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  1. AdAndrews


    Does changing the bulbs over from a t8 unit to t6's have any actual effect to plants, apaprently, t6's are 40% brighter, but i have just read that as the surface area of the t6 is smaller than t8, the light is simply more concentrated when looking at it, however, because no more watts are being...
  2. AdAndrews

    Nano low tech dosing?

    Hi guys, i have the following set up now: 35litre tank 2x8w t5=16w/8(gallons) its 2wpg, which on a nano i belive would be classed as low tech, oliver knotts nature soil, what should i be dosing on this, i plan to do water changes very very little, so dose wise i was thinking of just putting...
  3. AdAndrews

    link up 2 hoses to 1 inlet??

    Hi, just a quick question really, for my nano i added an extra pump so atm i have 2 lots of lily pipes in the tank, i want to reduce this to just 1 lot(intake and outlet). I have found some hose pipe 3 way connectors(12.7mm) on ebay, although i am aware this may reduce the flow even more, would...
  4. AdAndrews


    2 pots of HC came today that i ordered from AE, I noticed it had some clear jelly type stuff on the rockwool, im just curious of what this is? fertilisation? thnks.
  5. AdAndrews


    Hi all, I want to get a shoal of corys for my 60litre, but, do then rip up the plants? the majority of the plants *should* be fairly stable as the tank has been going for a good few weeks, its corydoras trilineatus i was looking at... thanks Adam
  6. AdAndrews

    diy co2 with ceramic diffuser?

    Will diy co2 kit work with a glass ceramic diffuser like the rhinox 1000? thanks
  7. AdAndrews

    Tank weight upstairs

    Hi guys, I currently have a 125litre tank upstairs, its 80cm long, so, can only span 2 of the joists, although it is on both and as close as poss to a supporting wall, heres what ive calculated for the weight so far: tank and cabinet and external filter weight: 20kg water: 115kg(displaced) sand...
  8. AdAndrews

    swapped to internal diffuser, assistance please

    Hi guys, ive swapped to internal diffusing for my nano tank, ive brought some new co2 line and a nano diffuser, all working well atm, but, i need to sort it out, due to my luminaire, the thickness of the glass at the specific point is 20mm, do i need a glass joint, and a more flexible tube for...
  9. AdAndrews

    danio choprai, anybody know anything about them?

    I am looking for a fairly colourful, fairly hardy fish for my 60cm, it would be pretty much the only fish in the tank, and hope to have around 15 of one species.. I have seen the danio choprai, my lfs has them. Does anyone have experience with them, or know anything? searches from google come...
  10. AdAndrews

    Fish/inverts that eat hair algae and bba?

    Which fish or inverts are known to eat hair algae and black brush algae? thanks
  11. AdAndrews

    Is there co2 tubing, and then co2 tubing?

    I currently have the sera co2 hose from tgm, but, i think its surely not the right thing, its too silicone like, exactly like air hose in my eyes. I did used to have some stronger, more plastic based, marked up as "co2 proof" hose, which, i think, i should never have got rid of(dont ask). is...
  12. AdAndrews

    Ad's Low tech-ish 54l-Updated!

    Hi guys, I cant seem to stay away from plants, so I have decided to turn my 54litre rekord 60 from a shelldweller tank to a reasonably low-tech planted :D >60cm jewel rekord 54litre >15w of t6 lighting >Tropica substrate+scattered trace element powder, with Oli Knotts Nature soil, all capped...
  13. AdAndrews

    lunapet solenoid sticking

    Hi guys, me and my dad tried to find faults with the solenoid, everything seemingly works, but when you connect it to co2 it sticks, i dont think i can get inside it, as its in a plastic shell, what do you suggest?
  14. AdAndrews

    glosso or HC?

    Im considering changing the moss in my nano tank to a foreground of either hc or glosso, im unsure which to go with, i have the following stats, which should be fine with both: 35litre tank 3x8w t5 lighting 2ml easycarbo daily 2ml tpn+ daily co2 at lime green. One reason is because the moss...
  15. AdAndrews


    Whats the minimum and maximum substrate you would use under the inert sand/gravel? and how much inert substrate would you add on top? cheers :thumbup:
  16. AdAndrews

    Would this work?

