 1 and 2s, or theres cheap koralia rip-offs on ebay at 3000l/hr...
  75. dsandson

    Does this all sound reasonable? Any equipment imbalances?

    Dont want to confuse you, but here's another suggestion for the co2... a cheap chinese inline diffusor, here http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:VRI&item=110392438841. It seems they're quite effective. You might be able to fit one to each filter with a...
  76. dsandson

    Best filter to fit into Juwel rio 180 cabinet

    Had a bit of inspiration at the LFS a few weeks ago when I saw their rio180 set up as a marine tank. They had the sump in the centre section, and had used one of the outside shelves and the inside shelf to form a blanking plate - it didn't reach all the way to the base of the tank. It was about...
  77. dsandson

    Product Review [Review] Hailea H-12 - Cheap Ebay 1200l/hr External

    Righto... I got tempted to try an ultra-cheapo ebay filter, so thought I'd share my experiences in case others are tempted too! To set the scene... I'm on a tight budget but I still wanted an external for my 60l Tetra Aqua Art tank. My only experience of externals so far is a Superfish Aqua Pro...
  78. dsandson

    Martin's replanted puddle.

    Wow... can't beleive I missed this one. What a gorgeous tank, and amazing progress from just last august! Reminds me of some of the first tanks I saw on here and TFF which impressed me so much. I'm sure you're really plaesed with it. The P Helferi has grown very well, and thats always a good...
  79. dsandson

    dsandson's 60l Iwagumi-esque mountain scape *update*

    Re: dsandson's 60l Tetra Aqua Art tank Well, not a lot has changed. I've purchased some AE Liquid Carbon now my Excel is done. Noticed the recomended dosage is much higher than for excel. It works out at 6ml per day for this tank. No ill effects from the fish and shrimp though, and the Java...
  80. dsandson

    Modifying Fluval Roma 90 Cabinet

    I had looked at buying a cheap external filter for this tank, but wasnt happy with it so I'm selling it on. In the meantime I have an Aqua Pro SP2 on my rio180 but its not quite up to the job, so thought that I could use the money on a bigger filter and use the SP2 on this tank. Actually...
  81. dsandson

    Modifying Fluval Roma 90 Cabinet

    I'm looking a cabinet for my 60cm 60l tank. Seen The Fluval Roma 90 cabinet for about £43 in Pets at Home, which is a brilliant price. The only issue is the tiny doors. I was wondering if anybody has modified the front central panel to become a third door to allow a decent size filter in and...
  82. dsandson

    sams nano

    I must be looking at a different pic because that looks brilliant! A lovely use of the space. will look even better when the hc grows in a bit.
  83. dsandson

    At a rate of ............

    I have a fe - secured using the bracket supplied, which is attatched so the FE cant move, but the bracket isnt taking the weight, as its still sitting on the bottom of the tank stand. Works great! The bottle cant move at all. Dave
  84. dsandson

    aquatic soil.

    Hi rummy nose, welcome to ukaps! I'm living in Belfast, and yeah, I know what you mean. I have to say my LFS Exotic Aquatics has come a long way since I first went there over a year ago. As JenCliBee said, yeah its possible to use aquatic pond soil. Just be careful, as if ammonia was used, it...
  85. dsandson

    My tank is naf, what to do?

    Hi Fishkeeper, welcome to ukaps! You've made a very good start with your tank, even with your algae issues. I can understand tight finances, and maybe I can help with a few other suggestions. First of all, listen to ceg. He really does know his stuff! Secondly, do some reasearch before you...
  86. dsandson

    wave or aqua medic regulator??

    i've had the wave reg for about 2 months now. I can honestly say its a good product, especially considering its the cheapest reg and solnoid combo i could find, including ebay. I've had no problems so. Reg went on FE with ease, with no leaks. I haven't used the other one you list, but i...
  87. dsandson

    dsandson's 60l Iwagumi-esque mountain scape *update*

    Re: Dsandson's 60l Tetra Aqua Art tank Fair point. pressurised Co2 is pricey enough to be a long way off, so I'll take your advice and get some easycarbo next time I order from AE. Guess I just thought that since I'd added the yeast based Co2, that was grand. Again, you'd think I'd be able to...
  88. dsandson

    dsandson's 60l Iwagumi-esque mountain scape *update*

    Re: Dsandson's 60l Tetra Aqua Art tank Well, since I just received some shrimp from a fellow board member through the buy/sell/swap forum, I thought it was really about time I got round to updating this journal. To be honest this tank has largely taken a back seat to my new Rio180, downstairs...
  89. dsandson

