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    Hi, Thought i'd share some pictures I took in october in Scotland. We went for a week and the best thing was it was free as my auntie lives up there. Thanks for looking Alex
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    Comp_Nov09: Sweet Memories...

    Name: Alex Hinchcliffe Tank Dimensions (Height/Width/Depth): 6x6.5x6.5cm Aquascape Name: Sweet Memories... Hardscape/Materials used: Grey Pebbles, Pea Gravel, Light comes from a desk lamp Plants: Fissidens Fontanus Fertilisation: Not Sure yet About the aquascape: Errrm not much to say...
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    Some b+w images

    Hi everyone Been on a few walks recently with my camera, thought id share some pics ive taken. Thanks for looking Alex
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    How long for wood to dry out?

    Hi all, I've been setting up my tank today, but unfortunately ran out of time so haven't got it planted or filled. Now I put the wood in and don't want to take it out again because it took me a good few hours to get it in to place, so I have sprayed/moistened everything in the tank (wood, glass...
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    Still life pictures

    Hi everyone, Just started my Art GCSE, the first topic were doing is still life. We've been having to take photos of still life objects, so thought i'd share mine :) Flowers Cards Shoes Trees Thanks for looking. Alex
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    Holiday Photos

    Hi everyone, Just thought i'd share some pictures from our holiday in austria. We went for just over a week. Pictures taken on a nikon d40. Comments welcome :) Cheers Alex
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    Through the tunnel

    Hi all, Here is my guinea pig, Milly, taken while she was while she was having a break from running around like a loon in the run :roll: Excuse the poo :oops: :lol: Thanks for looking Alex
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    Washing sand in a planted tank?

    Hi everyone, Going to be putting the sand in my tank soon, just unsure whether anyone washes their sand in a planted tank? I'm using naturesoil aswell as sand, so the water clarity shouldn't be too bad, and the sand itself is good quality, clean sand. Should I wash it? Cheers Alex
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    DD C02 bottle height

    Hi everyone, Just wondering what the height of the DD 600gm disposable C02 bottles is, with the regulator etc fitted? Just want to make sure it will fit in my cabinet, before I buy it :roll: http://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=649 Cheers Alex
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    Stopping redmoor from floating

    Hi, I've found a layout I am happy with (finally :lol: ), and it is basically redmoor "branches" rooted into the substrate. I need a way of holding the branches in place so they won't float. Soaking them isn't really an option, because I would like to set up the tank soon, but because they are...
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    What instrument do you play?

    Hey guys I've got my Trombone grade 3 tomorrow afternoon, after doing grade 1 this time last year. I had the choice of skipping grade 2, which i did ( :roll: ), and am a little nervous about tomorrow :( I was wondering if anyone else plays an instrument, and if anyone has done a grade...
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    Seperating Substrates

    Hi guys, I am going to be using Oliver Knotts naturesoil, and some tropic white sand in my tank soon but need some advice on how to seperate them, so they don't mix into each other and look messy. Anyone any thoughts? Cheers Alex
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    Hey guys, I'm really getting into photography now, and hoping to use it a lot next year when I start my GCSE Art course. Heres a photo I took today which I was pretty pleased with :) So what do you guys think :oops: Alex
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    Silver Lining - Alex's 96l (Planted)

    Well, my rooms being decorated this weekend after a slight accident with some plant substrate and test solution... So after it's done i will be able to set the tank up again, so i am now in the process of buying all equipment, after saving for what feels like half my life :roll: Anyway the...
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    hydor 200w heater

    Hi guys, Will a hydor 12mm 200 watt external heater fit into the 11.2mm filter tubing of the tetratec ex700? I'm just really making sure it will because i don't want to waste £27, then find it doesn't fit. Cheers
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    Grans backgarden

    Hi all went to see my gran yesterday, shes had to move out of her house because the council are having to rewire all the electrics, fit new cupboards etc, to meet new standards, so shes in a small bungalow, with a very overgrown backgarden. Anyway we went to see her today as it's her 82nd...
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    Corydoras and sharp stone

    Hi, Has anyone kept corydoras species in tanks with sharp stones, like seiryu or dragon stone? Is it ok to kepp them in tanks with these types of stone in or will it do damage to their mouths/barbels? Cheers.
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    Riccia and easycarbo

    Hi guys, Has anyone used easycarbo in a tank with riccia? I've heard that the two don't go so just wanted to see if anyone has mixed the two before and if the riccia survived? Thanks.
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    Use 1 tube instead of 2?

    Hi, I'm thinking of buying the hagen glo light unit 24 watt double, but i am only wanting to use 1 tube. I want to get the double version because i can have the option of 2 tubes if need be. Would it be ok to just run 1 tube in the double version? Thanks.
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    DIY easycarbo?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone makes there own diy easylife easycarbo, or knows how to, using dry powders? Cheers
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    Fish jumping and open topped tanks

    Hi, I've been searching for threads on fish jumping and open topped tanks. I've found a lot of people saying it depends on the fish species, and water quality. Assuming water quality is good should i be able to keep rummy nose tetras in an open topped tank? I've read that they are mid dwelling...
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    Can you use a reducer backwards?

    Hi guys, Could you put an eheim reducer the wrong way round in the filter tubing? So say the tubing is 9mm could you put a 12mm to 9mm reducer in backwards, so effectively a 9mm to 12mm increaser? I am wanting to do this because i can't find any 9mm lily pipes, so i could use the reducer...
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    Weight of 9l aquasoil?

    Hi, Can someone tell me the weight of a bag of 9l aqua soil, so i can get an idea how much you get in a bag compared to other substrates? Thanks.
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    Co2 stabilising pH

    Hi, I've been having a read of a lot of the topics in this part of the forum and have found that having stable co2 say at 30ppm may lower the water's pH by 1 full unit. So say the tapwater's pH is 7.6, after being added to the tank the co2 will reduce it to around 6.6. My question is when doing...
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    Petrified Wood

    Hi guys, Has anyone ever used petrified wood? I am thinking of getting some off Aqua Essentials but don't know much about it. Like what colour is it when it is submerged? I anyoner had a picture of it submerged that would be great. And any other info like if it release tannins or not would be...
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    Natures call: Alex's First Planted Tank

    Hi all, My names Alex i'm 13 years old and this is my first post on Ukaps but some of you may know me from TFF.Just before i start my journal i would just like to say what a great forum this is. I have been looking through the gallery and journal sections and the tanks are first class. This is...