    Hi guys, im thinking about using my 60cm for a planted tank, pretty low tech, my ideas are these: Oli Knotts nature soil-need to find something else to use with it, as ive only got about 3l of this... 54litre tank- more like high 40's when displaced. 15w of t6 lighting. fairly heavy flow...
  17. AdAndrews

    Best position for a koralia in a jewel tank?

    Hi guys, any of you who have a jewel tank will know, its the filter top right(looking at it from the top) and then the flow coming towards the left side of the tank. I have a rekord 60, and want to know, where you guys think it would be best to position the koralia nano powerhead? I did think...
  18. AdAndrews

    new fish for my 40cm?

    Hi guys, I am wanting to add, a dwarf cichlid to my 40cm, im not sure whether it will be better to just get 1 so that they dont breed and cause havok for the other fish, this is my current stocking: 2 sparkling gourami(pair) 6 wcmm about 30-40 odd cherry shrimp about 3 bee shrimo 1 otto cat 1...
  19. AdAndrews

    FujiFilm Finepix s1500

    Hi guys, im looking for a new camera, and i think that the s1500 fits the bill perfectly, has anyone got this, and would like to share experience with it, or maybe a couple of pics? thanks Adam
  20. AdAndrews

    Dosing easycarbo lights on?

    Hi guys, i just wanted to check with you guys first, would dosing easycarbo, or another liquid carbon product make the co2 levels in the tank unstable if i dosed some when the lights were on? i thought not, as it isnt actually co2 is it? to my knowledge its the chemical which makes plants...
  21. AdAndrews

    have i killed my moss? lol

    late last week i took some of my moss out of my tank and put about 3 mls liquid carbon directly on it, to try and get rid of some hair algae, however, its all yellow, looks dry looking. I didnt think it was possible to kill moss :lol: thanks
  22. AdAndrews

    WCMM, maybe not that good a choice

    Hi guys, ive just read about white cloud mountain minnows jumping, and seen as my tank is open, and i have no way of covering it, shall i take a miss on this species? They seem to be perfect in every other way; like lower temp, like some flow, hardy etc.. but if they jump :thumbdown: Has...
  23. AdAndrews

    Damaged stems after trimming

    Hi guys, yet another issue im trying to put right in my 35litre, is that when i trim my rotala rotundifolia, about 1cm down from the cut is all damaged tissue, where the stem has turned brown-ish, is this becuase of blunt scissors? or a wrong way of cutting? If the scissors are at fault, can...
  24. AdAndrews

    a few issues..

    Hi guys, yet again, the dreaded hair algae and BBA combo has hit me.. co2 comes on 3 hours before lights, and drop checker is lime green at lights on, and throughout the photoperiod. tank: 35llitres filtration: ttex600-600lph, slowed down by in-line diffuser, and glassware circulation: 1200lph...
  25. AdAndrews

    Quiet closed loop pump?

    Hi guys, i am looking for a new pump to be used on a closed loop system for my 35litre, the flow should be around 1000lph, and i dont want to spend too much, have you got any ideas? the most important thing is that it is silent, or near enough, and wouldnt be heard in my cabinet, i am currently...
  26. AdAndrews

    Boyu in-line diffuser help

    Hi guys, ive been listening to my boyu diffuser- sad i know :lol: anyways, what does yours sound like, sometimes, mine sounds like in-consistent, like one second bubbles are coming through faster, the next slower, and then repeated, like up down up down. :thumbdown: is it broken?
  27. AdAndrews

    Co2 resistant tubing?

    Is co2 resistant bubing needed, or is silicone airline tubing ok? many thanks Adam
  28. AdAndrews

    Change to disposable?

