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  1. Calum

    Bubble counter water problem

    Still having the same problem :( I thought maybe its just something dodgey in my set up so i changed the rhinox diffuser to a jbl ladder diffuser and replaced the check valve, but i still get up in the morning to find my check valve filled with water??
  2. Calum

    Bubble counter water problem

    my set up is Solenoid > non return valve > bubble counter > diffuser. Some times water does get past the valve.
  3. Calum

    Bubble counter water problem

    Hey guys, Im having some trouble with my bubble counter in my Co2 set up. Im using a Dazs Beetle Counter Set with a glass Rhinox 1000 diffuser and glass non return valve. Everything works fine when the gas is flowing but when it shuts off with the solenoid at night, water from inside the...
  4. Calum

    JBL Solenoid

    no worries, i returned it thanks anyway.
  5. Calum

    JBL Solenoid

    Hi guys, I recently bought a JBL solenoid for my JBL co2 profi set 1 but I recieved the new model and not the old one that i actually ordered from the site. Does anyone know if i can still attach it to my pressure reducer or if theres any difference? I cant work out how it goes on? ...
  6. Calum

    Ray's 90cm - Growing Pains Over?

    Re: Ray's 90cm Asian Theme Journal - Look - No Aglae! your tank looks really good ray and the plants are looking awesome!
  7. Calum

    1st journal, 2nd scape

    wow its looking really good mate! i do think you should add some more hardscape in though.
  8. Calum

    New 60cm Scape

    nice wood you got there, i like the last photo most though, is it red moore?
  9. Calum

    saintly's "The Miracle Mire" scape over

    Re: saintly's ??????? scape looks very interesting, cant wait to see the finished product!
  10. Calum

    EI dosing for 65 litre?

    Hi guys, I have a 65 litre tank with about 3wpg and ive been reading up on using dry ferts but im a bit confused on how much i should be dosing and what values i should be aiming for? Ive been dosing as follows, monday --> N 5ppm P 1ppm K 20ppm tuesday --> traces wednesday --> N 5ppm P 1ppm K...
  11. Calum

    ADA online Aquajournal

    Wow thats awesome planter cheers!
  12. Calum

    fluval 105 questions

    the 105 comes with a step by step setup dvd so that will make it easyer to understand.
  13. Calum

    Java fern "Needle" - Ends seem to be morphing

    Is "Needle" actually different from "Norrow"?
  14. Calum

    My Angel

    Just a snap of one of my Angel fish, the camera I use is a Nikon D100.
  15. Calum

    What critters do you have in your tank(s)?

    yeah they were babies, expensive snack to lol
  16. Calum

    Si's 90cm bow

    awesome looking tank! Those stems grow like crazy :O
  17. Calum

    What critters do you have in your tank(s)?

    I put 5 cherry shrimp and 5 tiger shrimp in one of my tanks but think the angels ate them all :(
  18. Calum

    Advice on a carpet

    Echinodorus Tennellus makes a nice grassy lawn effect and spreads rapidly by runners, i managed to grow this even in low light pretty well.
  19. Calum

    low light floating plant.

    Riccia Fluitans can be growing in low light but can be very messy :roll:
  20. Calum

    Aqua One 320 28L Planted Tank

    Looking good mate, keep it up :)
  21. Calum

    60cm Iwagumi

    Thanks mate, that photo helped alot.
  22. Calum

    60cm Iwagumi

    Whats the space like in the cabinet planter? Would it be possible for a photo of the inside?
  23. Calum

    TDI's Blyxa-Blyxa Journal

    That blxya carpet looks amazing! I ordered some blyxa online but the plants werent in such good condition when they arrived, leaves were glassy and broken :(
  24. Calum

    ADA style cabinet?

    your tanks amazing mark! Hope i can produce something like that in my new tank :wink:
  25. Calum

    ADA style cabinet?

    Thanks for the reply, I did think about using my fluval roma cabinet but my JBL CristalProfi E700 filter wont fit in the damn thing :( Its also got to fit in my JBL Co2 set. The pic of the tank you posted Planter looks awesome, shame the actual cabinet isnt the same width as the tank...
  26. Calum

    ADA style cabinet?

    Hi guys, I ordered an opti-white high clarity tank 60 x 30 x 36 from AE yesterday but i need to get a cabinet for it. I really like the minimal ADA style cabinets but the ones on AE are just way to expensive for me lol. Does any one know where i can get one like the ADA's? Ive seen some...