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    Red Eye Tetras - anyone keep them

    Anyone any experience of Keeping Red Eye Tetras. What tankmates can you keep with them ? Whats there behaviour like ? Cheers, John
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    Fluval 405 Help required

    I started up my Fluval 405 on my Osaka 320 last night. I am not sure if its me or my expectation but the flow in the seems to be less than I expected having only ever used undergravel filters with powerheads previoulsly. I have changed the black ribbed pipes to clear pvc and have added Cal Aqua...
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    The Twelve Pins - My Osaka 320

    Any one who has followed my "Help My Osaka 320 Needs you" thread will recognise my tank. After about 2 months of trying to sort an iwagumi set up , finally the tank height subdued me and I decided to try the wood approach where height is a lot easier obtained. Here is a picture of my 1st try...
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    Joining/Sticking Landscape Rocks together

    Does anyone know ifs its either possible or safe to silicone two pieces of landscape rock together to try and mould a required shape for my scape. Will aquarium silicone be required for could I use ordinary clear silicone from the DIY shop ? Cheers, John
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    Hydor Ext Heater for my Fluval 405

    I am looking at buying a Hydor Ext 300W heater for my setup. Has anyone used these or is anyone aware of any issues I may have using with my Fluval 405 ? Pipe sizes etc ?
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    How many plants needed - How to calculate

    How do I go about trying to calculate how many HC plants I will need for a 48 x 18 tank ?
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    Changing the Pipework on My Fluval 405

    I would like to change the pipework on my Fluval 405 and also add lily pipes. Has anyone any suggestions or experience in this ? What kit should I use and where would I lay my hands on it. The current pipework looks like land drainage grade of agricultural grade..
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    CO2 Kit for My OSAKA 320

    Looking for direction for my OSAKA 320 on the most straight forward pressurised CO2 Kit with Solenoid or if not with one can you please recommend a solenoid to purchase. Do want to get into messing around with FE. Safe, reliable, does the job and not costing the earth. Not asking for much am I ?
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    Help - My Osaka 320 - My Tank Needs you

    I am complete an utter novice in the World of aquascaping and planted tanks. I have recently purchased an OSAKA 320L tank and am in dire need of some vision as to how I can plan an attractive aquascape in my new tank. I have been mesmerised by the array of layouts and aquascapes I have seen and...