    Hiho Guys! I am currently running a 2kg FE with reg and solenoid on my 35litre tank, however i want more space so im considering changing to disposable welding gas bottles, 600g ones from machine mart... is there a particularly good reg thats small and cheap? shall i do it? EDIT: and also, to...
  29. AdAndrews

    Lighting for my nano

    Hi guys, I am wanting rid of the horrible little 11w arc pods i have and am after some type of luminaire, preferably cheap, has anyone got any ideas... the tank measures 40cmx28cmx32cm(high) i have found a 35.5cm boyu luminaire on ebay for £25 im not sure if it will fit though, i would prefer...
  30. AdAndrews

    Is it healthy to have tanks in your bedroom?

    I have 2 tanks in my bedroom, a 35litre high tech planted and a 125litre thats currently cycling, i also have the equipment/chemicals and other fishy things in my room, cabinets or wardrobe, is this healthy? i have got glandular fever and have been ill for a good month now, which is about the...
  31. AdAndrews

    Adam's 40cm Nano

    I have re-scaped my 35litre arc tank, using the same equipment as i had previously, i got bored of the layout :lol: anyhows... Specs: Tank: 35litre 40cmx28cmx32cm(high) Lighting: 3 x 8w T5 6 hour photoperiod Filtration & circulation: Tetratec EX600 (600lph) Eheim 1048 (600lph) With glass...
  32. AdAndrews

    Comp_Nov09: Pico Peak

    Name: Adam Andrews Tank Dimensions (Height/Width/Depth): 14x14x14cm Aquascape Name: Pico Peak Hardscape/Materials used: Seryiu Stone, ADA Xingu Sand, Oliver Knott Nature Soil(fine) Plants: Hemianthus Callitrichoides, Pogostemon Helferi, Eleocharis Parvula, Echinodorus tenellus, Peacock Moss...
  33. AdAndrews

    Boraras maculatus

    Hi all, I am after a group of shoalers for my 35litre, and would like to go with something like Boraras maculatus, what are they like, do they shoal well, and has anyone had any bad experiences of them dying easily? thanks EDIT: Plus i have fairly high flow in my tank, seen as its a high tech...
  34. AdAndrews

    Surface Agitation

    What should the surface agitation be on a high tech planted tank? should there be any, minimal? i am aware that it drives off co2, but isnt a bit of movement healthy?
  35. AdAndrews

    Noooo, broken my glass intake :(

    Bad bad morning so far, i tried to take my cal aqua nano lily pipe off and it broke on the top curve bit :( I havnt got any other form of intake so i have tried to make one out of the tetratec spraybar, it seems to be holding up fairly well but flow is extreemly restricted, will this be ok for...
  36. AdAndrews

    Aquatic Magic-how long for dispatch

    How long fo Aquatic Magic usually take to dispatch orders? I have ordered 4xjava fern needle leaf. thanks
  37. AdAndrews

    lilaeopsis brasiliensis

    What is lilaeopsis brasiliensis like to grow and take care of? anything that it likes or sugestions to how i should prune it or prepare it for planting thanks.
  38. AdAndrews

    sorted now.

    I am wanting some kind of light coloured sand for my nano tank, so i only need a small bag, however i cant seem to see what zambezi sand looks like in real life, some peoples pictures it looks very dark, others light
  39. AdAndrews

    No Imagination

    I have sourced some awesome Seryu stone but coming to scape it is a huge struggle to me, i have tried to replicate other scapes that i am hugely impressed by ie.. little mountain but im really struggling to come up with something myself, ive searched through ADA galleries and yes i have taken...
  40. AdAndrews

    Boyu diffuser

    I have one of these cheapo £5 boyu in-line diffusers, but i have it at an angle, more or less horizontal, does this matter, should i be positioning it verticle. I have had problems with co2 being unstable, which brought on some algae, im just trying to narrow down whats causing it. Adam
  41. AdAndrews

    Various problems

    Hi all, i wouldnt usually so this without researching first but ive got the flu, anyways i have a good few different types of algaer in my nano: green hair BBA and a black-ish branchy type one. my co2 is high high, and drop checker reads yellow i dose 2ml tpn+, 1l pottassium phosphate daily...
  42. AdAndrews

    "Needle" Fern hardy?