    Carpeting plants

    yeah, my local P@H in belfast hasnt stocked tropica since christmas. I've seen a few crypts there lately though, with an unbranded info card on them. Anybody any idea what brand, if any, they are? Definately not Aquafluer by the way. I assume its cost... my LFS had said before christmas that...
  90. dsandson

    Thinking about using Akadama

    Re: Thing about using Akadama I've had my rio 180 set up with akadama since the start of December, with no presoaking. One shrimp found its way over in a fern as it was being planted up, and its still in there happily feeding away now. The rest of the livestock came accross 2 weeks later, with...
  91. dsandson

    Seiryu Stone in Ireland

    Just to let anybody in Northern Ireland, or the Republic, that Exotic Aquatics in Belfast are now selling Seiryu Stone, displayed as landscape rock. Selling for a bargain price of £2.75 per kg. Spoke to the Tomas and he says that supply has been intermittant, so get it while you can if you see...
  92. dsandson

    Fire extinguisher setup, is this lot ok?

    I think you're right, but I'm not sure why you'd want to disassemble it. For a planted tank, the solenoid is too useful to remove imho. Run direct from the mains, although they come with a 3 pin european plug, so you'll need a suitable adapter. I found one for a fiver in tescos, but I'm sure...
  93. dsandson

    Fire extinguisher setup, is this lot ok?

    Got a wave reg and solnoid combo in late Jan, and have to say they're well made and all fitted together very easily. I've had no problems and would happily recomend it, especially as its so close in price to the ebay regs, with the backup of buying it from a uk website. Dave
  94. dsandson

    Snails or deficiency?

    Think themuleous is right. My apple snails are, quite frankly, rampant in my little 60l tank. My Wendtii 'Tropica' Crypts were constantly getting leaves with holes in them. So bad in fact that leaf loss far outweighed new growth. Rescued them with a rescape, a T6 tube from aqua essentials, more...
  95. dsandson

    Help needed - limited substrate options

    Hello fourmations, Mind if I ask where in Ireland you're from. If you are any where near the north, then there's 2 very good shops. One in Belfast, the other in Lisburn. http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=26 Exotic Aquatics sells a good range of JBL products, including the planting...
  96. dsandson

    dsandson's 60l Iwagumi-esque mountain scape *update*

    Re: Dsandson's 60l Tetra Aqua Art tank Time for an update i suppose! The tank is certainly progressing. The DIY CO2 is now up and running, using a slightly diffferent method. Tried using a cheap airline connector siliconed into a 6mm hole in a coke bottle top. Silicone didnt take. Grr! So my...
  97. dsandson

    dsandson's 60l Iwagumi-esque mountain scape *update*

    Re: Dsandson's 60l Tetra Aqua Art tank Well, went out to p@h today to get cat food, and had a look for plants, but nothing interesting. I had the time so decided to go across town to my LFS, Exotic Aquatics, before ordering plants online. To my surprise they were in the middle of putting out a...
  98. dsandson

    dsandson's 60l Iwagumi-esque mountain scape *update*

    Re: Dsandson's 60l Tetra Aqua Art tank He was one of our first fish. Followed the usual LFS advice of set the tank up for 2 days and then introduce a hardy fish or 2. What I now obviously know as an immature filter meant him getting ill... a fungus type covering on his eyes. We weren't quick...
  99. dsandson

    dsandson's 60l Iwagumi-esque mountain scape *update*

    Hi folks, been reading these forums for a few months now, and decided to try to create a journal for my upstairs tank while I redo it. This is a work in progress. I was looking to create a low maintainence setup, minimum ferts and no CO2. Now since money is tight, getting hold of plants is now...
  100. dsandson

    Where to buy in Ireland.

    Shop Name: Exotic Aquatics Location: Prince Regent Street, Belfast. Directions: Drive up the Cregagh Road, out of town, take next left after Lidl. Specialise in: Nice range of Tropical fish, few goldies, Marine fish and Corals. Stocks Tropica Plants. Overall Verdict: Nice shop with brilliant...