    I am prefering the look of thr needle leaf version of java fern, and being as well java fern reputably is hardy and suitable for high ph and low end brackish i was wondering if the needle variety is as hardy? thanks
  43. AdAndrews

    ADA style grey/silver cabinet 40cm wide?

    Where can i buy, preferably not hundreds, a custom build ADA style cabinet thats about 40cm wide, 30cm deep?? thanks
  44. AdAndrews

    Tippex for DC

    On the tippex bottle it says dangerous for the enviroment and has a picture of a dead fish, but i thought some of you use it for your DC? it is safe? thanks Adam
  45. AdAndrews

    pressurized co2 causing NITRITE?

    I did a test on my tank earlier today before the co2 came on and it was fine, 0 nitrite, but now when the pressurised co2 is on- 0.25 nitrite :thumbdown: please advise
  46. AdAndrews

    Best way to clean external Pipes?

    I have a ttex600 and the pipes are getting a bit soiled, is there a particular tool or method you would recommend for getting them clean? thanks Adam
  47. AdAndrews

    using too much co2? help

    I have an 1 hour window from when the pressurised co2 goes off and when the lights go off, during this time i am getting pearling, when i dont have it at all when the co2 is on, is this normal- does this mean i am injection too much co2? or what? thanks for your help Adam
  48. AdAndrews

    Dodgy drop checker?

    For my 35litre, i have an aqua essentials drop checker, and in which i have some 4dkh solution, that was brought off another member with co2 kit, and i use 3mls of that and 3 drops of the ph solution. but the drop checker never gets off dark green, and im adding about 2 bubbles per second and...
  49. AdAndrews

    how many shrimp for 8gallon?

    How many shrimp will be adequete for an 8gallon tank? i dont want algae(obviously) but at the same time i dont want to starve the poor little things. thanks
  50. AdAndrews

    AdAndrews' 35l nano

    Hello, i'd just like to say a quick thanks to everyone thats helped me out on this for the last, erm.. god knows how long :lol: so basically this tank was planned as an iwagumi, changed to wood when i recieved some killer wood from aaron, but now an iwagumi once more :D And its my first try at...
  51. AdAndrews

    help with hardscape

    Hello, i am currently trying out different hardscapes i have some mantanzania driftwood and some tgm blue stone, this is the best i have come out with so far, can anyone give me any tips and rules to follow for wood scapes? is there any? i plan to have the wood branching out from the middle...
  52. AdAndrews

    Where can I find amano scapes?

    is there a site with a gallery of all of his scapes? thanks
  53. AdAndrews

    Didiplis diandra

    on tgm it says it only grows to 10-15 cm : http://www.thegreenmachineaquatics.com/ ... %20diandra is this true, as i was kinda hoping to use it as a background plant thanks Adam
  54. AdAndrews

    TGM Blue Stone

    Anyone use this, and have any pics of what it looks like in the tank? thanks
  55. AdAndrews

    tiny rocks, most @ 5cms long

    I want to use the same idea thats in the ADA Product Cat . 08, which uses wood mainly and piles alot of small rocks ontop of the wood at the front the sides and the back, to keep it looking stable, so most of the pieces need to be around 5cms, a couple larger, but is there anywhere where i can...
  56. AdAndrews

    Will an FE work lying on its side?

    I have little room in my cabinet so want to put my FE under my bed, but this means lying it down. will it still work, or not? Thanks
  57. AdAndrews

    aqmagic tools

    has anyone used these aquascaping tools, and could tell me if they are good or bad? http://aqmagic.com/store/product_info.p ... aquascaper basically i am looking for whats there, a straight pair of tweezers, curved scissors, and a substrate flatener thingy :) or could you advise another set for...
  58. AdAndrews

    Which Lillys for an 40cmX28cmX32CM(high)

    I have a 35litre arc tank measuring 40cmX28cmX 32CM(high) and im unsure what glass lily pipes to get, i originally thought about the cal aqua nano ones, but i dunno whether they will be too small. Is there like a rule that the lilys should be so far off the substrate line, or something? or can...
  59. AdAndrews

    Machine Mart do 600g will they fit?

    i brought a lunapet regulator, but will this fit on a 600g bottle of disposable machine mart bottles, they are just welding gas bottles.. http://www.machinemart.co.uk/shop/produ ... inder-600g cheers
  60. AdAndrews

    Where to buy- 500g c02 bottle?

    I need a 500g c02 bottle, fairly cheap, does anyone know of where to get one, online or in worcestershire? thanks
  61. AdAndrews

    Would i benefit from c02 on a 35litre?

    I planned to use easycarbo on my 35litre, but wonder if i should just put my hand in my pocket and get a pressurised set-up? is it a bit too much for a 35litre? would i benefit? thanks
  62. AdAndrews

    Best Algae Eating Snail?

    I have a 35litre tank and want to know which are the suitable and most prolific algae eating snails, nerites? i dont want to have loads, only a few and would prefer if they didnt breed and make a mess lol, is there any suitable?
  63. AdAndrews

    Shall i spend the £10 extra and get oli knott "fine" substra

    Im just wondering what the benefits would be for getting the fine version of oli knotts nature soil, rather than the normal stuff, i guess it would fit the tank getter as it is a nano, and maybe hold the more delicate plants such as H.C in better, shall i spend the £10 extra and get fine, or...
  64. AdAndrews

    40 Cabinet?

    wondering what i should get for a cabinet, i have the 35litre arc tank and have to move it upstairs so need a cabinet, obviously the cabinet will need to be 40cm wide, and 28cm deep, plus it needs to be an actual cabinet, to be able to fit int he external filter and heater.. i have seen the orca...
  65. AdAndrews

    Is it ok to order stuff from ZOOPLUS?

    Anyone had dodgy dealings with them, im just checking because the prices are really cheap. i want to buy a tetratec ex600. thanks
  66. AdAndrews

    tetratec ex600- reviews please

    what do people think of the tetratec ex 600, i am after it mainly for the 12mm tube dimensions so to fit a heater, but mainly it will have to be quiet, as it is going just 2 foot from my head once in bed thanks guys
  67. AdAndrews

    would an 40cm tank look stupid on a 60cm long stand?

    i have a 35litre arc tank, measuring 40cm x 34cm (lxw) and i need a stand for it, it is currently on a coffee table, but needs to be moved, i am wanting a black cabinet, like the fluval roma 90 cabinet, which is 60cm long, but i was wondering if it would look stupid, being smaller than the...
  68. AdAndrews

    How much TPN+ & EasyCarbo to dose daily?

    I have a 35litre nano, fairly planted, not heavily though i was wondering how much tpn+ and easycarbo i have to dose daily, i am currently doing 1.5ml for easycarbo and 2.5ml for tpn+, but im not sure if this is too much and is one of the reasons for an algae attack :( please help thanks
  69. AdAndrews

    Iwagumi Suitable For Tall Tank??

    I will have an 125litre, 80cm x 50cm(high) x 35cm.. and have been thinking about iwagumi lately, but will it look silly in a taller tank, i will raise the substrate like in saintlys 120cm iwagumi, but just want your thoughts really. thanks
  70. AdAndrews

    whats my best option?

    whats the best substrate for me to have? 125 litre tank, 80cm x 50cm(high) x 35cm?????? i have looked at ada amazonian, is this anygood?
  71. AdAndrews

    Where can i get hydor external heater 200w 16mm connections?

    i have been trying to find the 200w version with 16mm fittings instead of the more common 12mm, does anyone know of where to get one? new or second hand?
  72. AdAndrews

    125litre dosing fert help

    Hi, i am planning on getting an 80cm, 125litre tank, is the best way to dose it via dry powders mixed into solutions? if so which would i need, and to what ratio, also would i just stick all of these in one bottle or have to dose every single one sperately thanks
  73. AdAndrews

    help with c02 for new tank

    I am planning getting an 80cm tank, but one of the things i know little about is the c02 aspect. so far i know that i will need a 2kg bottle, and this : http://aqmagic.com/store/product_info.p ... ulator-set can you tell me what each part of the regulator set will do, how to use c02 effectively...